BLM, if you are going to LIE

At least make it a challenge to catch you.

And if you want to blame this on poor communication, again… you really need to fire everyone in that loop.

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Ely District Office

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Triple B, Maverick-Medicine and Antelope Valley Herd Management Areas Wild Horse Gather

Gather Reports

Date/2011 Comments
Aug 20
Summary: The BLM gathered 35 horses today.  The BLM did not ship horses this morning.
Animals gathered: 35 (11 studs, 17 mares, 7 foals)
It was observed that a foal was orphaned and was laying down while in holding.  It has since paired up with a blue roan mare, and was nursing the mare when staff left for the afternoon.It was also observed that contractors had difficulty loading an uncooperative mare into the trailer at holding.  Both CORs reported that a cold (not charged) hotshot was used to load the mare.  The mare eventually cooperated and was loaded into the trailer, without being shocked.
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: None
Non-gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: None
Temperature Status: Low of 58, high of 80 degrees.
Weather Forecast:
Sunday and Monday – Sunny with a high near 86 degrees.

The mare was NOT that difficult. She was also not loading into a trailer… at least that one. I’m sure the hotshot was used more than once that day.

AND there was no BLUE ROAN in the pen. NOT ONE.

I also have pics of “Junior” coming in off the range… wanna post a pic of mom and I’ll post my pics? You show me yours and I’ll show you mine?

Video am.

I’m fighting with the internet connection and need to sleep.


7 thoughts on “BLM, if you are going to LIE

  1. polopaula says:

    Just as I figured.. no mom…dead foal.. I asked that public affair whore (she will lie or do anything for pay) to send us a picture… No picture..but I sent her one of the foal. still pissed off.

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Good work. Something will come of this I am sure. Have a good day tomorrow!!! Be cool… mar

  3. Louie Cocroft says:

    You’ve already proved that, Laura

  4. Ellen Holcomb says:

    strength to you Laura!

    they lie, pee on your foot and tell you it is raining!

  5. hoofhugs says:


    I hope it is OK with you, but I nominated you as a CNN hero. It is hard for me to imagine anyone who is more deserving. You are witnessing for our wild horses, and though your lens the rest of the world watches.

    While so much of the media is focused on the importance of freedom of speech in countries whose citizens have been denied this right, you are showing citizens of the United States that our freedom of speech is being denied by the government that exists in order to protect these very rights. While Anderson Cooper and other media were being jostled, hit, and worse in Egypt, you were here in the very places where Americans became to truly understand what it means to be free. While network talking heads emphasized the importance of an open press in the Middle East, you have been in Nevada, sometimes living in your truck eating peanut butter and tostados, keeping your eyes and ears on high alert.

    You are doing a wonderful and selfless thing. As Americans wake up, albeit too slowly for my liking, your work is showing us the ugly side of our government. Blood money flows out and into the Department of Interior, but I wonder if any of it every sees the US Treasury. Someone will look into this.

    I thank you for your courage and commitment. I am grateful for your stamina and good health that you are able to exist in the most meager circumstances, and I am grateful for your uncompromising voice.

    I would like to communicate with you more about the CNN nomination via email of off blog. You should have my email as part of my registration. You can also contact me via Facebook.

  6. Mar Wargo says:

    Cool thing to do. I had thought about it and something would always come up… I think LL is perfect for CNN Hero!!

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