Triple B: Saturation

I have to admit I’ve hit saturation.

I have a high tolerance for documenting what happens to our wild horses with the goal of bringing the images to the public that can not be here on the ground. Documentation to educate and work toward reform.

My tolerance for the bald face lying has evaporated with the last bit of moisture from my skin.

I saw a heavy, young wet mare (either close to birth or just having done so) hotshotted. The claim was they did “everything they could” to make her move.

I’ll get the video edited… no they didn’t. She was the very last horse and was holding up the conclusion of operations so that the contractors could run into the air conditioning… and off to the rodeo.

A tiny baby from early morning still had not paired up. I watched that baby clack it’s teeth, try to nurse off of other mares and get pushed away. I watched that baby lay down exhausted and not one muzzle came to check on the babe.

I asked Bruce Thompson, Elko district WH&B specialist, what the protocol was to determine that babe was orphaned… In other words when was some lazy son of a ____  going to come sit at the pen… see the TINY babe without a mom and give it electrolytes or milk replacer. I was told they would check in the morning… when I asked why the two contractors operate so differently (I don’t like what Cattoor does but Sue identifies orphans and cares for them immediately). Thompson actually had the … what would you call it … nerve?…. to say he didn’t know what I was talking about. I told him I’ll send him a tape… (and the film crew they were trying to impress actually had already seen Cattoor match mares and foals and knew excatly what I was talking about).

Then I was warned the second time by the security guard to “watch myself.” Don’t worry folks, I was miked the whole time… I am never out of line. They control what I can see, they control where I stand… but they can not control what I say. IT IS THE TRUTH.

Six horses fell in the chute today. Two of them limped afterward, one was rather stunned.

You all know I like feet… they say so very much.

(BTW they only give a walk around on “Announced observation days.” In other words once a week).

I will get edits up including a foal getting caught in the jute as soon as I can. I have had six flat tires this roundup. Lost my sway bar lionks. Had to have brakes done, too. I am thankful every day that truck actually still runs…

A few pictures for you.

Will this be a "pre-existing" condition?

Horse down in the alley

Another horse getting crushed in the alley, six today.

...... why don't they care?.....

EVERYDAY with this contractor... every damn day

early morning run for your life

After being "protected" by our Federal government through their chosen contractor Sun-J

Have you seen my mom?

I need your help to keep up the work. I promise I am working hard and will have an announcement soon.



66 thoughts on “Triple B: Saturation

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    This foal is alone and hungry tonight. Is there water for it to find? If it becomes weak BLM/contractor will kill it because they could not bother to help it live to day, why would they help it tomorrow??? Maybe if they hear from us. Maybe they will save this beautiful baby! Tell them to help this foal survive!!

    Call WH&B Specialist Bruce Thompson at Elko BLM. I will get a number…

    • Laura Leigh says:

      There was water. But this contractor only fills the tubs at the end of the day.
      These horses will load before the tubs are filled am.

      This baby is perfect, btw.
      I photographed every one of his legs.

      He kept trying to nurse off of random mares. They rebutted him. I hope he doesn’t get hurt.

      Shame on them for acting so callous today.

      • polopaula says:

        I wish I had that SOB’s cell phone #. It would be ringing now w text and calls. I don’t give a s””’. I’m old. what do I have to lose?

      • savewildhorses says:

        Can you explain why the contractor only fills the tubs at the end of the day when the horses are gathered from the morning on? Also, why are they not matching up mares and foals? You keep saying all these different BLM names, but who the hell is in charge there?

        • arlene says:

          Yes Savewildhorses, Who is in Charge???????????//

          • Laura Leigh says:

            With BLM the “In charge” issue is a big game on the ground. Technically it is supposed to be the operational COR for each day. At a roundup like this that is Ely/Elko, Eagan/Wells there is an almost daily shift in COR.
            Alan Sheperd was here at the beginning at he was lead COR. Ben NOyes is WH&B specialist Ely, Bruce Thompson is the same for Elko.
            Yesterday was the Elko crew on the ground… PR was Leslie Coakley (now Ellis) and Bruce Thompson.
            When it’s Ely it tends to be Chris Hanefeld PR, and Ben Noyes.

            But this roundup had an extra “spin.” As we went to the Elko county areas we had Ely personnel… Ely areas have tended to have Elko.

            Dean Bolstad is in Reno.
            I was told on the ground here to direct questions to Dean.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Elko District Office; ask for Bruce Thompson or the District Manager;


      Save the 4 week old orphan foal!

      • Laura Leigh says:

        Change the damn protocol.
        Mares and foals need to be observed UNTIL they match up or are identified as orphan.
        To do anything else is DISGUSTING.

        • Mar Wargo says:

          This is total Irresponsibility towards the foal and its chances of survival This killing of foals has become the depths of inhumane treatment.

  2. polopaula says:

    Laura, I understand…tho’ not where you are. I posted earlier that I seem to be in a constant state of “PISSED OFF”. I could save that baby. I’ve raised an orphan. They won’t let anyone do anything. I actually hate them.. the contractors, but especially the BLM overseers (joke). I’m sending a request to everyone on the horse sites to send you money. I did, but it wasn’t enough, but what I had. No hay here in
    Texas.. and I have 3 horses to feed…one 19, one 17, one 9. Keep up as long as you can..then rest. you won’t be able to do anything to help the situation if you lose your health. We will do our part to make sure everyone…especially Washington, sees your pictures and reports. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you thankyou thankyou!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Told them we could stick the babe in my truck….
      He is perfect.

      • polopaula says:

        His Mother was probably left…how did he ever survive the run w/o his dam. call Leslie Ellis: public affairs officer. Her cell number is 775-388-1101. Call her tonight. leave a message. Demand that she return the call. Leave your name and number! Everyone.

        • Laura Leigh says:

          Leslie knows nothing about horses. She is a retired Marine, loyal to her district and can parrot the morning’s memo very pleasantly… but that’s it.

          • polopaula says:

            Good, I can use that to our advantage… Why would they hire an unconcerned person (Marine or not) to handle the public affairs of an issue that she knows nothing about. I will forward my text message to Representative Raul Grijalva. He is our friend. The BLM has received one letter from him…Maybe this letter will have a picture with it. See told everyone, I’m in a constant “pissed Off” state.

          • Laura Leigh says:

            99% of BLM PR knows nothing about horses.
            They play better on camera because they have no idea how bad they sound.

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    I want them all!! (safe)

    • Laura Leigh says:

      yup… we wont stop.

      • arlene says:

        I Believe that the Mustangs have collectively given to Laura a huge part of their courage and determination……………….so she can continue our crusade of Honor for the Mustangs………………….they cannot speak but they continue to give…………………………..

  4. It’s really disgusting to watch. I’ve been there when you see a baby running around frantically calling for mom, and BLM can look at that lonely, hungry baby and say, “His mother’s in there somewhere, Elyse. Staff will check on him tomorrow,” with a tone that implies I’m some bleeding heart conjuring up a nonexistent problem. This was at Broken Arrow, a BLM-contracted holding facility in Nevada.

    Yet that very foal was placed with a foal rescue the following week (only after a generous mare saved his young life by adopting him before he starved, before he ended up like Honey Bandit, and before BLM finally got around to taking care of him).

    I’m sick of BLM’s rhetoric about how they care about the horses. Don’t anybody ever “care” about me like BLM “cares” about our wild horses, please. Why are COR (“Contract Officer’s Representative, i.e., BLM’s on-the-ground person in charge in dealing with the roundup contractor) people so afraid to make the contractors sit up and act right?

    Why are roundup contractors treated like gods? Every roundup I’ve been to, it’s been the same. BLM staff tiptoe around the contractors. Why? What is that about? What a bunch of wimps letting babies suffer rather than ruffle Sun-J’s or Cattoors’ feathers. It’s not my way to speak like this, but I speak the truth. How can a warmblooded human being look at a frightened hungry baby and say it’s okay to wait till morning? Little babies with hooves worn dangerously, painfully off, hungry, frightened, having run the marathon, adrenalin-filled race of their lives, needing mom’s comforting body and presence and nourishing milk. I’m angry and aching for the little ones. I’m afraid for the human race and really disgusted with my government.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Hi my friend….
      Day in day out… temporary with Sun J is a very scary place.

    • polopaula says:

      No answer at the BLM #, just the same VM from Leslie. Call my cell phone. Did that, left another message. Any other #’s to call. Thought of my Senators and Representative..but they all support horse what’s one foal.
      Is anyone allowed to see them at the PVC? This is going to be the last picture of that foal alive. Just like the shot that Laura got of the little palomino.

  5. polopaula says:

    Text her about the foal tonight…or early in the morning. If I can figure out how, she will know how to find him…because she will have his picture!!!
    Her VM says she will not be in the office from 20-23rd. Is she at the round-up? Or conveniently on VACATION., Really.. not needed during the round-up in her district??
    Public Info officer: Leslie Ellis : cell 775-388-1101

    • Mar Wargo says:

      We have people at FB also calling and a local lady wants to take the foal and is on a list of foal caregivers with Ely. I can’t use her name. But LL knows her. I have left her phone number with Ellis also and she should also be calling to tell her. Let’s hope we can get the foal out to someone.

      • Laura Leigh says:

        It never went there.
        No discussion at all.
        Yes, there are folks on “lists” to take in horses in need… but the dialogue never got there.
        They are saying foal shipped to PVC.
        I’ll track him… promise.

        • Mar Wargo says:

          I know you will. By the time I got here today much had already happened and I was playing catchup! Good luck tomorrow all around!

  6. polopaula says:

    I did it.. Took picture of photo on computer with iphone and sent that with a text to her cell phone. Told her we were watching.. Treatment of that foal could tip the scale. Leslie Ellis 775=388=1101
    Hope she is on vacation.. and laughing at me. Maybe I can get her fired and the rest of the public FIRED UP to fire them all.

  7. Hi Laura, sorry we got disconnected today, please call me first thing in the morning as soon as you find out how the foal is and I will gladly take the foal and give it every chance to live. I am on the list for taking in orphaned foals in Ely, I know Ben or Chris will not be there tomorrow ,at least that is what I was told, so please tell me who I need to call or have someone call me right away to make arragenments to pick her up or they can bring the foal to the ranch. I am so worried about this little horse being without its mom or having any nourishment! I pray the foal survives the night. Someone should have called me immediately!!!!

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Ahhh here she is!! Leslie’s voicemail also said she would not be in until Tuesday. So I think they may be at the roundup site on Monday. Maybe HSUS is coming out among others? mar

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Jeanne I left numbers for you at FB but here is Leslie Ellis’s cell; 775-754-0386. I have given her your phone number, too. I hope you can connect with her or others soon.

  8. Honor Hannon says:

    Again I ask–where is the Humane Society representative? How CAN the BLM keep them out if their members request them to check this situation out?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      They cannot have greater access than any member of a welfare organization.

      HSUS is not a federal agency.
      Technically they are the same as ASPCA.
      Or other educational welfare organization with experts on the ground that have more experience….

      You get where I’m going? Been here… held back… all roundup.

  9. arlene says:

    I certainly think the BLM and SUN J should be hotshotted daily, They make my blood boil ……………….. How I wish we could end this rein of HORROR,,,,,,,,,,,, Laura , I also feel for you, Laura I wish also that we could help you there with all of our presence…………………………… The tears we have all cried now are burning our faces, tears do not help them, action is the only thing that will…………………………………..God Bless you Laura, and our precious Mustangs………………….

  10. We don’t understand how the blm can repeatedly just let their contractors get away with such hideous cruelty – the blm website is all lies and they deflect any questions about the horses’ welfare during the round-ups and in the holding pens and afterwards, the helicopter abuse, the deaths of the foals either during round-up or later at slaughter – everyone in the world (we live in United Kingdom and word is spreading) can see what’s happening and what blm are doing to America’s most beautiful and ancient heritage.

    • Caroline, I watch all this going on also in UK. I cannot believe the dishonesty and callousness of blm. It breaks my heart seeing what they do to these innocent horses who only ask to live freely on that HUGE range, it’s probably as big as UK!! The trouble is no one will take any interest in how we feel, nor can we sign any petitions as we don’t have a US address so I feel so helpless, however I do what I can. I feel so very very sad for these families who are broken and lost forever, it is beyond comprehension.

  11. Barbara Warner says:

    I have seen and heard of all kinds of cold blooded cruelty in my life but next to child abuse this is the worst. They have no compassion at all.

  12. Laura,
    Thank you for your efforts.
    I am speechless with worry for the babies.

  13. twelvedogs says:

    Texted Leslie Ellis telling her we are watching the behavior of her cruel BLM and asking if the precious foal has been reunited with it’s mother or murdered by those charged with it’s protection. I challenge everyone reading this to send a text to her at 775-388-1101!! It’s the least you can do!

  14. twelvedogs says:

    Shocking-just got a response-she says the foal has been reunited with its mother and on its way to PVC. She thanked me for my interest after I thanked her for her response and I informed her that the whole world was slowly becoming ‘interested’!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Did she offer you a pic?
      Did she take one with her cell of the babe and send it?
      Did she offer any info about the number of wet mare and number of foals?
      Did she tell you about the orphan that another mare that lost her foal began to nurse…? As if it were a happy story?
      All that does for me is point out why this should never have been given the green light before Sept. 1… this is foaling season.
      There are three similar looking foals.
      We will see at PVC,

      • savewildhorses says:

        I wrote Dean, his boss and her boss to say summer round ups must stop. Adjust the calendar to fit the horses, not the contractors and BLM employees that need to justify their salaries and the BLM budget! NO more summer round ups. Of course, I have heard nothing back from any of them.

        • polopaula says:

          I called her just after I got her cell # from the BLM # you gave me.. My call and texts were sent at 12;56AM CENTRAL. Why does she finally answer a text at 3:30pm?

      • polopaula says:


      • twelvedogs says:

        Sorry Laura-none of the above! After I told her the whole world was slowly becoming interested I heard no more! Please keep us posted. Bless you for all you do!

    • savewildhorses says:

      yeah, right. Total BS most likely. Laura said this woman wouldn’t know what is going on, so why do you think she does?

      • twelvedogs says:

        I surely never said I believed her-I merely stated what the conversation was and thanked her for her response! If anyone associated with the BLM told me the sky was blue, I would have to go outside and look!

    • polopaula says:


  15. arlene says:

    The BLMs Horrific Cruelty is only preceded by their Greed, i read this in disgust, that an entire Nation is powerless to stop the BLM s High Treasonous behavior, They mock decency, they mock justice, they murder , maim,commit the Cruelest Acts against the Precious Mustang Americas Heritage, they Spit in our faces, and taunt us, with the removel of other herds that they have already devastated………………..Their criminal acts disgrace America and its people, and the Cruelest blow of all is the tearing apart of the Mustangs families…………… I have heard their cries , and i know Laura has heard their cries, they echo throughout the mountains and the ranges,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, their cries echo in all of our ears………… Their courage is a display of complete honor………….Who and what are we all when we cannot protect the innocent ones who have served us throughout History with their Lives????????????????

  16. Mar Wargo says:

    If the questions LL asked are not answered we may never know what became of this foal!

  17. polopaula says:

    @ savewildhorses Please post those email or snail mail addresses: I’ll write each one of them also.
    Pissed Off Polopaula

  18. Lynette says:

    Just got this off the BLM Gather Report:

    Summary: The BLM gathered 35 horses today. The BLM did not ship horses this morning.
    Animals gathered: 35 (11 studs, 17 mares, 7 foals)
    It was observed that a foal was orphaned and was laying down while in holding. It has since paired up with a blue roan mare, and was nursing the mare when staff left for the afternoon.

    It was also observed that contractors had difficulty loading an uncooperative mare into the trailer at holding. Both CORs reported that a cold (not charged) hotshot was used to load the mare. The mare eventually cooperated and was loaded into the trailer, without being shocked.
    Gather related animal deaths: 0
    Cause: None
    Non-gather related animal deaths: 0
    Cause: None
    Temperature Status: Low of 58, high of 80 degrees.
    Weather Forecast:
    Sunday and Monday – Sunny with a high near 86 degrees.

    Thought you all might be interested.

  19. Louie Cocroft says:

    You’ve got F Troop out there, with a helicopter and Barney Fife on the ground telling Laura to “watch it”, as he watches them decimate these Horses and DOES NOTHING. Are there any MEN there?

  20. Lynette says:

    Yup! That’s what it says. I’m guessing its a lie, like everything they say.
    BLM – Bunch of Lying Murders. Good name for them.

  21. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, it sounds as though you’re the only one out there with any testosterone (that should be printable).

  22. Mar Wargo says:

    There is testosterone out there but it is out of control and violent! I have seen a couple BLM employees lose their temper. They were trying to be intimidating.

  23. Louie Cocroft says:

    Would you say “threatening”? That sounds very serious to me.

  24. polopaula says:

    The hot shot thing.. I watched that video. If the mare wouldn’t load with waving flags, and being hit with sticks, why would a “not charged” hot shot work? Another bull shit story. I resent the fact that they think I am that stupid.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The mare they are talking about was on Saturday.
      Not the one in Deniz’s video that I have pics of too… that I got the blow out trying to follow….
      But one from Saturday.
      I have video… coming soon.

  25. savewildhorses says:

    That baby’s momma is there somewhere. They need to do their work settling these horses after arrival at the gather pens instead of rushing out for the next bands. This needs to stop. They need pairing, they need settling, they need water. They need to slow the f down. What is the rush anyway?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      That babies momma isn’t in there.

      There were a few momma with no babies and a foal that latched to a mom that wasn’t his….

      this is the most disgusting “pest removal” operation in the name of “protecting” our horses I have seen.

      There should be deep shame here for those perpetuating these lies to protect this operation.

  26. Debbie says:

    Laura, did you ever get proof the foal was still alive, seen with your own eyes? Not the BLM mouthpiece

  27. Paula Denmon says:

    my ongoing search for the blazed faced foal:

    A blue roan mare is paired up with her foal in the holding corrals.

    This is the picture that they say proves that the foal is paired with its/a dam.
    Depending on which explanation one believes.. I believe neither.

    Comments and faves

    paulahdenmon (7 days ago)
    i want to see the foal and mare from the front.. I don’t believe that is the foal and that mare was not in the pen with the other mares that day. Where did she come from?

    BLM Nevada (6 days ago)
    It was observed that this foal was orphaned and was laying down while in holding. It paired up with this blue roan mare, and was nursing the mare when staff left for the afternoon.

    paulahdenmon (a moment ago)
    do you see under the picture, it says Blue Roan mare paired up with HER foal. Now YOU say that it was an orphaned foal that paired up with a mare who happened to be a blue roan who was no where to be seen in the pictures of horses gathered that day.
    The picture will be worth a thousand words!

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