8-11 Foaling season

Very early in the day…

Foals... 8-11

As the days warm up we do not see babies like this. Horses go into the trees as it gets hot and babies sleep… they also can’t keep the distance nor pace this pilot flies… How many don’t make it in? It is a VALID question. Particularly as you evaluate the way this pilot fractures every group, no exception, that he pushes.

I am tired. Will get video up soon.



16 thoughts on “8-11 Foaling season

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Laura, I can hardly believe this picture. These three young ones running together. What a shame they they were ever found! I have to wonder if they will survive. take care

  2. savewildhorses says:

    Are they being chased by helicopter?

  3. isabelle says:

    I look at these little wild ones and I cringe ..is their future a barren life in Federal pens… or is this a picture of freedom, which is it? I hope it’s freedom but I think not..

  4. Kim says:

    In response to your question above, Savewildhorses – yes. These babies are being driven by a helicopter.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      If you look at the top edge and bottom edge you can see the jute.
      I have a bunch of things to deal with today.
      AND I needed to sleep.
      I will head back out again but have so many things to take care of.

      I will stay out as long as I can.
      But if y’all can pass around the http://wildhorseeducation.org page I can only stay as long as you keep me here.

      Going to get the new videos up today.

  5. Trish Kerby says:

    That is the same thing the BLM did to the Pryor Mountain horses in 1994, except the 94 murderers rode horses! “Get em’ running and keep em’ moving”! Down many miles of rough country, with rocks, canyons, shale, at a full gallop 5000 feet down and steep. They left foals on the mountaintop, ran one over a cliff and lied about it, ran mustangs through barbed wire fences.Killed and crippled mustangs as well as their own saddle horses! Ya, same old, same old. To work for the Wild Horse and Burro Program a person needs to be indifferent to an animals pain, suffering, and fear. COLD

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Same as Sheldon in 2006. The same as every area that gets touched during foaling season.
      COUNTLESS babies…

      PLEASE FAX the roundup report to Congress and tell them they are responsible for this.

      • Judy Cubel says:

        Lets round up the congress and run them through the chutes and over the steep cliffs and ridges and see how they like it ! Maybe then we can get something done for the Wild Horses and Burros!

  6. Judy Cubel says:

    This is posted on my Save Our Sulphur Mustangs on FB. I did this interview just a while ago was with a fellow from the BLM: “Using helicopters and other advanced equipment is crucial in our efficiency and maintaining safety in wild horse management,” said Jared Redington, the BLM’s Salt Lake Wild Horse and Burro Facility manager. “We have found the use of helicopters is the most humane method in gathering horses from the open range and remote mountain areas where they live. “The BLM has removed more than 14,000 wild horses and 500 burros from Utah’s rangelands since government roundups began in 1975. Of the horses, Utah has captured 6,700 have been adopted locally, while the remainder have been sent to the East for adoptions or off to one of the BLM’s long term holding facilities in the Midwest”. Tell me, how can this be a good thing for the Wild Horses and the American Southwest ????

  7. It’s not foaling season because BLM says its not foaling season. I guess it’s not summer either.

  8. polopaula says:

    I agree. Greed… If we can overcome greed, we can save the horses. The money that goes under the table to this agency is what keeps them rounding up stallions, mares, foals..anytime they please, and they lie about it.
    I know that the BLM knows that horses go out the back door of the long term holding facilities to killer buyers.
    Where do you think the money comes from that Slaughter House Sue and her friends use to buy off Congress Representatives and Senators? It comes from oil/gas companies, energy companies, mining, ranchers, and European Horse Meat Importers. Check out your Senators and Representatives on the list..see how much money they have taken. My Representative and Senators are at the top of the money grubbers. Texas State legislators kicked the slaughter plants out of here in 2007. I worked so hard to accomplish this goal. But our National Representatives (for the most part) ignore the citizens wishes and vote the opposite…because the money buys them. In my case they are all Republicans, but I know Democrats from other states are the same.
    Laura, I love what you do..and I love your commitment. I am so poor, but finally got a few extra bucks, and am sending them to you tomorrow, and hope to do that each month.
    Keep the Faith!

  9. Diana Bodensteiner says:

    This guy seriously needs lessons in how to move a herd. He does not have a clue. When he charges at them with the chopper they scatter. He gets behind some and chases. Some are able to peel off to the side and escape. EVERY HORSE RUNS FURTHER THAN NECESSARY, because they get chased and split up so many times.

    Someone needs to fly with him and teach him a thing or two, or he needs to be grounded.

    They aren’t supposed to use pilots that can’t demonstrate the ability to move a herd.

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