This beautiful horse broke out (jumped the panel after capture at the trap) and stood by the jute… moving forward and back… forward and back… as his family loaded.
After the trailer (with his mares) went past him he shot up the hill behind us… then eyed the trap from the other side of the hill calling to the babies… he moved off as vehicles came in but stopped as a trailer came back up the road… and called to see if his family had come back.

Off in the distance you could see a chopper… he briefly headed toward the band being chased and then so very slowly… with head down… went down the road… and over the horizon.

I have seen thousands and thousand of horses loose everything they have. I don’t normally name them.

But this horse is “Allegiance.”
It is what he demonstrated and what we owe him.

I will edit video and get images together as soon as I can… but I am exhausted… have hours of tape and pics to log of over-driving, atrocious flying, BLM admits hotshot use and more.

As well as a few tears to shed tonight.

A local auto shop fixed my truck today even though I couldn’t pay… he said to bring the money when I get it… but to get out to the range and keep an eye on “our” horses….

Tears for many reasons tonight… these people that live here love these horses… but they are not a mine or ranching interest… they are just people that read the local paper and live their lives in this hard, but beautiful place… and cherish the ideals of Freedom and survival that “our” horses represent.


Driven into the trap

Allegiance... I pledge to you...


33 thoughts on “Allegiance

  1. Jill says:

    I also pledge…

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Glad you have found some alliances!! We will get your truck bill covered. We need to raise some funds for gas and necessities also.

    Allegiance is a powerful looking stallion. Family loyalty and purpose. Gone down the road. Stop the roundups, BLM! The time is here and we want to be INVOLVED in the process and the outcome of these lives you are threatening daily!

  3. savewildhorses says:

    I cannot tell you how upsetting this is to me. It just tears my heart out.

  4. lorischmidt says:

    My heart is breaking .. am expecting some funds in soon, not much will send asap … stay safe Laura.

  5. cssssswv says:

    Mar, more information, please? I’m
    not sure what you mean to do?
    “an auction and setting it up along with a store of wild horse lovers treasures”

    • Mar Wargo says:

      I have collected things for an auction and want to raise money for Wild Horse to keep Laura Leigh going… I need help doing this. I will see how far I can get it… We also want to start a little store to sell some lovely things for WHE, also, year round. We need to get this going as LL needs funds NOW.

      If you can help to keep LL on the road please donate today!! She is dependent on us!!

  6. cssssswv says:

    While it Seems both Preposterous & Understated–
    to click the “*LIKE” button on a blog Essay such as this 1,
    Those # counts are logged (somewhere)
    4 PPl searching out “popular” pieces to read
    … + the few unlikely followers of my
    Own blog & tweets–MAY actually wonder
    What it is I’ve “Liked” 2 read…
    I must say that I copied these heart-rending
    Words along w/1 pic of ‘Allegiance’
    (incl attributes & link 2 Author, of course)
    ~~& sent via MMS to 3 people: my
    Daughter {already ‘convinced’, but 21 & busy..},
    +2 Others~~who typically Just don’t see
    Why-in-the-world I get myself worked-up,
    ~Upset by some wild Animals ~somewhere~ that
    I’ve never been or even seen…
    Thus, was somewhat surprised & rather
    Pleased to report: 1 {appreciator of great Writing} said,
    “Geez! Send me everything She’s written!”
    (which He could’ve found via Link).
    The other said, “That’s the Saddest thing
    I’ve ever read”–(my reply, “keep reading, then”)
    ~a few moments ~few more Links read..
    New msg: “disgraceful, preposterous, f**ing
    Ridiculous; I’m Sick; I’m Shaking; I’m
    Telling everyOne I know abt this!!…”
    –Now He doesn’t have a ton of $$, yet he &
    partner Know a Lot of (not likely-‘horse’)-people..
    & so perhaps, Laura & I (& probably
    More of You) ~have ADDED 2, 3, 5, or Many more
    Citizens onto the List of “The Outraged”!!
    And while My tears lay wet upon cheeks, as
    I reread & stare @this Noble SOUL of
    Laura’s photo~~ I’m Reminded, once more:
    This is how we DO it; how we Grow their
    Support!—> WE must continue to Grow
    …Until ALL imaginable People are ‘The
    Outraged’, except 4 BLM’s, the millionaire
    ‘Gather crews’, & their Shady partners
    == the ONLY 1’s left standing on the UNoutraged
    Side !!
    So, *Thank You & Bless you AGAIN,
    Laura! for your Work, your Tears,
    your Sacrifices, & Most-of-all for
    Your Determination, Diligence, & Talents!!
    that will Be Remembered….
    *Ya know, you can only Stack–So many
    Coins on the ‘underdog side’ of the
    Scales–> until that 1-Last-coin TILTS
    the Whole shebang Forever–Towards the
    OTHER Direction !!
    Therein lies our Hope..& the Answer
    ..For our WILD ONES ! {just a thought
    to tuck away, 4 when you/I/L.L. need a kick..?}

    • Thank You for your post and for getting the word out! If enough of us do that then the scales will indeed turn! I have met Laura Lee and I know her love for these magnificent animals. She is an Angel! We all need to help her where we can. If anyone can send me the Carson City address, I would greatly appreciate it!

      Also, I was in Fallon today at 11:30 A.M. (8/10) and saw something that set off Red Alerts in my brain! It was a livestock hauler out of Montana. What set off the alarms was the fact that the lower half of the trailer was boarded up so you could not see into it. The truck and trailer were owned by “Criswell Trucking”. The tractor was a teal color and the company name was painted in a shade of purple on the trailer, as were the boards hiding what was inside. It was comming from the direction of the Indian Lakes facility and YES it was hauling something!! What are they hiding by boarding up the bottom half of that trailer???

  7. Marge Mullen says:

    I am typing this through my tears but I am willing to help with promo and creating a shop etc.

  8. Laura, there are so many people behind you. I wish I could send you $$, but simply cannot afford to at this time. Bless the man who fixed your truck. Its a relief to know that not all the “locals” consider the horses vermin.

  9. Jill says:

    Sorry, this is the correct link. Please, everyone post comments and help bump this message.

  10. cynthia curtis says:

    This is unspeakable abuse on these helpless creatures and increases my hatred of the heartless and callous individuals that carry out these atrocities in the name of What?! Wish the media would take this issue as their focus so that the public would start an outcry!

  11. savewildhorses says:

    We need to have a major concert with major names to highlight the plight of the horses,like FarmAid. American people need to know what is going on. BLM sure won’t tell them. American media is not telling them, they are too busy running ads for natural gas and fracking right now.

  12. Poor Ginger says:

    What a brave, loyal, and handsome stallion. I hope he stays free!

  13. LynnIL says:

    Laura, I’d like to make a call to give the BLM a piece of my mind about the babies but I don’t know who to call. Emails have gone unanswered. I looked for Shepherds number but his name is not on their directory. Who would it be worth calling to complain about the treatment of these poor babies? Not that it would do any good but they need to know that these videos are still seen despite how they do their best to not let anything be seen as proof of their mistreatment of the animals. they need to be called out. And I don’t want to talk to their PR person or those two old hacks they have on their facebook that have all the answers for the BLM. Lets us know what we need to do.

    • Rob Pliskin says:

      Call the Washington DC office. Call Bob Abbey’s office, head of the BLM. Call the BLM Egan Field Office in Ely, NV. That is the Field Office for this roundup. Call regularly. You are a tax payer. Get your money’s worth before Congress fidgets it all away while they are ignoring the horses. Do it, because they are not.

  14. Rob Pliskin says:

    I am back to a Silent Vigil at the Federal Bldg Plaza in Cleveland, where I live for another 9 months in grad school. Just feel stuck here while these horses get abused. But I can do this.

    Everyone, all of us, can do something.. I am making a flyer out of Laura’s blog on Allegiance, with her permission, including at least one photo and the link to Wild Horse Education.

    It was very easy to talk to the Fed Bldg office here and get the right form to fill out and hand in. Then I put on my duds, introduce myself to security, carry a saddle blanket and pass out my flyers.

    It is heartening to hear what everyone else is doing now. All of us can do something. We have to. Who else is?

  15. cssssswv says:

    Rob, & all:
    I also wondered about doing this;
    I’m the 1 above that simply ‘copied
    it’ via MMS to 3 people…
    To Build the “LIST of The OUTRAGED”,
    [I’d like to also have such a “List”
    4 people to sign?!..Until it contains
    All, Except these Sadististic heartless
    scums of ‘humans?’
    (Whom I firmly believe are Pathologically
    Insane! & b-come scarier by the min
    –4 Everyone, not just Horses! In their Off-season, I’ve no doubt
    lots of neighborhood Pets come up missing
    😦 ! if not helpless Children?!)
    *anyway, what Official Permissions
    does it take from Laura 2 print this?
    (Or has She already agreed?
    ..Thinking of ways to get this powerful
    piece Printed CHEAPLY (but acceptable
    quality).+ what Exactly MUST be included
    ..Ideas, everyone?

  16. cssssswv says:

    I had also typed, “I certainly wouldn’t
    Trust 1 of ‘them’ Living beside me!”
    (Not sure why that line dropped out?)
    …But I suppose it was Implied,
    Anyway ?

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