8-6 preliminary vent

There are days and then there days.

August 6th was one of those days.

As I sit and try to edit video to tell you all that was seen I am hit with an inability to edit. Every basic concept of humane treatment was broken. Every basic concept of common sense went out the window. Every basic demonstration of the simplest concept of equine behavior was non-existant.

The drives were long, no matter what is placed on the BLM site. Drives were well over ten miles. One group ran for over an hour and had a foal. They were run. The horses were confused and panicked.

A horse was left pinned between the trailer and the trailer door (after getting it’s head caught in an inappropriately set panel) while a group of horses are driven into the trap.

Exhausted foals are chased.

In holding evidence of injury.

The same issues with the bare minimum of feed that is NOT distributed in a manner to the best interest of the horses, but to convenience of the contractor.

The same water games with the foal and adult horses.

On this one let’s do the math one more time… 15 gallons a day is what BLM states a horse drinks. A 50 gallon tub filled 2 times each day is 100 gallons. 45 studs, in July and August, need more than two tubs. A nursing mare needs more than 15 gallons (according to BLM).

BLM according to the law YOU are responsible for making decisions on the ground. That includes determining that in the heat the horses need water. That includes determining if horses, and tiny babies, are being over-driven. That includes making the call that handling is too rough and counter intuitive.

BLM you can make the calls that include leaving a horse lost while horses are driven in. BLM you can make the call that a horse remains “wedged” for over ten minutes as other horses are driven in. BLM you can also actually make calls that are for the welfare of the horse… not just the “expediency” of the operation.

I am trying to edit video down to appropriate lengths. Youtube takes ten minute clips. I am sending the rough edit (over 25 minutes) to someone that may be able to get it cut into sections. I am trying to get everything logged… but need sleep.

Blew a tire and spun out after over an hour driving fast on gravel and dirt to try to catch a trailer…

If you can help get the truck fixed and keep gas in the tank it is appreciated.


some pictures from 8/6, video soon

Third horse to try to break through panels sloppily set against the trailer. This one got her head stuck.

Rope around her neck they use a horse and rider to pull on her neck.

Left wedged while another group is driven in

Any horse owner knows feet and legs speak volumes (holding)



9 thoughts on “8-6 preliminary vent

  1. arlene says:

    My God Laura, I also ask why??? why ??? why????? our Mustangs must suffer at the Hands of these total imbeciles……This is the worst horror ever, if only we could stop them…There has to be a way ???????????I feel so sorry for you, i know how I am feeling for Our Mustangs their pain and anguish is our pain and anguish,,,,,,,,,,,,,I beg that we can stop this…………………

  2. Marge Mullen says:

    Thank you Laura for that you do. Without this blog we would not be aware of what is truly going on.

    Will rally the troops to get some much needed $$$ to get your truck fixed.

  3. Barbara Warner says:

    To horrible for words. Did they kill the horse with it’s head stuck?
    How many more of our wild horses will they injure and kill ? !

  4. LynnIL says:

    They don’t care. They expect 1% to die at round ups so they do nothing to prevent deaths. Like they would do anything anyway. A death is one less to process, feed, transport.

  5. savewildhorses says:

    Alan Shepherd in charge of this one? What is his contact info, if you know?

  6. Laura Leigh says:

    On this one I’d start hitting Dean Bolstad’s line in Reno.
    Shepherd is a lost cause.
    Dean might … might… understand.

  7. arlene says:

    Dean Bolsted is the one I have been talking to all along, I truly believe if there is anyone at the BLM that would understand it would be him, great choice Laura………………………….

  8. savewildhorses says:


  9. savewildhorses says:

    What’s the temperature out there for running these horses this long?

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