Few photos from 8-5

Slept early last night. The ay before I pused and added an extra four hours to the day to do both trap and temporary. I will edit video together of the horses caught and then loaded this evening.

But this mare went down in the alley as they tried to sort her from her baby…. and then she stops at the pen they put her little one in before being loaded to go to PVC.

Down in alley

Stops at the pen to see her baby before loading to PVC (babes loaded into compartment after moms)

This IS foaling season

If you can help keep documentation coming please donate: http://wildhorseeducation.org


6 thoughts on “Few photos from 8-5

  1. Poor Ginger says:

    Thanks, Laura. Poor girl, poor little one, poor every one of them!

    Didn’t get to this right away, because of news about the Utah seizure. Wonder who’s going to get thrown under the bus for that mess. My bet is nobody from the BLM or their contractors!

    • Paula Denmon says:

      I think this is the best opportunity to yell, scream, demand a full investigation. Nobody believes the BLM initiated the saving of these horses. I’d bet a million dollars (I only have $3.45) that they were tipped that Animal Angels were watching.

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Beautiful babies. Why did the mare ‘go down’? I hope they all arrive at PVC OK.

    The BLM seems to want us to think they are not for slaughter. But if we had their books we could show the world thousands of our wild horses have gone to slaughter… through the Burn’s amendment. This amendment needs to be taken off the books! Obama went back on his word to discard ‘riders’ and this should have gone his first month in office!! mar

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    Laura is checking out a horse with a cervical fracture; broken neck. She is going to temporary holding to find out right now.

  4. arlene says:

    Rotten Bastards all of them, there isnt a word of truth that leaves any of their mouths………………………..they dont even know how to tell the truth……………….I am sick and tired of the rotten lies………………………sick and tired of their unnecessary Death Round ups, When is enough going to be enough Wild Mustangs needless cruel inhumane Deaths?????? The MOST CRUELEST THING OF ALL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Is we nothing we have done so far has Stopped it …………..

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