Palomino Foal

Taken from BLM Triple B “gather update” page

1‐ A 2‐3 weeks old palomino foal was brought in with a pre‐existing deformity on the right front fetlock joint. The foal was showing some signs of lameness and could not stand straight on that leg. Exercise associated with the gather activity likely aggravated the condition and the foal was standing and walking with difficulty. With the heat and activity of the gather the foal also showed signs of respiratory distress.

She was treated with injectable procaine penicillin and flunixin and sorted into a smaller pen with the mare. The flunixin injection to be repeated once daily for 3 days. The signs of respiratory distress subsided substantially over time, however the right leg was still exhibiting the same symptoms causing lameness. This deformity would most likely affect the animal’s survival in the wilderness, and reduce the animal’s quality of life for the foreseeable future. The deformity has a poor prognosis for recovery. The decision was to monitor the condition for a few days and consider euthanasia if no improvement is noted.

Final disposition, on July 25, 2011 this foal was re‐examined:

The foal was not improving in condition. She had been treated daily with anti‐ inflammatory injections for 3 days to relieve pain and showed no improvement. The foal as euthanized based on no improvement in her condition, the limb deformity and a poor prognosis for recovery from the lameness.

Palomino Foal Euthanized July 25

Palomino Foal Euthanized July 25

Palomino Foal Euthanized July 25

help keep documentation coming:

edited to add:

Wanted to add some more information in case this page goes to those interested in WHY this is so outrageous.

ANATOMY lesson.

First take a peek at this illustration so you know what part of the horse we are talking about.

Now read this quote about an adult, trained athlete, named “I Want Revenge.”

“The ultrasound exam that was performed on May 3 showed changes in the middle distal sesamoidean ligaments (also known as oblique sesamodean ligaments), which are the ligaments below and behind the fetlock  joint that support the fetlock during high speed exercise.”

Now look at the illustration on the page the quote comes from to understand the rest of the anatomy.

Now just look at this breeding website on foals, quote: “So, your new foal has arrived, it is now about 3 weeks old and most probably enthusiastically skipping around the paddock and causing Mum a few annoyances! By this stage any initial tendon problems have usually righted themselves…”

scroll down and look at the photo… that baby would have been euthanized, but is within the range of NORMAL. If we continue to run these horses during FOALING SEASON they will continue to DIE.

IF this agency continues it’s pattern of “shell game” all we will have are “new policies” that block the public from hearing that runners are going out. We will have policy that hides these deaths…. Roundups should NOT be occurring during foaling season. It is inhumane and a violation of the Act… no where in the Taylor Grazing Act nor in FLPMA does it allow for the most basic violations of humane treatment we are witnessing.



30 thoughts on “Palomino Foal

  1. Louie Cocroft says:

    Pre-existing BEFORE being driven by helicopter on legs that were not fully developed?

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Public Relations and misinformation. You saw nothing wrong with this foal except that it was nearly run off its hooves as Hope was.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      This baby could have survived. The damage was because of this roundup.
      This was a stunning little baby… but means nothing… to a “published” foaling season…
      This is Obscene.

  3. Another BLM “victim of circumstance.”

    “We gotta do this roundup, guys! All you young foals will understand you have to die because of our statistical assessment of your herd. Of course, we will all wake up in the morning with our big federal paychecks, our medical insurance, disability insurance, cars, and teflon dreams.

    But you small fry, you guys are expendible.

    • And the coup de grace:

      TIME LIMITS imposed on BLM roundups BY THE HELICOPTER COMPANY. LIVESTOCK MOVERS. These guys are ‘not available’ or they only have x amount of time to ‘get the job done.’ Kiss their ass, pay them huge unjustified amounts of money because they are Sky King. Then run and hide, BLM managers, cover your eyes, while ‘the job gets done.’ Damn the broken legs etc. and full steam ahead! Get those numbers lined up on that spreadsheet so Harry Reid and Ken Salazar can remain big buddies, and pay BLM for a job not well done by any other standards. Waste of taxpayer dollars? It doesn’t matter. The big picture matters more. Do what needs to be done to placate the multi-use FLPMA. BLM can do it all. The fact that they cannot do it all is not fully realized, nobody wants to lose their job, so nobody pipes up and cries uncle.

      The helicopter contractors are running the show by imposing their own time constraints and calling the financial shots. The BLM is in the numbers game — not to save money, but to reduce horse numbers.

      All their reports and justifications are only the result of the helicopter pilots livestock company restrictions on availability, (vs skill) and money demands. These contractors are the proverbial tail wagging the dog.

      Congress lets it all happen. The dusty unfortunate equids, invisible to the self-annointed ‘keen eye’ of the mass media, invisible to Little Susie, with her new job, paying all her taxes for the next 40 years, invisible to Little Bob on this family outing over the hill and far away; invisible to the vast numbers of Americans.

      This very invisibility represents a huge failing of the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Program.

      Wise consideration of the non-horse world and necessity of promoting the equids in all geographic areas in the mass media would seem to be a no-brainer. Not just to people who can adopt. The adoption program mustn’t be another tail wagging the dog as it is moving toward with its raving advocacy.

      Why did BLM just pay (within the last 2 years) $700,000+ to hire a big public relations firm? Where did all the money go?

      WAS CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, FOX given regular colorful and factfilled news releases that weren’t so provincially oriented that they found their way immediately to the dust heap?

      What exactly was done with that $700,000? Who got what? Again a huge payment to one firm as they do to livestock contractors.

      BLM intimidation all the way to the top of the Interior Department mustn’t deter each person who is interested in these wild herds on their ranges from considering themselves Stakeholders. BLM would like to split hairs on who is a stakeholder and who isn’t. When the pool of interested people represents such a small percentage of the total population of the United States, I think our government needs, in this case, all the stakeholders in can get. Especially the BLM. They need each and every one of us. No wild equids, no BLM wildhorse and burro management program. Lots of people lose their jobs. If BLM were wise, they would be sending us all flowers, lawsuits or not.

      • Thank you to Linda Horn for inspiring my comment on Stakeholders. You are absolutely right that we each need to express our care and concern and time spent promoting welfare of these herds, and learning about wild equids each time we write to the BLM for any reason. Thus they will recognize our Stakeholderliness.

        • A stakeholder is any person or organization, who can be positively or negatively impacted by, or cause an impact on the actions of a company, government, or organization. Types of stakeholders are:
          ▪ Primary stakeholders : are those ultimately affected, either positively or negatively by an organization’s actions.
          ▪ Secondary stakeholders : are the ‘intermediaries’, that is, persons or organizations who are indirectly affected by an organization’s actions.
          ▪ Key stakeholders : (who can also belong to the first two groups) have significant influence upon or importance within an organization.
          Therefore, stakeholder analysis has the goal of developing cooperation between the stakeholder and the project team and, ultimately, assuring successful outcomes for the project. Stakeholder analysis is performed when there is a need to clarify the consequences of envisaged changes, or at the start of new projects and in connection with organizational changes generally. It is important to identify all stakeholders for the purpose of identifying their success criteria and turning these into quality goals.

          Oh holy Wiki:

  4. savewildhorses says:

    That’s what BLM vets are best at. Euthanasia. Pretty much all they do.

    Diagnosis: Birth defective hooves, legs, lung, heart–take your pick or all of the above. The BLM doesn’t care what the vet says as long as he doesn’t write gather related. All injuries are the fault of the foals, not the BLMs cruel helicopter marathons.

    Prognosis: Poor. Is it ever anything else? Don’t give it chance to recover either because photos of beautiful foals crippled and maimed by the BLM helicopter stampedes will get out on the internet.

    Treatment: Euthanize it because they forgot their Hippocratic oath for animals (first do no harm) years ago when they sold out and started working for the inhumane and corrupt BLM. Cruelty they condone by never speaking up to PREVENT the cruelty and needless injuries in the first place. Shame on the BLM vets.

    • I wish to set you straight on the Hippocratic oath. Unfortunately I have researched this and there is NO ‘DO NO HARM’ WHATSOEVER IN THE ANIMAL OATH AT THIS TIME. I will refer you to the AVMA who seems to have taken it upon itself to craft the ‘latest and best’ version of this and publishes it on their website. It includes phrases like ‘medical knowledge’ (as opposed to ‘veterinary knowledge’) and ‘public health’ (as opposed to ‘animal health’) and so, unless the vet colleges themselves use another version, I would say it is now A Royal Road to Animal Testing in the guise of ‘helping’ both our companion animals and our other animals IMO.


      • savewildhorses says:

        Yes, I know there is not written oath, but it is implied the minute they become a vet. And they know it.

  5. Barbara Warner says:

    Just heartbreaking. This roundup should never have taken place in the 1st place. THe corruption of the BLM needs to be investigated by Congress and all funds for these atrocities cut off. Why isn’t this being done ? The media is not even covering these roundups. The public has no clue.

  6. This morning I woke up with the certainty that the only path out of this is to TAKE THE WILD HORSE AND BURRO management compLETELY away from the BLM. These lawsuits to stop them and make transparency work are definitely forceps in the hemorraging of equid lifeblood from the ranges. HOWEVER close on the heels in in a huge tidal wave must follow real change and new solutions. Privitization has appeared in the works; managing for type; out-sourcing ‘storage’ of the horses; contracting the roundups out — all of these put the BLM at a legal ‘arm’s length’ from liability issues. It is only by proving long-term neglect of managing by the intent of the law in the wild horse Act, and further by using this long term negligence in all aspects of the management to pry the BLM out of the picture. The BLM can be seen to have created the ‘appearance’ of fidelity to the laws and administrative rules; however, as has been seen, it is only SKIN DEEP. AS soon as I win the lottery I will initiate a joint commission on wild horse and burro management and Go Wild. Well, that’s as far as my 180 mg. of rain-forest grown coffee will take me at this time.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      No… they are NOT at “legal arms length.”

      Analogy: You live in a neighborhood that has a “Neighborhood Association.”
      You are bound by that association to follow certain rules.
      You talk to two contractors.
      One says he painted your neighbors house and knows the colors the association wants. He offers you a palette but it does not have what you want… you really want your house magenta.
      You talk to contractor two. Contractor two says he will hide your house behind a blind and paint it magenta.
      You hire contractor two and have your house painted magenta.
      The Neighborhood Association sends you a $5000. fine and orders you to repaint your house.
      You are responsible for the fines and repainting… not the contractor.

      Legal responsibility lies with the BLM.
      The can “play” all the games they want… it will “piss” off the right Judges…. and they are out there.

      My suit is coming….
      and others….

      Congress IS responsible here for what is happening through mandates that benefit special interests. People need to ADD a couple extra lines when they write Congress… “No matter how slick your campaign looks from the blood money you gain from supporting special interest you will NOT get my vote, nor my friends. I will do every thing I can to make sure the public knows you allowed this to happen.”

      • In your example, is the Neighborhood Association the equivalent of the American Public; the homeowner (“you”) the equivalent of the BLM, and the Contractor (the painting company who lied by saying that the house would not be visible) the equivalent of the Sun J or the Cattoors?

        Do you think the BLM should be replaced in the wild horse and burro management?

      • Rhonda Lanier says:

        Excellent analogy Laura; having dealt with homeowners’ associations for years, I heartily agree. I/we/you are responsible for the magenta paint, not the contractor. I am hoping and praying that more than one judge gets pissed off and does the right thing, the moral thing, and totally shuts them down. Okay, I know that is not going to happen, but they should be forced to play by the rule, even if they don’t like them. I do, you do, we all have to suck it up and do things we don’t agree with. The BLM have had it carte blanche for so long, they simply view themselves, Bob Abbey and Ken Salazar above it all.

        I have to say though the little chairs with their umbrellas and binoculars, I intend to use for all our cost cutting fanatics in Washington. You are right Laura, until they think they are going to get voted out of office, nothing will change. That is where we come in. We have to be focused, relentless and
        make them understand that we are on to their lies, their manipulation and their determination to carry on as usual. We have until November to make them understand the party is over. That is when the debt ceiling second round starts.

  7. Louie Cocroft says:

    Coming into this battle with no previous knowledge of the BLM, I soon found out what a hated agency it is….about as popular as leprosy.
    One has to wonder how they get people to work for it. The stigma sticks and doesn’t wash off. No amount of P.R. will undo the damage.

  8. LynnIL says:

    In the place where the BLM is rounding up horses there is no other work. I’m betting these people are just happy to have good paying jobs and will do anything their bosses say.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Actually the people doing the roundup are from Utah.
      The BLM local staff is, for the most part, a handful of folks that work in other programs in the BLM, not only wild horses. (like rangers)
      Most BLM is from out of the region or flown in from out of state.
      They stay at the most expensive hotel in town and have expense accounts to purchase anything they want… like little chairs with umbrellas, binoculars and cameras…. on your dime.
      You also foot the bill for repairs to their vehicles… they drive like it, too. My truck needed serious “love” to overcome the terrain at the beginning of Triple B.

      • I wonder if they get paid “by the horse.” That is a cruel and faulty criteria.

        • Laura Leigh says:

          Yes they do.

          I have edited this post in a fashion that even a Congressman can understand about the faulty logic in the vet report.

          Feel free to explain to your Congressman that they are responsible for killing our horses

          • savewildhorses says:

            Sun J is getting $500 per horse, even crippled foals. That is why they always get their horse. Into the gather pen anyway. What shape they arrive in doesn’t matter to them.

        • savewildhorses says:

          Just read this on facebook:
          Contract signed July 5th obligates the BLM to pay Sun J Livestock $ 795,101 for conducting the Triple B roundup, a figure just short of $500 per horse. Records also show a contract obligation of $1,221,768 for a January roundup in the Antelope Herd Management Area nearby.

          SunJ was just incorporated as a business less than 12 months ago.

          • Linda H says:

            Sun J’s first roundup was last fall at E. Douglas, CO, which I attended. Their inexperience and lack of concern for the welfare of the horses was apparent throughout it all.

  9. Louie Cocroft says:

    I think the cream and/or gravy is skimmed off at the top. There appears to be such a difference at the Burns corral as compared to any of the corrals in Nevada. Why? Who dictates? Who hires?

  10. Louie Cocroft says:

    My guess is that the rank and file BLM workers are, for the most part, not happy campers. The contractors show up, make the kill and leave with a hugh chunk of the budget. The rest of them are left to deal with the mess and an increasingly angry public. Management is salaried, probably very well compensated for the little time that they spend in the field. Just my guess.

  11. LL, part of the email I sent you yesterday you may have not had a chance to look at — The All Knowing Wikipedia, Ivory Tower of the Masses, says:

    The Contracting Officer has no authority to deviate from the laws and regulations, and the contracting party is held to know the limitations of the Contracting Officer’s authority, even if the Contracting Officer does not. This makes contracting with the United States a very structured and restricted process.

    Government contracts are governed by what is known as the federal common law.

    This body of law is completely separate and distinct from the body of law familiar to most businesses, namely the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) for contracts covered by the UCC (such as contracts for the purchase and sale of goods or contracts granting a security interest in property other than land) and the general law of contracts for other contracts.

    The UCC is a body of law passed by the legislatures of the various states and is generally uniform among the states.

    The non-UCC law of contracts is mostly common law, which is also relatively uniform among states, whose courts regularly look to each other’s decisions in the absence of in-state precedent.

    Common law can diverge between states, however, and can be modified by legislation.

    Interestingly, most government contracts involve subcontractors. The prime contract (i.e. the contract between the government and its contractors) is governed by the federal common law while the contracts between the prime contractor and its subcontractors are governed by the contract law of the respective states. This can, on occasion, squeeze the prime contractor due to the differences in the laws.

    Here’s the link:

  12. Marianne says:

    I do not remember ever being so emotionally distressed, angry and powerless as I am over this senseless brutality. The pain and suffering that these poor defenseless wild horses endure, especially the tiny babies is just unacceptable.

    Did anyone call authorities during this roundup? Not too late to call them filing a report demanding an investigation based on your evidence.

    The only way to win this battle is by going after the individuals individually, filing suit against SOI, Abbe, Helicopter Pilots and Wranglers.,etc. Losing battle any other way. It is obvious, that the government, SOI, BLM doesn’t care about the wild horses and our plea to stop the brutality.

    These inhumane arrogant ignorants do not care to know the brutal harm they are causing to these poor defenseless animals, they are treating them the same as that helicopter that is running them down.

    BLM, helicopter pilots and wranglers are not above the law, must be charged with animal cruelty according to Cruelty and Neglect
    law Provisions State of

    Section 574.100.
    (a)Overdriving, torturing, injuring or abandoning animals;
    to provide proper
    sustenance; penalties; exceptions
    (b) Deprive an animal of necessary sustenance, food or drink, or neglect or
    refuse to furnish it such
    sustenance or drink;
    (c) Cause, procure or allow an animal to be overdriven, overloaded,
    tortured, cruelly beaten, or
    unjustifiably injured, maimed, mutilated or killed, or to be deprived of
    necessary food or drink;
    (d) Instigate, engage in, or in any way further an act of cruelty to any
    animal, or any act tending to
    produce such cruelty; more info….

    What was the degree of injury on the foals and reason for euthanizing? Could they have been or requested to be rescued with their dams? Did they have a chance of recovering from their trauma? How many foals were killed during the round up from stampede and how many by euthanizing?

  13. Four Horses Palomino Foal…

    […] osis for recovery. The decision was to monitor the condition for a few days and […]…

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