On the Road Again

Just a quick informal update:

I have left the Triple B area. Another observer has come in. I had not originally planned to go to Triple B as I was under the assumption that others would be there and I could “track the gap” in the roundup schedule.

However sometimes things work the way they are supposed to even if you don’t realize it. I was able to further document the actions of Sun J at yet another operation. I have been at all of their activities since last fall. So the documentation is still an inclusive record.

Yet by not being able to “follow my gut” it appears (I have been informed, but have not seen the Press Release) that an unpublicized roundup did occur as I suspected it would. The gap in the schedule made me suspect Sheldon was “on the radar” and that proved correct. An estray roundup occurred in Oregon. Where they went, I don’t know. Winter Ridge will be “zeroed out” as it is HA, not HMA. (I have been to Winter Ridge and there are no horses there… only near the BIA land).

I am heading back to complete the work I began in the field and off to cover the Oregon Roundups. So at this point it appears that you will all be able to follow the activities of both contractors.

The photo I posted earlier on this blog IS of the foal euthanized. The other foal I never saw and have serious suspicions that it ever existed. If anyone has time to FOIA the vet report? Thanks.

Two articles on other investigations coming your way sooooooon.

Some pics real quick and then I turn the ignition.

July Roundups = Injured babies (dead babies)


Incredible black stallion that should have gone back to the range

Baby leaning on mom after a run that left him traumatized

Roundups should NOT happen in July. This is “no-brainer” stuff that makes the idea that any sanity or comprehension of what humane management means exists at all.

note: Alan Shepherd went back to his desk and is no longer at Triple B.


6 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Poor Ginger says:

    Laura, you’re so right … the black stud should have been released! He’s magnificent, and much bigger than his mares. Just the type the BLM has released in other roundups. When I go to the Mustang Makeover Facebook page, adopters are often looking for large horses. They really covet Mustangs from Twin Peaks. They say they’re taller and stouter, kind of like QHs.

    Thanks for the Sun J Chronicles. You and Elvis take care!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Buck and Bald horses are BIG and “good” minded. Very colorful bands with nice conformation, too.
      This is a heart-breaker… this area CAN sustain a much larger AML than claimed… the area is remote and a tough travel. LOTS of mining.

  2. arlene says:

    Thank You Laura, Breaks my heart that this Huge Blk Stallion was not released, The BLM is Despicable, I pray they get whats coming to them for all the unnecessary round ups , like to know where they got the money !!!!! The sneak round up , they should be tarred and feathered and run out of town for……………

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    He is one of so many. Beautiful and strong and wild. Too many have been removed and gelded and too many long gone to slaughter. I am so glad you see these horses and show us who they are before they are lost in the black BLM hole.

    If they belong in the wild they will be pulled from it screaming and fighting for their families. This is the intent. No more wild horses or burros.

    What I see is worth saving and protecting and preserving. The wounded 1971 Act cannot be used for this. It is a contradiction and a violation of terms. The original needs to stand clear and be upheld. It is all we have right now. It is law. Violated law.

  4. Christie says:

    Thank you, Laura. We must find a way to stop this. I truly believe that the energy and mining interests could live with wild horses. After horses get used to something being in an area, they don’t pay a lot of attention to it. If there is a mine or something of this nature around an HMA, there is power. It is not a great expense or particularly difficult to create an electric fence around where you don’t want the animals to go.

    The problem is the cattle industry. I am in the ,Lubyanka this week, and had time to read a progressive publication which included some information on cattle management that looks more like something WWP would write about rather than farmers themselves. However these farmers want to sustain their lands and preserve water quality, unlike the Western Cattleman who want a cow on every patch of land. It is really quite a contrast. I think information like this might be useful as we fight for Congressional intervention.

    I am so glad the WWP is joining with American Wild Horse Preservation lawsuit. WWP lends some litigation weight that wild horse advocates have been struggling to gain.

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