More … “new normal”

There is an interesting phenomenon occurring at the moment:

The questions I put on this blog, and subjects I discuss, seem to get more of a response from BLM than the questions I ask when onsite… so now I will raise some more issues in the “food for thought” category and see what happens.

Vet Report on Two Foals that I asked folks to call for is posted on the “gather update” page. See Report Here

This is very interesting… are you paying attention DC? See if you can follow….

Here is the “palomino” foal:

July Roundups = Injured babies (dead babies)

Both foals noted in vet report are in this video:

Here is a quote from the vet report

“A 2‐3 weeks old palomino foal was brought in with a pre‐existing deformity on the right front fetlock joint. The foal was showing some signs of lameness and could not stand straight on that leg. Exercise associated with the gather activity likely aggravated the condition and the foal was standing and walking with difficulty. With the heat and activity of the gather the foal also showed signs of respiratory distress.”

I have more photos of this babe if you need them. If you haven’t figured out the problem here I’ll explain it.

This foal died because of the roundup. This foal died because it is foaling season. The explanation given at the trap location by Alan Shepherd was that this baby had “weak tendons.” The respiratory distress is all roundup related. Many of these horses have suffered damage from being run in the alkali that will not be apparent until later. I’ll say it one more time…. this baby died because you are running foals during foaling season. This death is listed as “non-gather” related… (you can insert tears of frustration, and swearing like a truck driver, if you want to get the full picture of how this makes anyone who comprehends equine psychology and physiology feel, here).

Do you need to be reminded that these foals RAN from a helicopter?

THIS is the second baby (also in video)

Now this second baby has my ears steaming…..

I was told onsite that the second euthanized foal was the one that the runners had trouble finding (y’all remember the one I said I would NOT leave the trap site until it was found?) I was told that baby had been euthanized…. but it was this one. I was very afraid that this foal was NOT with his mom… but a family member. Sun J does not mark mare/foal pairs.

Excerpts from “vet report:”

Foal 1: Final disposition, on July 25, 2011 this foal was re‐examined:

The foal was not improving in condition. She had been treated daily with anti‐ inflammatory injections for 3 days to relieve pain and showed no improvement. The foal as euthanized based on no improvement in her condition, the limb deformity and a poor prognosis for recovery from the lameness.

Foal 2: Final disposition, on July 25, 2011 this foal was re‐examined:

The foal had a right front limb deformity which was causing an abnormal strain on the limb and lameness when walked or ran. In addition, the colt was not well developed for his age and was declining in condition. The foal had been treated daily with an anti‐inflammatory medication for three days to help relieve the pain with no sign of improvement. Based on the lack of improvement and a poor prognosis for recovery from the limb deformity and lameness, the colt was euthanized.

Excerpt from “gather reports online:”

Non-gather related animal deaths:  1
Cause:   A foal was euthanized as a result of a congenital condition involving the structure/conformation of the lower hind legs.

These ARE “gather” related deaths. The “deformities” were NOT noted in the population prior to the roundup. Any abnormality in the appearance of foal limbs IS because they are being run DURING FOALING SEASON. However my camera did not catch any abnormal appearance in holding. BLM may have pictures of  poor twisted baby limbs… but BLM is responsible for it… not nature.

ALSO: I am glad you are now including the terrain and temps in the gather report. You are also including “distance.” However I call “Shitzies” on that. While I sit out there I take my own temps. In winter you are 4-8 degrees warmer, in summer you are 4-8 degrees cooler. AND I asked if BLM had any observers watching pilot performance over the rise to spot horses that drop out and gage pilot performance and was told there was no one from BLM in those positions. UNTIL you get cameras on those choppers nothing you claim about distance is believed. You historically have shown your ability to pass absurd information to be uncanny. (Like shipping 34 horses to a facility and 36 arriving).

UNTIL a member of the public (not Advisory Board member) is allowed an opportunity to assess the trauma of a drive through respiration rates, any parameters that are deemed sufficient by BLM are NOT acceptable.

GET A CAMERA INTO THE CATCH PEN. If you can’t I’ll gladly set one up for you. (You let the Las Vegas Sun do it on a day you held me behind a hill and wouldn’t even take my press credentials out of my hand).

Last, but not least: lets see if you can get a working radio up to the observation area. Or is it too scary for the horses if the public can hear? I promise to not publish the number of times Logan falls off his horse.


25 thoughts on “More … “new normal”

  1. arlene says:

    Did everyone in DC , Get this ?????????? More Lies and deceit from the Bureau of liars and Murderers………… at the expense of two foals, and Lord only knows how many more Laura didnt get to see, ?????????????????????

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    I am wondering if the “New Normal” is going to be even worse than the “Old Normal” since what is NORMAL to the BLM is ABNORMAL to any one who cares about horses .
    Now the Pryor Mt, horses are going to be rounded up again using traps . The AML of 90-120 has been exceeded the BLM says.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Now the way my mind works on that…. look at what they are planning to do at the same time they plan the Pryors… it will be UGLY.
      Last time the Pryors were done Sheldon was hit hard. They knew the advocate community would focus on Cloud…. BLM is a sociopathic entity… I can’t describe it any other way.
      They use every tactic in “The Art of War.”

      • Lynette says:

        That’s OK we’ll get them this time. We have grown in advocate strength and I bet we will have plenty of advocates to watch around the country.We need to get together a committee who will set up groups to be at different possiblities around that time. But we will not let them have Cloud. They just want to get the public off their backs and feel if Cloud is gone the pressure will be off. But I’d put my money on the outrage of the public if that happens. We wil be ready for them this time.

  3. Louie Cocroft says:

    Here’s a bit of inspiration, Laura….keep those camera’s rolling

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Here is a personal tidbit…
      I learned the Elvis “hip swivel” at 5. I used to perform this very tune at functions as a kid… my dad was an Elvis look alike that was photographed in the background of a couple ads when he was thinner and much younger.
      My dog is named “Elvis” cause as a puppy he had a pomp and is the “king.”

      Hopefully this is not part of a premonition…

  4. Mar Wargo says:

    What if they lose 25% to 50% of the foals from roundup related deaths? And I mean our definition of roundup related death; from the time the helicopters take to the air the first time on the HMA range. This seems fully possible. Why are we being told all this deformity business when we already know it is not true??? We are told this so it filters to the public and they hear how the foals are not genetically sound. So they will believe these beautiful equines are some how less than they are and it is their fault; they are over populated and genetically unsound! Just another smoke screen to cover up the horrendous abuse these foals and their families suffer through in the heat and dust and man made fear. The double talk also helps to confuse the outside public and the members of the legislature who are also susceptible to BLM lies. This creates a constant stalemate because we are not an official body and we have not got enough weight on our side to be believed? Thank goodness we have Experience on our side. Thanks for your deep concern and response to what you have seen and put forth to the world, Laura. I am glad BLM comes here to read and get a taste of reality.

  5. savewildhorses says:

    These are not congenital deformaties or abnormalities. These are 100% caused by the round up and the incompetence of the pilot and the BLM that let him abuse the horses inhumanely for hours on end. For a public servant to knowingly lie in reports to the American people is not to be taken lightly. And they are 100% aware they are lying.

  6. Poor Ginger says:

    I don’t understand the claims of “deformities”. The only way to gauge a true deformity is by radiograph. Lameness has many causes, especially in babies, young and old horses. Often a few rounds of Bute and a “rest cure” does wonders.

    The BLM should have approved rescuers on call to take mares with foals, orphan foals, and other injured or rejected wild horses and burros. I’ve seen domestic cases, including extremely lame and undernourished horses, turn the corner in a matter of weeks, and make full recoveries in a few months. I believe many of these horses could live good and useful lives if given a chance.

    • Poor Ginger says:

      “Useful” doen’t always mean a riding horse. IMO , th company of a pasture pal “just being a horse” is better therapy than any “shrink”!

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Tragically I think this is true, Ginger. But they destroy them so quickly. There is no support system. There is nothing but BLM policy which never wants to see these horses as the individuals they are. And they have no desire to admit they kill babies. The contractors are just given the ‘go’ and it is too late once the helicopter flies.

    • savewildhorses says:

      The reason you don’t understand it is because they are not congenital deformities. These injuries are caused by the BLM and their idiot,overpaid contractors. To allow a wild foal to only live weeks or a month or two on this earth is an absolute abomination. Why is the NEVER and report on what they are doing to rectify the problem of all the injuries and how it is not acceptable to them? Because it IS acceptable to them! It is one less horse they have to feed for life.

  7. Carol says:

    Can I ask how long do these horses stay in the pens – then what happens. Do they get sold on or do they all get sent for slaughter. I know this happens all over the world and horses from England get sent to Europe for meat. Surely there should be a programme based where there is less breeding so not to over populate. I think it is quite sad that America and it’s history of horses have to result in this barbaric practice.From where I see it – it is about money again not welfare or conservation. Come on America show the world that you are caring and appreciate your history.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The temporary pens in the pics above are on the range. Horses stay there until there are enough to fill a trailer.
      They then go to “short-term” holding (can be as long as two years. Horses get three chances at adoption if under 10 (or 6 or 8 depending on facility).
      Then they become “sale-authority” which allows them to be sold without limitation. Many are shipped to long-term holding. Some are bought by the truckload by re-salers (yes, they go to slaughter).

      The wild horse issue is not a “breeder” issue. These ranges are not managed appropriately. Horses are being taken that are not over populated.

      The American public lands are being exploited by special interests… it is the theft of America… condoned by Congress.

  8. arlene says:

    Those lieing Morons, They always exploit horses mainly they have no protection from them , now is the time to promote protection Laws……………I am so sick of the BLM and their Lies and deceit, and exploration of the mustangs , these mustangs are not here for their exploitation…………..The only way we can stop this is through CONGRESS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  9. arlene says:

    Heres a News Flash just received a return call from Mr. Dean Bolsted of the BLM, talked to him in depth on as many issues I could !!!!!! He claims the sneak gather of last week in Oregon was not Wild Mustangs it was horses on BLM property , they gathered , he did not know what happened to them, he thought the person that owned them came and got them from the BLM after the gathering of them,,,,,,,,,,,,,he said that he understood that other methods other then gathers need to be researched and applied…………… He mentioned a new form of birth control was being researched………………..One that is not as intrusive and more effective then current one used………………. We talked about the two foals that were euthanized last week , he said that qualified Vets examined them and and concluded them to be birth defects ??????? He said he can only rely on the experts they hire ???????? Several other things were discussed at great length, so many there is not enough space here to write them all……. I begged him to investigate the so called agencies they use for Pilots…..Sun J etc………………….

    • savewildhorses says:

      Arlene, save your breath and the nickel for the phone call. This man lies for a living. And you pay for it with your tax dollars. They knowingly lie to the American public. It is SOP.

      • arlene says:

        You are right end of the conversation , he said I guess we are at a stalemate, I said you are right………………. I urged him at that point to Please investigate all the people they have hired, to round up our National treasures……. We talked on several issues, none of which did he have sufficient answers to……………….. I also touched on to stop wasting tax payers dollars on something that has no merit or viable foundation…………………..They are obligated by Law To prove by an outside agency count whether a round up is needed or not, told him also to stop killing predictors and let Mother Nature handle the Balance, she is the expert……………. She does not make mistakes…………….. and she does not accept monetary gratification, of any kind………………….

    • Laura Leigh says:

      There were two roundups in the “down time” that we know of. One was feral estrays and I wrote about that. The other appears to have been Conger/Confusion. You have to ask specifics because they wont offer any info.
      Dean will return calls. Many wont.
      Yes, they can only go on the opinions of those they “hire.” They need to can the APHIS (USDA) pro-slaughter vets.

  10. cward says:

    The more I learn about the BLM’s Wild Horse Management methods, the more cynical I become. I am starting to believe that the BLM is all too happy to euthanize these foals. These foals present a terrible PR and Economic problem for the BLM. The public does not want to see foals “cute babies” mistreated. The BLM does not want to spend the money and the time to care for them properly. These foals may live (if allowed) 30+ years… a cost that the BLM does not wish to incur. Selling them as ‘Sale Authority’ does not generate much money for the BLM, and the kill buyer gets paid by the pound – so a foal won’t generate much money at the slaughterhouse. I think the BLM prefers to euthanize their problem and generate sympathy from the public by saying that they humanely euthanized a deformed foal that was suffering…making them the ‘good guy’ as opposed to the agency that caused the breakdown of the foals legs and hooves… cynical, I know.

    • savewildhorses says:

      The quicker they euthanize these foals the less photos of limping, maimed foals that will find their way onto the internet and facebook. They fear the internet more than anything. Just like Egyptian leaders did.

  11. Louie Cocroft says:

    The federal government has failed in its role as a steward of public natural resources. The tremendous influence exerted by oil and gas companies and other special interests has resulted in industry-friendly political appointments and legislative initiatives, and cozy relationships between the government and industry. The result has been a veritable fire sale on the nation’s oil, natural gas, and other resources.

  12. Louie Cocroft says:,,id=213778,00.html
    Examples of Public Corruption Investigations – Fiscal Year 2010

    Former Bureau of Land Management Official Sentenced to Prison

  13. Lynette says:

    For those who have questions about BLM operations you should go to their Facebook page. The PR person who we pay to show the pretty face of the BLM is there. They will answer most questions you might have and sugar coat it for no extra charge. Funny to read the spin doctors at work. And if you post there you force them to read what you write for others to read and answer your questions.

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