Triple B_ Day 4

This is the last video that will be posted for a bit. Editing video takes an incredible amount of time. I will go back to archiving the video in case the documentation is required and posting still images. But I think this series of three days gives you an idea how frustrating this is. It will not give you a clear picture of the wear and tear on your vehicle, the damage done to your equipment or the toll it takes on your face.

Day 4 began at holding and the lame excuses about the medical treatment of these foals (that were now euthanized) set the tone. Sometimes my hands will shake from the stupidity. It is like being a teacher in Kindergarten… but the Kindergartners make the rules.

Yes, the tone of this report is terse. But being with this contractor every day but two during Antelope, and now watching this at Triple B, is like chewing on tin foil.

I am usually very patient and quiet. I do my observations and reports.This time I am trying very hard not to allow the frustration to drive me.

On another front there may be some good news soon, but that will have to wait for another day. So pray that sanity can begin to take root somewhere.

Day 4 brought with it frustration after frustration.

It began with the excuses about water and food, with no indication that anything would change. It continued with the absurd assertions about the injured foals.

At the trap the radio was again left so I could not hear anything until one time Heather Emmons left it loud enough that I could pick up a call. It was the pilot asking Alan Shepherd to glass a horse that could not keep up. I was given no further information as to the age or reason the horse could not keep up… and of course I was held to a position that did not allow me any observation.

The horses the pilot drove into the trap came in two groups.

Then 4 runners went out and the pilot. The pilot asked Shepherd the location and was told it should be “right under you.” It was apparently a bush.

I asked if I could go to the rise and look. I said that all eyes should be utilized. I was not granted permission, nor was it denied. I stayed behind the tape. It is my belief that this agency attempts to push the limits of control until we are tempted to break them… only to utilize the unreasonable restraints against us.

After almost an hour of no information, BLM personnel reading newspapers, I asked to go give my dog water and check on him. That permission was granted. I hung out in the vehicle with the dog, as it is much cooler there. I saw two runners beating it back to the trap so I went back to the observation area only to find out that the runners were coming back… not because they had found anything… but because the pilot was driving horses to the trap.

Shepherd had given the authorization for resources to abandon the search and begin operations. The other two runners also returned to the trap. I expressed my outrage in no uncertain terms. I informed personnel that I had called people from my vehicle and the public knew they had stopped looking. I informed them I was not leaving until the horse was located.

After the drive Heather was called down to speak with Alan.

Miraculously the horse that had now been missing for over an hour and a half had been found. It had “run back home” and hooked up with a stud. A trailer went down the road and in less than ten minutes came back… with a load that looked much like it did when it left.

As I am not permitted to travel the same road as the trailer it would take me about an hour longer to reach holding. I would not see this animal unload.

The animal was allegedly a 4 month old that was so deformed it couldn’t run correctly and was euthanized. The same animal that ran almost to the trap and back again… I can not confirm that there was an animal even picked up off that range.

Have you pulled out all your hair yet? Have you gritted your teeth so badly that you have broken molars? Have you bitten your lip so hard it bleeds? Have you vowed to god you will not allow this “spoiled child agency” to continue without challenge… no matter what it takes?

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28 thoughts on “Triple B_ Day 4

  1. Marge Mullen says:

    Laura the link you post to your vidoes does not work.

    The only way to see them is to click on Leave a Comment.

  2. Laura Leigh says:

    The link works for me.
    But you can access all videos here:

  3. Jennifer Lamm says:

    you are so amazing……. thank you for the love you pour into your work……

  4. Jill says:

    You tell them, Laura!

    You are speaking for all of us and you are speaking for the citizens of the United States of America, who unanimously asked Congress to protect, preserve and care for our country’s wild horses, until time ceases.

    You tell them! Tell them for all of us, please!!!

    Bandits of the desert, bandits of our tax dollars, bandits of the law….

  5. Barbara Warner says:

    Laura, I don’t see how you stand it. You are Super Woman. The frustration is unbelievable and I think they treat you that way on purpose . Also Sheperd may be having foals killed just to spite you. How many foals have been killed already ? Also are the foals that survive being kept with their moms or reunited with them after being transported?

  6. LisaG. says:

    I would say Shepherd is having them killed to spite all of us. BLM – bullshit, lies and megalomaniacs.

  7. Mar Wargo says:

    Great video and the use of the live voice with the voiceover works. I guess BLM has a sliding thermometer… down in summer and up in winter!! Hoping people begin to realize how much more you do out there than just observe! So much more….

  8. Naomi says:

    Laura, I pray in wimpers & tears each time I watch your videos. Sometimes I can’t help but wail so loudly that my dogs howl with me. I think of you there & I am reminded of the story I heard about the Al Jazeer reporters who were embedded in Egypt when the riots broke out. They told the story of the people aproaching them & begging them not to turn their cameras off. The protesters knew that the cameras linking them to the world were the only protection they had from being slaughtered by the powers they are rising up against. You are the embedded reporter for the horses. I can’t imagine what might happen with no one on the opposing side to monitor them. Even in your presence they try to justify genecide but, I believe, they are aware that you are the eyes of many. You are in my prayers along with the horses & burros. Thank you for your devotion & sacrifice of personal welfare as you fight for them & as a spokesperson for all of us out here battling as best we can.

  9. angelnnik says:

    I had a thought that I am going to look into, I wanted to know are you afraid of heights? The BLM can’t stop you or impede your view if you are in a hot-air balloon can they? If I can find someone who’ll help i’ll let you know.

  10. Mar Wargo says:

    Angelnnik, this is a suggestion that has been made before. A balloon moves with the speed and the current of the wind. Wildlife runs from the balloon in the air and the sound of the gas flaming. Hawks find them interesting but even domestic horses run from balloons. Horses already in fear and running for their lives may not be viewable and picking up a rig in the desert can be difficult.

  11. kara says:

    I can’t believe what the BLM gets away with. My heart goes out to you for what you endure with them day in and day out.

    I have a question you may know the answer to and if not might be able to find out. The Kiger gather: The BLM has started posting the pictures of the studs from the gather.
    It appalls me as to the age of some of them. Just on the ones posted so far there are 5 of them that are 7 years and over. One is listed as 11 years old. My own experience tells me that most of these older studs will not go at the adoption, the ones that do not, will be offered in an internet adoption or not at all. My own Kiger was 16 when he was gathered and no one bid on him at the adoption, he was then a Sale Authority horse, which I believe then allows the purchaser to send said horse to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. These older studs will not be what the public wants, so these horses will sit.

    Steve Mantle who has trained Wild Mustangs in Wyoming, said to me when he found out Argo’s age, “You got your work cut out for you!” The oldest he has done was an 18 year old and I believe he said he would never do it again. He now only does weanlings to 5 year olds. There is a reason for this, and he has a vast amount of experience compared to the average adopter. Heck, I have more experience than the average adopter, and I was humbled at the prospect of my first mustang. These older ones, I feel should be turned back. What purpose is being served by bringing them in?

    Why were these older Studs not turned back? What is the purpose of keeping them in holding pens for the rest of their days when if turned back out nature will dully take course. I can’t even say it’s color this time around. There is only one bay in the older stud group. Maybe captive breeders will adopt them, but is this even really a good answer given the current state of the economy? I discontinued my QH breeding program 3 years ago due to the economy and what I saw in mare owners who thought they would make a quick buck on a foal. So I wonder what the BLM’s end game is?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Bless you ,BTW, for taking an older stud.
      I was reassured by Tara that they feel even in this economy the older boys will go.
      I found it hard to believe.

      They were removed because of color. Kiger is a range breeding program that has been pushed to very low numbers. It is the truth.
      In order to get animals that they feel will be adoptable in the future they removed “the white.”

      There has been some talk about gelding older studs and returning them to some ranges.
      But that creates several other issues. Older studs are more likely to suffer complications from gelding. AND BLM insists that the gelded horses be counted in AML.

      So what they are doing is saying “we want to let the old horses live out their lives by gelding…. and you object.” They are using this as an example of advocate “unreasonableness.”

      If you have a population for example of 200 animals…. do a sex ratio skew of 60/40… pzp mares… and then geld half your studs… you have nothing viable at all on the range. You also set the horses up for havoc behaviorally.

      It’s the word games of a sociopathic entity… in my humble opinion.

      • Laura Leigh says:

        And yes… I am worried about those beautiful older studs myself. WE need to get the hay issue under control with China.

        • Mar Wargo says:

          Yes, this was a real hardship for people in the South West and on the West Coast. We have a wild horse emergency and here our growers are sending off so much hay to Asia we have prices sky rocket.

    • Paula Denmon says:

      Bless you… you are the only QH breeder that I have heard/read has quit breeding. I bred warmbloods for 27 years..and quit in 2007 because I could not be assured that each of my foals would have a great home and reason for being.

  12. Barbara Warner says:

    It’s simple what the BLM’s end game is –extinction of our American wild horses.

  13. BLM has a MISSION , Obama Administration has a Mission , that Mission is to DESTROY the Wild Horses & Burros in the Public Lands , they are not there to give them water , they are there to KILL them .

  14. Hi Laura, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you being out there on the front lines for all of us who can’t be there. Naomi made a good analogy above. These horses just don’t have that many on their side there. I have written letters to my representatives and I get the same form letters back every time. They say BLM knows what they are doing and there are too many horses on the range and they are starving to death. I even sent her video and photographs of the so-called starving horses. It all seems to fall on deaf ears. I feel so helpless in this. I did sign up and pledged you $25 / month. I know that it is just a drop in the bucket compared to your expenses, but I wanted to feel as if I am helping in some small way. Please know how much you are appreciated. You are one of our wild one’s angels.

    Love and hugs, Sheri

  15. savewildhorses says:

    How long and far are they running these horses, foals? Are you able to find out this answer for your readers? I really would like to know. Time for them to start answering reporter’s questions.

  16. Louie Cocroft says:

    (775) 861-6469

  17. Louie Cocroft says:

    Bolstad, Dean Wild Horse Mgmt Specialist (775) 861-6611

    Karla Bird, Acting Division Chief
    Wild Horse and Burro Management
    Main Contact Number: 202-912-7261

  18. savewildhorses says:

    Thanks, Louie. Not sure when I can call them while at work, but will try. I need to know how long they are allowing the horses, especially foals to be run.

  19. Paula Denmon says:

    I have been monitoring the BLM site and reading your reports..and someone can’t read a thermometer or a vet report. Even the vet report on the palomino filly says that she was stressed by the run, and in distress when she arrived and the run aggravated her fetlock. I raised horses for 27 years and several times foals were born with the tendon from fetlock to foot too taught. It corrected itself within a few weeks with monitored exercise. In one case one of my foals did have to have successful surgery. I hope that everyone who has any time will go to the website and dispute the lies, and let them know that Laura’s supporters are intelligent, dedicated horse people who are volunteers. We will watch what they post, and call them on the fabrications, and ask them over and over about the condition of the 40000 horses that are warehoused. Ask them why only 26000 horses are allowed to live on millions of acres of land. And why those in captivity can’t be released to Mustang Monument.. And keep asking informed questions taken directly from Laura’s observations.. Ask them right there on their site right now. Some of their supporters say that we only produce old photos and videos, so use these very up-to-date documentations to question their reasoning. Maybe, someone will realize that their reasoning is that of a group of 10 yr olds playing cowboy on stick horses.. only our horses are alive.

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