Triple B: Day 2 Video

Day 3 and 4 videos coming soon.

(It is taking a long time to load on this connection).

The single edit was over 40 minutes of all three days combined. As there seem to be conflicting issues and a need for folks to “see” I have taken the time to deal with several issues including these video edits.I had to cut this into three days to be able to upload.

Day 2

Please realize that what is presented is the same activity we saw at Antelope. It is a better “package.” However that package contains the very real issue of foaling season in the desert. The idea that rounding up new babies in 90 degree heat as the alkali blows… in the most arid state in the nation… is an assault to any sense that this agency comprehends the most basic of mandates, humane treatment.

I do point out my observations. My questions are relayed but never answered in the moment. Radios stay silent as PR folks tout Bob Abbey’s “new normal.” I guess in the “new normal” my actually hearing transmissions creates a “safety hazard.”

These issues will be addressed as the First Amendment fight moves forward.

Horses coming in are not family bands. Actually discovered as the sexes of horses could be observed through sorting immediately after capture, something we can’t usually see.

In the morning these horses are loaded and go to Palomino Valley.

A semi has three compartments. Two dry mares are left behind to avoid overcrowding. Yet the mares and foals load together. I warn that this increases risk f injury. I believe there have been reports of a foal arriving at PVC with lacerations.

Day 3 and 4 will be more telling of the climate of this roundup. I can not get up at 3, drive 3 hours each way and attend roundups and write reports and edit video. I will get back to the roundup as soon as possible. I am observing several other areas but cannot operate in the schedule and distances required to travel to the roundup… just not enough hours in a day.

They will be posted shortly.

BLM update page link:


8 thoughts on “Triple B: Day 2 Video

  1. MorganG says:

    What always stands out to me is that despite the amount of time these people are around horses, they remain completely inept in even the most basic of horse handling. Getting even half a clue would make their illegal jobs go easier and would certainly save horses from injury and death.

  2. Tears~ Prayers for our horses. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop of what is happening there Laura:-(

  3. Dear Laura..Please know there are folks out here that support you..Sending Strength and Blessings..
    You are the eyes and ears for us that cannot be there in person..

  4. Karin Damron says:

    Sending her…

  5. Poor Ginger says:

    Laura, this is sad to watch, but that’s the way things go at “gathers”. Wonder what the next euphemism will be … “soiree”?

    When they moved you, I was concerned you wouldn’t be able to see the trap & pen, just the mounds with that little “V” between them. When I did see the pens, and the LOADING (Morgan called it “inept”, but it was something beyond that), I was dumbfounded.

    Sun J may have padded the overheads, but they certainly didn’t follow any of the “horse welfare experts'” recommendations for “drive lines” or loading. No “Natural Horsepersons” in this group!

    Many thanks for bring the truth to light!

  6. Mar Wargo says:

    The loading was so bad. The horse rearing and unable to come down all the way… who was under her? It is horrendous.

  7. […] Triple B: Day 2 Video ( […]

  8. Just wrote a letter protesting these round ups in foaling season AND in this kind of heat. Addressed it to Mr. Abbey AND Ms. Guilfoyle and wrote that I hope she, as a horse person, might have the good sense to stop these activities. Of, course, she may be pro-slaughter and anti-anything-but purebred-QHs. I don’t know. : {

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