Very fast

I am almost out of battery. Need to find a place.

Will post tomorrow.

What do you get when you round up babies in July?



I saw three youngsters treated. Have no idea how many before I got there. No one to answer questions. Saw Alan Shepard has the “honcho.” He saw me and turned away from the camera.

I will file EXTENSIVE report tomorrow night…. with lots of pictures and video.

July Roundups = Injured babies


28 thoughts on “Very fast

  1. Jill says:

    BLM this is YOU!

  2. Dear Lord…Look at those wee ones…BLM EVIL-UNNECESSARY !!!

  3. melody says:

    Laura, thankyou for being there, for being ‘our voice’ for the mustangs. So inhumane to do this at this time of year knowing the suffering being incurred on these horses, and thier little ones. Its time for BIG change.

  4. julie corwin says:

    why is this madness continuing after all the public outcry?

  5. Jill says:

    Yes, BLM, this is YOU….. a shameful example of this agencies unacceptably that is trustfully employed by the citizens of the United States of America.

    A major scam under the democratic administration of President Obama, July 2011… a pitiful and shameful embarrassment to our democracy.

    This is indeed an intensified and unlawful destruction and a complete unwillingness to listen and obey the wishes of the public who elected this office, your office, OUR office…. You remain out of control and cruel, unlawful and inhumane!!! Forgiveness will never be a consideration due to your sick, sick behavior and your ignorance of morality, humaneness, justness and the obedience of our Federal law!

  6. Beautiful little Thunderhead baby…I am so upset this evening…Laura all I can say is thank you…Thank you dear lady for all your work…Praying someday there will be peace …

  7. Michelle Brown says:

    Again, more injuRed / dead foals. Heart bleeds for the innocents.Thank you Laura, looking forward to your report Laura, god bless you, and all attending advocates !!

  8. Jill says:

    Dear God, remove the pain from our hearts, the cruelness from our vision and the losses from these precious lives. Please, bring peace to this ungodliness.

  9. MargoWolf says:

    Thanks, Laura, you are in good form and have done another hard day with the reality and consequences of abusive and violent roundup activity. Get some rest. You are making the world buzz!

  10. Poor Ginger says:

    Running babies so far and so fast. All that twisting and turning as they try to stay with their Moms and bands. The dust and the sweat and the fear. I’m amazed any of these little ones have survived!

  11. Barbara Warner says:

    Alan Shepard ought to have turned away from the camera with shame but I doubt he has any . How can humans be so cruel ?

  12. Andalvin says:

    So pointlessly stupid.

  13. Brenda says:

    You truly, are evil. Ken Salazar, is just another Hitler….

  14. MA Moore says:

    Get em Laura! Thank you for all you do for our wild ones!

  15. angelnnik says:

    thank you for all you do, I want you to know you are not alone, my new friend Cristine and I have decided we’re going to ride to Washington D.C. picking up any and all riders who want to join along the way, We bet congress and the BLM will hear us when a million or more horses and their dedicated Americans arrive.
    No longer can we making our scattered objections lets all unite.

  16. Judith Hamilton-Schultze says:

    Dear God please protect our wee ones. We love them so and protect their mothers. Most gracious heavenly father please don’t let them suffer at the hands of hatred and neglect. Please dear God help us to help Laura and keep her save all the while she documents these horrible moments. Hlep us to understand our horses pain and turmoil. Help us to help them because they are so dear to us. Amen my horses prayer for the world and Laura. Thank you Laura for being our eyes and ears so tender. Love you sweet Gal. You are Gods blessing to us and messenger. We thank you for your insight and documentation. I am reading your blogs daily and helping us to understand our dear horses anguish from these horrible roundups. BLM we are outraged at the lack of concern for our wee ones, hurting and untamed. Please let us help them and their mothers. Please keep them together, not separated, please.

  17. polopaula says:

    I think that this is happening because this very powerful group wants it to happen.. They buy the state legislatures, the judges, influence the public, and all in secret…until now. It really started a long time ago… long before the Obama administration. We need to know who we really are fighting,,,and it is the Corporations that want this land and the legislators..publications that they have purchased!

    Here’s the link and what I’ve discovered so far. I want to finish the research by seeing the 800 exposed pages. Please read this and see if you understand the connection.

    I do not want to bring too much politics into our discussion, but the link posted by Beth in this discussion is by a group of conspiratory fundamentalists that is funded by the same KOCH Brothers, who I believe also fund the real culprit, and I believe we are going to be able to prove it. The group is ALEC..American Legislative Exchange Council. This group is at current 73 Republican state legislators and 7 Democrats who get together with Corporate Members to decide what legislation should be put before the state legislature.

    If you follow this link you will see many of the corporations that have a huge interest in getting the wild horses off the land. There laws start at the state level (think Nevada) and work their way into the Federal legislatures.
    This group was just outed and 800 pages of their meeting minutes etc have been published. There are definite attacks against women, the eco-system, clean air and water, And if we can find the pages, and it is searchable I feel certain we will find mention of the wild horses and the other uses the Corporations wish to engage in on the public lands. If anyone comes up with the location where these pages are located. Please let me know… I do want to research it. I think if we could find the plan to rid the public lands of the horses, it could make a huge difference to some of the men and women on Capital Hill.


    • Poor Ginger says:

      I started a file on ALEC this morning, and saved over 30 pieces of info in about 15 minutes. Yes, the Koch Brothers are big players, but the list of public (state and federal legistators) and private (so many, I haven’t had time to count them) is frightening! Almost all the Big Energy corps are “private” members. They have an Ag agenda as well. Over 81% of ALEC’s funding comes from “private” members. The were founded in 1979, and have been operating “under the radar” until the last few months.

      I didn’t find the 800 pages you’re seeking, but I did find 800 pieces of legislation they’re involved with. They “Ghostwrite” templates, so legislators won’t have to spend time crafting pro-industry, anti-environment, and other nefarious legislation. They have a big stake in the current effort to gut the EPA, ESA, and Clean Water & Air laws. They’re also trying to eliminate or defund Climate Change research (see Greenpeace).

      They say they don’t lobby, but they do hold numerous “social events” (dinners, parties, golf outings, “getaways”, etc.) where the REAL deals are struck.

      I haven’t found a “smoking gun” that links directly to removing the Mustangs and burros, but the fact that so many of the “multiple use” industries are members, and removals will directly benefit them is more than interesting. Those industries DO have lobbiests and make major campaign contributions.

      ALEC is being called “the ultimate American smoke-filled back room”. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • You don’t have to find a smoking gun specifically listing the removal of wild horses and burros, you only need to look at the land use. Horses and burros won’t even merit mention in a corporate plan, to mention them means they know of HMAs and they don’t want to become entangled in that tape. So there is no mention. That is left for the gummint boys to ‘take care of’….aka DOI and BLM.

      • MargoWolf says:

        Great work, Ginger!! These people are the ones to watch for sure. I feel sad for all the damage they will do and have done.

  18. savewildhorses says:

    This is also what you get when an entire agency within the BLM is devoted to round ups and that is their sole business. They have no other objective than round ups. No improving the range, no scientific studies, no other strategies. Just round ups. Budgeted year after year after year. That’s all they do. Now if they reversed their budget for one year and devoted 75% to adoptions and studies and the remainder to just completely necessary removals of about 15%, they might be an agency to be proud of. But they refuse to change. Refuse to listen to the American people. The worst government agency we have. And the most arrogant and unethical, next to the agency that monitors oil drilling in our oceans.

  19. The are destroying the wild Horses and Burros .
    Bless you dear Laura .

  20. I wish i knew the name of this SICKNESS in Human beings , for sure this is a sickness , for sure no normal human being would do what the U.S Government is doing , for sure the world is watching , for sure there are people from around the world watching the U.S Government .
    On the other hand i just don’t understand why the American people are SILENT and say nothing to this Disaster , i just don’t get it , do you ?

    • I am still trying to figure out why there is such a silence from the horse community itself never mind the rest of the American people. I know the numbers of horse soldiers are growing but more organization is needed. If every current, previous, and would love to be one day, horse owner would wake up and speak for these horses we would have a much stronger voice immediately. This is a very stressful time for me knowing what is happening to these horses in this “roundup”. You know if you have been around horses at all that this is stressing them out way more and I just feel that we are letting them down. Horses are in a terrible crisis in this country and they need the “horses lovers” to unite. I do my part, I contribute $$$, work at the rescue, bumper sticker my car, post and re-post stuff on FB, and talk to any person that is willing to listen. This government is bought and sold..PUBLIC OPINION is what gets their panties in a wad. We have GOT to find a way..

  21. I hate to see a Wild Horse HEAD going down towards the ground , this only happens when you take their freedom from them ,
    The wild horse head goes down only when they feel secure so they would eat their food on the ground , otherwise the wild horse head never goes down , but BLM is a good expert for making their heads go down .

  22. rhona grammer says:

    Dear Laura, Having read all of the above all I can say is; these wonderful Horselovers have said it all for me. I’m totally horrified and speachless, and tearful. Laura, you are an extremly strong and gifted Lady. I think you were especially ‘picked’ for this by God who loves his animals and his people who work for Him to save them. GB

  23. Louie Cocroft says:

    Susan, you echo my thoughts. Where are all of the Horse people? I don’t understand the silence either. There must be a reason that they don’t get involved.

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