Triple B_Quick post

Today saw 11 horses removed from the range to make a two day total of 33.

Horses were run into the trap and directly sorted into temporary. We usually do not have the ability to see the sexes of each group coming off the range as horses are captured and then sent in groups for sorting at temporary.The glare from the sun made the first group of 3 adults and one youngster hard to see.

Second group was two mature studs a mare and foal.

Third group a dry mare, wet mare and foal.

I will review tapes after I get sleep (two hours last night) but it appears the first group was much larger than four members before it hit the trap.

Do you think Sun J could possibly be repeating the same “crop dusting” patterns that broke apart bands at Antelope last winter? So far the we have every indication that the same type of flying is happening.

Will evaluate further tomorrow.

Sun J helicopter at Triple B

I will get video and real report out asap.

Literally am so tired I can’t see straight.

If you would like to help with documentation efforts go to:


11 thoughts on “Triple B_Quick post

  1. Poor Ginger says:

    Laura, I hope you can get some rest, and thank you for doing all that you do. I wonder how many horses are really out there. I think 33 in two days is way too few, considering the BLM’s census claims. Don’t they locate the traps near places where they find the largest number of horses? Maybe Mustangs are wising up to ‘copters and scattering as soon as they hear one. Wild horses haven’t survived for all these years by being stupid!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      In this case there appears to be some indication that repeats of winter are occurring in summer. If you scatter bands and break them up instead of group them… you bring in groups that total “1 dry mare, 1 wet mare and a foal.” This was NOT directly after another group. This was hours later.

      I am really surprised there are so few observers here with the Court case and all.

      • Is is possibly an attempt to run the foals and pregnant mares less – that they break up the bands? I have witnessed only one roundup in the bookcliffs, but they just don’t compare. “Hours later”….these are not the right corrections.

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    Thanks, Laura. Sleep well and God bless you and the horses.

  3. God bless you Laura for all you do. Sending prayers your way and for the horses- Allison in TX

  4. […] Laura Leigh’s blog for more on her Day 2 report. […]

  5. Louie Cocroft says:

    Thank you Laura. That pilot needs to be sent over to fire fighting line, where he can put his “skills” to better use.

  6. MargoWolf says:

    If this pilot is doing this again… it is time to keep a record of this with FAA reports and OSHA. Anyone else official we should share the new flights with?

    • Someone has to know & report what they are doing, especially the pilot~the FAA, OSHA, & just exactly whom does Bob Abbey & Salazar answer to, other than the POTUS & satan~ we need letters, emails & faxes going to everyone in Congress NOW~these horses cannot wait & the BLM is not ever going to play fair~ too much of a gravy train with all those millions~Sun J Livestock, wasn’t that a family member of BLM or spouse~they will pull out all the stops to zero these herds out, deluge is what we have to do~let them know we care & are watching & more importantly voting, taxpaying citizen who do not approve of breaking the laws on the books, and leaving the other on in Committee(after ? many years)? HSUS. PETA, ASPA, where are you when we need you?

  7. Poor Ginger says:

    Laura, who’s the person right next to the jute? Is he or she taking photos? How far away were you? Have you been able to see the trap and pen set-up? If so, is it square, or round or oval? Any padding on the overheads, or anywhere else? If it’s built yet, does the trailer-loading ramp meet BLM specs?

    From your first photo, it looks like the horses are being run in at a 90 degree angle to the chute, and forced to make an abrupt turn so they don’t run into the panel (or the person!). I don’t see a “wing” in the background. I think I should be able see one, considering the proximity to the panel. What’s up with that?

    In other words, is Sun J following BLM official procedures, or any of the Observers’ “recommendations”?

  8. rhona grammer says:

    I am so sorry, Laura, that you have to watch these roundups. We all know why you’re there. I’m also so sorry that they’re weren’t many people there to support you. It must seem like a lonely vigil. My heart breaks for you and these horses. It’s important for them and to us that you take care of you , that you don’t get overtired and over stressed. One person can only do so much.Everyone is looking to you to save these horses and burros and it must seem like such a tremendous burden to have on your shoulders. My heart goes out to you. If there were a way in the world that I could be there I would. I’m just too old, we have animals here to take care of and my husband is a heart patient. I am a Prayer, though, and my prayers and thoughts are with you always. I know you won’t give up but, do try to spare yourself, try to keep a little in reserve for yourself. You have so many friends and admirers and those HORSES are everything to us. You are a true Crusader and will forever be in our hearts and those of the horses you are trying to save. If they are indeed, spared, it will be because of you…..

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