Calico Complex EA, comments due today

Comments due today. Need to be marked with today’s date. If you have not commented take a moment to do so.

I am reviewing and making additions to mine.

Basically another roundup is planned in the same places at the same time of year as the 2009 winter roundup.


20 thoughts on “Calico Complex EA, comments due today

  1. Cat Kindsfather says:

    On it right now Laura! Busy day here. Thanks for the reminder for everyone. This gives one standing in court, the letter.

    At least Fazio got the TRO from the ninth circuit for Triple B! Craig has worked extremely hard on this one. No drought this year, and plenty of land & forage for them out there. Think Cherry Springs is the only water source in trouble. As i understand it, its not the only water available to so many horses targeted for the roundup. Spin again? Take care, stay cool.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      People are under a misconception that they “won” a TRO. Nothing was won.
      The NInth got a notice to Appeal on emergency relief and called a “halt” so they can review the Court record to see if the Judge ruled incorrectly.

      It would be a good idea if advocates actually read the Briefs and the affidavits from both sides so they can see what the arguments really are about.

      This suggestion applies to ALL suits out there.
      There is an awful lot of misunderstanding about what each case represents and the actual “evidence” in argument.

      Here is an article from the Courthouse News:

      The Brief, Reply, Answer thing will happen again based ONLY on Court record. That is what an Appeal is. It is not an opportunity to craft a new case. This will be decided on what has been presented and if the Judge ruled correctly on the information presented.

      Just like my case.

      It doesn’t mean that it is “over.” It means the attorney has a lot of work to do. We keep praying.

  2. MargoWolf says:

    Another disaster in the making…

  3. Shelley Mottershead says:

    Please stop this round up. Who give the BLM the right to have these horses sent to slaughter? I know that if most people knew what was going on they would put a stop to this. These animals have just as much right to life as people do. They didn’t ask to be wild but they are…I am begging you to stop!!!!

  4. angelnnik says:

    Stop the slow extermination of our heritage, that’s all your roundups really are, Americans are not blind or stupid. We know what you are really doing and we demand you stop the roundups.
    July 18, 2011

  5. Cat Kindsfather says:

    .Laura, I never said anything was won. But I have been seeing quite a bit of misunderstanding on facebook. The judge rubber stamped the roundup for BLM, and gave his ruling at 4pm, the day after the hearing. Rachel Razio filed in Ninth District court of Appeals, just before 5 pm. Because if this timely action, the BLM could not begin the roundup on Saturday as planned. The TRO, or injunction, is for 4 or 5 days I believe. Hello people,TRO is just what it implies, a Temporary Restraining Order. The fight is still on!

    A panel of three judges are to decide, as you stated.

    By the way, I was in the courtroom listening to every word. Fazio is on her game, she rocks! Waiting, with strong feelings of optimism.

    Laura, thanks for explaining. Its the same old story, its easy when you know how, or have been through it. How is your case doing? Kick butt!

    • Cat Kindsfather says:

      Excuse me, the ninth CIRCUIT court of appeals! Ha, Brain fart.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I have gotten emails saying “won” and just addressed it here.
      What you wrote could be construed by those that have also received tose emails as confirmation.
      Luv ya, Cat

      PS… been so crazy these days… just got my comments emailed at 11:59…

      • Cat Kindsfather says:

        Got my comments in a bit before 5 pm. Later they bounced back, full hopper or something like that. I resent them. So far, so good. Has not boomeranged yet. I would love to read your comments!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      READ the briefs and affidavits.
      What happens in the Courtroom is a teeny piece of what the Judge rules on… btw.
      Reading those kinds of docs has taught me more than listening to any “advocate.”

  6. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Wrong impression? I merely said at least Rachel got the TRO. I do have to say it was uplifting news abut the TRO, after hearing the judge rubber stamped the BLM roundup to begin on Saturday. Dorothy & I had just come form the Broken Arrow tour, and were listening to the Stones, WIld Horses, when the bum news came in. Tears welling & heart sinking until I spoke to Craig! It was elating to hear at least the horses got a reprieve with the TRO. Lets see how it goes.

    Take care Laura…. Luv ya 2.

  7. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Dang, we had just come FROM Fallon, the BLM tour of America’s captive mustangs. So many new sad faces. ( too many typos lately. I need to proof read before I click. )

  8. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Got my comments in a bit before 5 pm. Later they bounced back, full hopper or something like that. I resent them. So far, so good. Has not boomeranged yet. I would love to read your comments!

    Oh and I also said that Craig worked very hard on the docs for this, as a plaintiff. ; ))

  9. Cat Kindsfather says:

    People often see what they want to see. We all would like to see the big WIN for the horses. Thanks so much for sticking with the horses. I know how much of you has gone into this fight.

    Sorry if I confused anyone re: Triple B. But I never said the case was won.
    BTW Laura, my mother was a judicial secretary in LA. I know a few things, but must admit I never read any briefs! I do recognize a kick ass lawyer when I see one.

  10. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Excerpt from ~
    Courthouse News Service ~ by Tim Hull

    The federal appeals court in San Francisco reversed McKibbon, however, if only temporarily.

    “To allow for further consideration on the merits of the emergency motion, the court grants temporary injunctive relief,” the court ruled. “Appellees are enjoined from the round-up of wild horses in the HMAs and Triple B Complex areas until further order of the court.”
    The opening brief in the case is due on Aug. 12.

  11. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Look who won ~ again.–Wild-Horses-Lawsuit/

    Triple B will begin on Wednesday. Will you be there?

    • Cat Kindsfather says:

      Exhausted, and so disappointed …… again.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Did you read the brief and supporting affidavits? Did you read the Reply Brief from the BLM and their affidavits?
      Did you read the Order from McKibben?

      I am with the horses.
      Always am.
      Not sure where… but I’ll be there.
      : )

  12. christine peniaranda says:

    please stop the cruel roundups! for God’s sake people-look at what’s happeningj! these horses can survive fine if left alone. please!

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