Sunday, I think

When you spend as much time on the road as I do, days of the week become irrelevant. Each day is the same.

Driving, documenting and trying to find internet long enough to get information out. Trying to get all the documents read that I need to review and get back out to others. Trying to finish reports and articles and get the data from each roundup and survey logged.

Trying to get the grit out of my teeth.

The layers of road dirt inside and out of my truck are like the rings on a tree. I can see my fingerprints from past journeys that cut through a layer to be partially covered by the next… the ones from past journeys harder to see than the newer ones. I never stay still long enough… do not have a place to unload and clean the truck to remove the signs of travel. And in the “spend energy on this task” department, it’s not high on the list.

The comments on Calico are due tomorrow. I sent out a fast version a few weeks ago that was published in a “click and send” on another site… but will add my comments in a pdf to WHE later tonight.

I will get the “report” up on the Kiger/Riddle into the WHE archive later tonight.

But it’s Sunday, I think…

I remembered to call my mom and kids… to let then know that I haven’t been bitten by a rattlesnake, broken down in the desert or wandering, having forgotten my name, from sunstroke yet.

You all know I have a long history with the now titled “Tri-State Calico Complex.” I have been out documenting what I can find… and it’s breaking my heart.

I will get that piece to you today… but for “Sunday” I will take a page from “RT’s” book of philosophy and post something to make you smile.

I played “hide-and-seek” with a marmot… I let him believe he won.

"Hide-and-seek" at Sheldon




8 thoughts on “Sunday, I think

  1. Leslie says:

    I am so glad you have kept you humor in the face of what you see and do daily. I am in awe of you. Les

  2. Kim says:

    I’m still here for you hun. Still thinking of ways to get creative in this fight. Don’t let the dust cloud u r nose. :} – Kim

  3. Poor Ginger says:

    Sunday … a day for prayer and reflection. Now that I’ve become an advocate, every day is Sunday when it comes to the wild ones.

    Love the marmot! Reminds me of our cat peeking over the edge of a paper bag.

    You got dust? I don’t call it dust in NM. It’s “Enchantment” the spirits deposit on my furniture every day. I figure it’s a blessing, so I mostly leave it be. Truth to tell, I’m not much of a housekeeper. 🙂

    Keep safe on the road and range.

  4. MA Moore says:

    Sending love to you dear Laura! Thank YOU for all you do to keep us (the public) informed and our wild ones safe. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  5. Jill says:

    I thought it was from the heels of the horses…

    My favorite brand of clothing! What a cute namesake!

  6. Puller Lanigan says:

    LOL! I play that same game with my guinea pigs every day. Laura, I hope you get home safely and get some peaceful sleep. Restoration for the warrior who will hit the road and fight for the Calico horses. Or was it real that the judge gave them a stay of execution? I’m with you…different battles, same lack of sleep.

    Onward and forward!



  7. polopaula says:

    What everyone said above… Went to a Political meeting today with your picture.. Had a few words to say about the BLM and the mustangs. Everyone else wanted to talk about health care and debt ceilings, but they listened politely, and who knows..maybe someone else got your message. Thank you, Laura.

  8. Leslie Bagley says:

    Laura Leigh, you are our angel in the field and you are so appreciated! Thank you for all you do, girl! Love to your companion, Elvis! Without you so much would go un-noticed! We are all with you in spirit, though I know that hardly seems like much when you have given up so much!

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