BLM Rounds up estrays in Oregon

Read story at:“estrays”-in-oregon/

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5 thoughts on “BLM Rounds up estrays in Oregon

  1. MargoWolf says:

    We will be pursuing further info on; where these horses are going, how many were removed and how many left? Who was the contractor? Who is the rancher? Hope to get that much and more today!

  2. Poor Ginger says:

    Hi, Laura. I just returned from vacation to this new mess! I wonder if these horses could have come down from the Whitman National Forest. It’s North and North Northeast of Baker City, and the Southern border abuts BLM land in a number of places – all covered by allotments. I think they banned sheep from Whitman and other NFs in the area because they transmit disease to the bighorns, but they’re still allowed by the BLM. The Oregon River and tributaries run through what I assume is the area where the horses were “found”, so the BLM may argue they came down for water and forage.

    IMO, they were driven from the forest onto BLM land. The Blue Mountains Revised Management Plan calls for 50-140 on Murderers Creek (far to the West), but doesn’t mention any other FS area where wild horses will be allowed.The Four Mile HMA is about 45 miles to the Southeast and the West Crane Creek HA (zeroed or never “managed”) about the same distance to the East. Obviously wild horses are in the area, but where did these come from, and how did they get to a place they hadn’t been observed and are in danger? I think it’s “two birds with one stone” – a secret agreement between the BLM & the FS that’s bound to continue unless we can figure out a way to stop it. Crap, crap, and more crap!!!

  3. Bless you and thank you Laura Leigh for documenting the Hell made by the BLM , thank you for making it possible for the PUBLIC to see and witness , Two leg deserves Hell for making this life Hell for my lifetime Partners .

  4. Andi Harmon says:

    I found out about the estrays up by Baker City. It’s been an on going issue with a rancher up there since the mid 80’s or so. It’s his domestic stock he turned loose on BLM land, illegally of course, and won’t pay for their grazing use/allotment or contain them. The BLM will be fixing the fence between his ranch and the BLM over the next month or so. They removed 55 horses and the rest they will push back onto his land when they have the fence repaired. The horses they removed will go to the sale yard. Basically, he abandoned them. They aren’t BLM horses and are nowhere near an HMA even.

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    I found this out the first day of the ‘impoundment’. But we were/are still not sure that is all there is to this. mar

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