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Every once in awhile I make a post that defines my blogging, as opposed to the articles I write and the reports for equine welfare agencies.

A blog is defined as an online journal or diary. It is where I post (as listed) information, thoughts, photographs and expressions with horses at the heart.

My articles can be found in several venues including Horseback Magazine. Often the publication I am doing a piece for will express a desire that I write first person and include personal thoughts or narrative. Photographs and video have been used by news broadcasting agencies to illustrate their stories including: CNN, BBC, KLAS-TV, local CBS and ABC stations.

Those are some of the different venues in which I am published.

But this venue IS my blog.

~~~ Riddle is now over. The Burns district will close this roundup with a release of dry mares well into the Riddle HMA tomorrow. I spent the day today at the Burns Corral for vaccination. These are beautiful horses… and yes there is one that I have gotten a “thing” from.

He is a beautiful grey. He is one of those horses that “are what they are.” He has a feel to him that speaks of not being a good adoption candidate and should be in sanctuary. At holding he ran the panels and I thought he might try to jump. He was one of the few horses today that showed fear and not just “cautious nervousness” going through the chute. He looked me in the eye… he needs to be as “free” as we can get him.

This one "talked" to me

There are a lot of things that other field offices and facilities can learn from this district. I’m a bit of a purist and intent to the Act is primary for me… but there are a number of things that I saw that could be expanded on as “food for thought.” More on that later…

For now… this is my blog. AND as long as we are with the Kigers….

A special note on the concept “Wild and Free.”

It is what we as Americans once attributed to ourselves. That the Freedom to have “wild thoughts,” like freedom of the Press and Religion, was at the core of what we were. We are now a “disposable” society where mainstream press only prints what is spoon fed and delivered. Where our children are taught that free thinking is “rebellious.”

I would ask those that dismiss “wild and free” how much time they have spent being free of the constraints of what others think is appropriate? How much have they defined themselves and not followed a pre-conceived notion?

AS far as horses… I would ask how much time they have spent on the range with the wild ones? How much do they understand that some of them “are what they are?” Some are suitable partners with man… and historically they have carried that relationship as beasts of burden, companions in war and any way we have determined their “usefulness.” But me… I would rather die out there with the mosquitos, rattlesnakes and wild horses than to sit in an expensive restaurant in my Armani suit rubbing elbows with “accomplished” humans.

There are horses like that too.


20 thoughts on “My Blog

  1. arlene says:

    Dear Laura, I understand when you said this one talked to ,you, just looking at his Photo he is very special. some horses have this quality, some need not udder a word , yet they speak to us, they will do this with someone they believe is special, he honored you with talk, How very special you are Laura, he knew you were there with Love in your heart for all horses, he chose you because to him, you were worth it………………………although they all know,, he is your special special one……………………Some say the Angels are in them I believe its true, I have had a few do this to me……………………. Isnt it awesome, They are all Magical……………each one has it, some more so then others???

  2. margoWolf says:

    Yes, there are people like that, too. The stallion should have the option to return to his range. What if he, like a certain Blue roan, does not accept the best attempts to train him?? Sanctuary. We have had 2 states tell us wild horse sanctuaries are a no go. Unofficially, so far. But we seem to need this option more and more for fine wild ones who should have as much freedom as we Can give them!! If we Can do this, we Must.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yes… sanctuaries that are open to the public. Not a closed system of tax payer funded warehouses.

      • margoWolf says:

        “WE must fix the misdeeds that were done by those the act was put in place to control.
        Boundaries should be a priority.”

        Maybe Compensation would pay for creating this… If we show the way to our nation that our public lands have great value, enough th at BLM is trying to remove all our wild horses on the sly without telling the truth or any transparency!! Maybe we can slow this train wreck down and citizens will be able to participate in decision making again.
        To save the wild herds is going to make a dent in some other related issues with public land!

      • savewildhorses says:

        But we have sanctuaries. HMAs. We just are not honoring them as the sanctuaries they are supposed to be.

  3. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, that is EVER our goal. There are plenty of DOMESTIC Horses for those who need Horse companionship. These are America’s Wild Horses and that is how they SHOULD REMAIN. Those “zeroed out” Herd Management Areas need to be returned to them and to the America Taxpayers, who are footing the bill for this.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      AND those areas CAN be returned under CURRENT LAW.
      They talk only about the tools that suit an agenda but NEVER the entire picture.
      I agree.
      The HA’s need to be a priority.
      With so many “fast tracked special interests” taking over the resources set aside in areas where the boundaries were arbitrary and inaccurate, creating sane boundaries that were actually the boundaries, in 1971must occur.

      WE must fix the misdeeds that were done by those the act was put in place to control.
      Boundaries should be a priority.


  5. Ray Davis says:

    Laura, My heart is with the Kigers and those at Riddle. In my interview with radio talk show host and enviornmentalist, Ginger Leilani Chapin, I gave the Kigers their due. Although I quickly found out it was much harder to “think on my feet”, so to speak, than it was to write a manuscript, I did try to be a voice for our wild horses. Because they are ours. This is OUR Public Land, and the BLM is conducting illegal roundups. Here is the url you can click on and hear the interview with no commercial breaks. Thank you for all you do. Ray

  6. Jill says:

    What can be done to get this boy free?!

  7. Bless you dear Laura ,
    Your the one whom pushing the Bricks Walls BACK and opening room for the innocent , you will come out eventually with a great winning hand , your hands deserve to be full of life and safety for the wild ones , you have put everything on the line for the wild ones dear Laura , you get your finger nails dirty on the field , your not someone like me typing the keys from the Computer Key Boards ,
    your my only HOPE Laura , my dearest Laura , i have faith in you .
    HORSES have FAITH and hope in you , they know your after their well being , bless your heart .

  8. savewildhorses says:

    Love the greys. And I have not seen Spirit yet, the movie. I should rent it. But I have seen the real Spirit, whom Disney modeled the movie after, at Return to Freedom, where he will live out his life as an ambassador for wild horses everywhere. And he is majestic.

  9. We have to help you come back from Oregon Laura ,
    We need hep to bring you back home safe andd wound , people must help , must Donate Laura , my dear Laura , i am sorry , SHAME on me .
    this makes me so much SAD ,
    Your hand being Empty breaks my heart so deeply my lady ,

  10. redmm97 says:

    This blog is where it’s at……truth……honest……no BS.

    Thank you Laura!

  11. arlene says:

    Wild Mustangs belong in the wild on the Range in which provisions and Laws were Made to Protect them………………….In my opinion, That is why they are Called The Wild Mustangs!!!!!!!!! I really dont want them trained I want them FREEI TO ROAM , and be who they are !!!!!! I want to know that they are out on the range FREE BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THEY BELONG…………………………………………. THERE ARE SOME THINGS WE MUST NEVER COMPROMISE tHE WILD MUSTANGS ARE ONE OF THEM…………..

  12. Lee Williams says:

    I am new to the Issues regarding the end to gathers but with all I have read there does not seem to be much content to what to do when herds become to large for the HMA’s ?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Hi Lee,
      “Too Large” for the HMA is actually a big part of the issue.
      If you look at the entire picture, ie public land under BLM, we are talking over 250 million acres of land. About 10% of that land is “managed” for wild herds. If you look at other interests on public land like livestock for example 3/4 of BLM is open to grazing. More than 90% is open to other interests such as extraction.
      In the tiny slice that wild horses are supposed to be protected as basically an American Heritage species we have all the other interests competing for the resources in those areas. The original boundary lines were also manipulated and migration from summer to winter was intentionally left out.
      In the 10% horses are often given less than 2% of the resources. The “Appropriate Management Levels” are often ridiculous. We have populations that are listed as “managed for wild herds” in areas that have AML’s as low as 3 animals.
      So if you add that in to the discussion what you have is an extremely distorted picture.

      IF we can actually get to the point where the data is accurate and not based on guesswork that has it’s roots in historic prejudice we can then set AML’s that are actually appropriate to a “fair share” of resource in the tiny slice of the pie wild herds can occupy.

      When those herds reach a population level that is actually over what the REAL fair share of resource can sustain… Wild Horses are incredible in many disciplines. Dressage, endurance, trails and companions have come from an adoption program that is left with very few resources of it’s own to properly promote adoptions of some of the hardiest, smartest, beautiful horses on the planet.

      The biggest beef most advocates have is that this system IS creating genetic bankruptcy that will quickly have tragic consequence. The decisions ARE NOT based on fair share NOR on REAL data.

      • Lee Williams says:

        Thanks for the info. It would most likely be best if they negative comments from some individuals could tone down a bit so if the ranchers and the blm can get together on the issue the bad blood wont be so bad. The cooperation that the ranchers up at Steens and the government had when making the Steens wilderness is a good example to build on.

        • Laura Leigh says:

          I actually agree with you.
          I don’t know the specifics of what you reference, but I’ll check it out.
          What I agree with is that the “extreme” is destructive on both sides.
          I have actually been threatened because I care about horses. I have been personally denigrated by those that don’t even know my perspective.

          However when you sit on the range at a roundup and listen to the allotment owner (Tonopah) say that these horses all belong in Alpo cans, as he grazes his sheep in a taxpayer subsidized program and his brother just got the permit for geothermal… as BLM brings AML down to three because there are no resources… it becomes hard to control the frustration with a system that provides you no voice. It can make you swear in public.

          The historic prejudice is as damaging as the anger that is brewing at the system… it goes both ways.

          Thanks for adding to this blog.

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