Riddle: Day 1 Fast post

Riddel Observation?

Observation was the worst it could have been besides sitting behind a wall.

We were kept over a mile away.

Even after getting things onto the computer I can’t enlarge or enhance enough to give you anything but grains of sand.

I’ll write more later… but for now a couple of pics.

Please be patient. I will write some of the stories later… I need a shower and the video camera is defunct.

Riddle_Stallions in holding

Mar put in the comment section to watch for rattlesnakes. It is NOT a metaphor.

If you do go out to the range be aware that any brush, tree, rock or long grass can hide a snake. I have seen folks come to roundups in tennis shoes and shorts. The high desert IS rattlesnake country. Saw three the first day at Kiger.

Always wear boots and long pants, always.

I didn't take the pic until we decided who was giving ground first.


4 thoughts on “Riddle: Day 1 Fast post

  1. margoWolf says:

    Hi Fearless warrior!! Doing a great job out there. Watch out for those rattle snakes!! mar

  2. Jill says:

    Can we find a video camera with extra long lens or extra long lens for still photographs for donation or discounted rental?

    Anyone have friends or relatives that love our Nation’s wild horses that could help with equipment?

  3. Laura,

    You are an incredible person. A true hero. I sure hope someone makes a movie about you. That would be one worth watching.

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