Too Tired to tell…

Kiger is over and there are some “stories” to tell. Too tired to type and need to be up at 4 am.

Here is the “report.” I know it is a bit “dry” but I wanted to address the difference of “Kiger” and the rest of the agency. Kiger is a range breeding operation. This is a highly managed population. This is not “natural” management of a wild population. It has it’s plus side, adoptions. But I’m a purist. This is not what the Act intended. just my ever so humble opinion.

freezemarked studs going back to the range (Leigh)



Laura Leigh

Kiger Roundup Completed

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Kiger roundup completed today with the release of 15 studs  (edit: 14. One was pulled for “white on a foot”)back to the range. Studs chosen for color and breeding potential were returned. Mares for release will be determined later.

The Kiger herd has historically been a successful “range breeding” operation for the BLM. Kiger horses have had an unheard of 100% adoption rate.

Yet the community and local offices work hard to promote them.

“Kiger” is the name of the Herd Management area. Yet you will here people say there are “Kigers” in South Steens or even in Twin Peaks. “Kiger” is more accurately described as a coloring and not a breed. However a very successful breed registry has been formed.

The horse used as a model for the Disney movie “Spirit: Wild Stallion of the Cimmaron,” was a Kiger and added to the popularity of the herd.

The criteria for selection to be returned to the range was “get the white out.” Any horse that had white on face or feet went to the Burns Corral in Oregon for the adoption program.

After reviewing photographs many of the released animals bore freezebrands. This indicates that they were released from a prior roundup, most likely for breeding potential.

Horses will be made available for adoption through the Burns Corral. A internet “book” of adoptable horses will be uploaded to the website this fall. The corral has horses there for adoption that are not “Kiger” that are worth consideration as well.

Two horses have been reported as casualties of this operation. A young horse found dead in holding and an older horse euthanized for a pre-existing condition.

I always fall in love with someone... "Little Man" colt will be up for adoption


10 thoughts on “Too Tired to tell…

  1. Louie Cocroft says:

    Thank you Laura. I might be a purist too, because I’m thinking that those “casualities” should NOT have happened. Any figures on the cost of this round-up?

  2. margoWolf says:

    “Little Man” has a spiked mane… very hip. Such nice horses. We are hearing what we dreaded to. An old one killed for surviving an injury. A young one dead overnight in the pens where many have died of fear and fright and even self destruction in a bid to be free again. These horses may find homes with people but will the ones left on the range survive this removal of so may?

  3. Paula Denmon says:

    Mar, I am so worried about that. I’m eager to know how many mares were brought in..and how many foals. First day 30 horses, and only 4 foals. The herd will not survive with those numbers. And they are taking mares away. white or not, they should leave all the mares.

    • margoWolf says:

      There is huge irony in what they have done to this little herd. But it may be the bottom line is the land is worth more being used in some other manner- To BLM, not us or the horses. It has all gone too far. But BLM may really not care or they may do something to ‘reseed’ this herd with other horses. I don’t know. BLM management is really off the mark all around and the fate of any of these horses is shaky at best. This is not what we want. So we must support all the efforts to bring change. There is so little time… Small and under viable herds can be easily zeroed out. We put nothing past BLM… Work our butts off to stop this.

  4. Sondra Allen says:

    The BLM doesn’t know what people want…that is obvious…I love the white blaze and feet…..but think they should ALL remain free….you don’t screw with MOTHER NATURE

  5. arlene says:

    Its not nice to try and fool Mother Nature, shes plenty smart and will get you in the end…………………………….Thank You Laura for all you bring to us, and The Wild mustangs…………………………………

  6. Dear Laura ,
    When i chose the name for my face book Group , it didn’t need time for me to pick up the right name “Laura Leigh on the Front Lines” and i didn’t need time to think for the first post i made “Laura Leigh is empty handed” , “Laura Leigh need Moral and Financial support” , NON of them needed no time to think about in order to tell the truth and be honest with people about you , Your truly are alone and empty handed , you went in there for the first Roundup of the BLM in Oregon with no Gas Money , you didn’t even had the Gas Money and i was worried how are you going to get back , i was and am worried for you always my dear , You have a heart of a HORSE beating inside you and your with lots of courage ,
    God Bless Your passionate heart Laura ,
    Horses NEED YOU , We NEED YOU , all of us NEED YOU , some don’t know it , some don’t realize it , some know it but don’t have to courage to say it out LOUD but eventually they will admit to the TRUTH .

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Hang on. I know what all of this means to you and that you know first hand this kind of pain. It can be a place of great faith however… faith that there is a power greater than us… and we can never know the plan only follow it no matter where it leads.
      It is all there is.
      Thank you for having so much faith in me.
      I will try my best.

  7. when i Share the link to my Group , you will read this above that link :
    “Always the empty handed are the one whom passionate and do care for other , those with the $$$ never think of things like horse roundups , cruelty and violence to wards other creatures , i guess this is what we have to accept , the law of the human society , this law sucks . ”

    Above this link in FaceBook :


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