Kiger: Day 1

Kiger Day 1 (Leigh)

Prelimnary count 30

Four foals

More than 50% studs

Two choppers flew

One run

Gelding prior to release is OFF the table. No horses to be gelded.

More later… exhausted.Got one hour sleep last night.

Spent sunset at Sheldon. Update on Sheldon soon.

Video edited later…

nap time.

Kiger 2011 (Leigh)
Selected for release (Leigh)
Full Report from Wild Horse Education AFTER sleep.

32 thoughts on “Kiger: Day 1

  1. Darcy says:

    Laura it just breaks my heart all over again :(. Get some rest & thank you once again for all you do on the ground.

  2. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Laura, thanks for covering this roundup. I understand it was not part of your plans, but that other advocates encouraged you to go, and supported the journey. Rumor has it that other known advocates were attending, but I know of none. Please also report advocate attendance at the roundups.

    Good hearing there will be no gelding! What about the mares?

    Again, thanks so much Laura, get some rest. Looking forward to your full report. Blessings ~

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Hi Cat,
      You know how often people say they are coming and never show. YOu know how often people say they are coming, even if the roundup is very close to their home, and only stay one day or less.
      I go where I can. In the moment… you also know I often hit the road with only enough to get where I’m going and pray I have enough to keep going.
      I’m here… and praying.
      : )

      • From my point of view ,
        People should and must do more , much more , it is their national heritage , national Icon and it is their history , it is their past , present and their future , losing the Mustang is like losing your country , it’s like when your FLAG Falls down to the ground in the battle field , so many lives has been lost and take for keeping that Flag high above , don’t let your history fall to the ground ,
        bless you dear Laura for keeping it high , your alone my dear Lady , your so much lonely …….
        sigh ,

  3. Ray Davis says:

    This is so upsetting. Laura, the program with Ginger Chapin has been recorded and will air Saturday July 9 at 12 NOON EASTERN TIME. I discussed this round up as well as many other pertinent matters. It will air on the following url, streaming worldwide: I tried to be an adequate voice for our wild horses on that program. Keep up your wonderful work. Our prayers are with you.

  4. LisaG. says:

    Only four foals? Where there many pregnant mares rounded up?

  5. Karen says:

    Thank you for your work Laura!

  6. MargoWolf says:

    Thank you. Rest. We are waiting for more. hugs, mar

  7. Mike Lorden says:

    Thank you for being there and sharing this with the world. these roundups are just asinine.

  8. Becky Lee says:

    Have a good sleep, your an angel Laura x x x x

  9. GELDING OFF THE TABLE!!!woothehellhoo!!! so happy to hear that you have no idea. huge hugs to you for being there. and from the bottom of my heart thank you.

  10. There is no WATER and FOOD for those few horses in Oregon .
    How much BLM cares for the horses dear Laura ,
    BLM Cares for the Wild Horses and Burros ,
    BLM CARES ……

    • anne hakooz says:

      Are you saying there is no food and water? If so… Take a good look at them… and the pictures. Lush grass.. hummm… looks like food to me. And none of them look thin at all….actually they’re fat! I hope you are being sarcastic!

      • Laura Leigh says:

        I believe what the comment references is that horses are being removed because the range can’t sustain them.
        That bringing this herd down well below genetic viability has no excuse.

        • The LIES of the BLM ,
          Those words that i wrote belongs to the BLM ,
          The lies BLM always told you (Laura we care for the Horses) ,they also lied that there is not enough food and water out there for them but there is enough for the cattle .

  11. Upsetting , Heartbreaking .

  12. arlene says:

    Gods sped to you Laura and the mustangs

  13. Jade says:

    For what it’s worth, Laura, we all hold you in our energy with love and to keep you safe. Until you are better paid, THANK YOU for all that you have done and are doing for the horses. You are greatly loved! Blessed Be!

  14. Lori SHaw says:

    Look at those beautiful wild horses, wondering what is happening. You are one amongst so many, but so many of us are with you in spirit, and I know that if more of us could be there we would. We respect your work and passion, and tenacity to make it a reality to be there and really mean what you say.

  15. Katrine Pett says:

    Thankyou Laura sending gratitude to both you and the horses- go gently! Katrine from Cornwall,UK,there are many of us supporting what you and others do to raise awareness about the wild ones.

  16. Barbara Warner says:

    Thank you, Laura. You are so brave. Sleep well tonight.

  17. Wambli Okiye says:

    Laura, you are an incredible woman doing priceless work. Thank you!

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  19. Lynne Little says:

    Thank you Laura for all that you do from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. BLM look out … the world is watching you …

  20. Linda Bain says:

    blessings to you sweet dear Laura….Thank you too

  21. arlene says:

    Yes !!!! BLM EVERYONE IS WATCHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. C. Stone says:

    For what it’s worth (tho’ much less than Rest right now!)…I and We-all are so APPRECIATIVE of the brave, important, and excellent Work that You–alone are doing, Laura !
    Please believe me, when I say, if there were Any possible way—I Would BE right there with you! I’m sorry that I cannot 😦
    As for seeing NO other Advocates out there– are you sure that some have not Tried, yet been denied access, or been driven away, scared out-of-mind ? [not that I doubt your word @all, however: Not everyone has the Guts or Experience or recognition that You do, my friend….]
    I am Hoping that Laura will be Nominated for an Emmy or Excellence in Investigative newscasting Award this year (at the least) 🙂 Does anyone Know HOW to go about that ??

  23. Susan Benzel says:

    think about the roundup…they did this to the Native American Indian. Our supply of heirloom seeds has dwindled. we need Laura Leigh’s documentary and she needs everyone else’s help to keep her quest moving forward….to leave our wild animals alone….they have not hurt you….the Indian’s did not hurt you…..they were only trying to survive….their spirit will never die….and these horse’s must be left to roam and propagate in a normal field of life. If you must round them up then start the Kill again so that they may not be left to rot on the ground…take only the ones that cannot stand anymore….do not let them perish. The BLM employees must take a pay cut and provide the food and water for all of them. I have horses. I have gone with a friend that adopted a mustang from one of the herds. This mustang was sent to the WHIP (Wild Horse Inmate Program) in/near Penrose/ Florence Colorado to be trained for her to take home. the inmate prospered, the horse seemed ok with it….I know horses want to please….and my friend was proud of him. Laura’s pictures are priceless and tell some of the story….the rest will be capped for 50 years….

  24. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Are your prayers are being answered? Where are you now? Hope you have not melted like a hershey bar in the blistering heat!

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