Clearing the confusion.. as quick as I can

OK… gotten a couple of emails that express some confusion about the new “Wild Horse Freedom Federation.”

Best way to explain the concept:

eedom Federation is a literal Federation to make legal action more efficient. It also simplifies funding for the work of Wild Horse Education. It allows me Freedom to speak more directly toward “reporting” to the public.

Funding for the lawsuit will be driven through the Federation. It keeps “conflict” out of the picture.
A “think tank” Advisory Board will be formed toward brainstorming and information collection with the sole purpose of litigation.
We have two directions that can actually “meet in the middle” of this battlefield…. one on either flank.
Through the stones laid in these cases they can build a path…
It is about creating a more effective mechanism that learns from each other instead of the “status quo.”
Wild Horse Education is STILL alive. But it will be a way to support the documentation and reports.
It allows me to clarify purpose and focus each task more efficiently.
I hope this makes sense.
I need to shut off the internet and slam the books on the reply brief right now… best to you all.