Beat goes on…

Received BLM reply… working on reply… documenting… driving…

At night when I close my eyes sometimes I just see white lines fly by.

Maria Daines sent a new audio clip… so I took a moment and added a few new pics and better audio to the video:

Gearing up for roundup season.

If you can support the work it is appreciated. Without you I can’t get all of this done. It’s plain and simple.

It’s hard to believe the new “roundup season” begins again… and with so many new “ugly” undertones.

If there was anyone that ever doubted that genetic bankruptcy and eradication through sterilization was NOT the agenda… well… we are standing right on that edge. Last year was the year the push needed to be made to try to save the program and each HMA. This year the advocate community needs to become a unified voice, solution based…. or we will loose this symbol of the West in all but the “showcase,” handful of herds.

I battle all the same things you do. The depression, fatigue and outrage… need to find my balance… we need to find balance.

Going to have another cup of coffee… and the beat goes on.






7 thoughts on “Beat goes on…

  1. savewildhorses says:

    Those showcase handful of herds will not be genetically viable into the future.

    • Poor Ginger says:

      As long as there are Mustang BREEDERS with Spanish Colonial studs to breed mares in the “showcase” herds, they can be kept viable even at low AML. The studs wouldn’t even have to be on the range permanently. Herd a few mares to a temp pasture, the stud covers them, and then goes back home. The BLM is in the breeding business (horse industry?) now, so what’s one more infraction?

      Protecting and defending “Showcase” Mustangs should have no priority over others, even if the public finds them more desirable. I don’t recall one place in the Act that mentions preferences. It’s just another BLM fiction and diversion.

      Just like West Douglas … a wild horse is a wild horse is a wild horse. If you can’t see them in one place , you can see them in another … for a little while longer.

  2. margoWolf says:

    We have never had a chance to change any of our wild ones lives for the better. This is what we want and what we are working towards. Our Western lands and pristine waters are under a devastating attack right now because Federal/Corporate America rejected wind and solar AGAIN- because these would work best for the common man and create businesses and boost local economy and free people from the grid! And people need to be freed from that money sucking grid! The Electrical tie in to the oil/gas business and Law makers and corporate greed will make this nation crash and burn again. In the midst of all of this the wild ones are being yanked from their lands as if it were their fault. Washington has gone astray and science keeps being pushed aside. Where do the wild ones fit in? There must be places spared and watersheds preserved! There is no planning out there… it is all careless and deadly= Helter Skelter. No wonder they do not listen or hear us. The confusion is enough to stop anything sane from coming through and being acted on. Against all odds now. Against all powers that be. Stop taking the wild horses from their lands. Move the cattle from the wild horse ranges (there are not so many ranges now). Then allow our horses to live free. We simply want to watch over them and keep them safe. If they cannot survive out there, many other creatures, including Man, cannot survive there either. That is what is coming.

  3. We are so good at WORDS ,
    We are very professional behind our Broken computers ,
    We are so good when it comes to Complaining , Moaning and Judgment but when it comes to action we disappear , God knows where to ,
    We say a Nation Betrayed , Nation Betrayed but where is the nation when it comes to action ?
    Nation pays the Taxes very well to the Government for rounding them up but you don’t have Gas for your Car , You don’t have a place to rest , You don’t have a spare Tire , you don’t even have good tires under your car , this is not fare , this is belong to everyone , to all Americans , it’s not fair Laura , it’s not FAIR , not FAIR at all ,
    We just talk and talk , i don’t know what is wrong with us , i don’t understand .
    Why this nation doesn’t care for something so important , when are they going to WAKE UP ? for God sake WAKE up you people , it is already too late.

    wishing you the very best ,
    Take care my dearest Laura ,
    Gold Bless you my dear Lady , God and the Spirit of the Horses be with you always .

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