Clearing the desk

Finished the video on the Release at Mustang Monument in Wells.

Finished two articles for other publications.

The Reporters Committee was just cleared by the Ninth and the Amicus brief’s have been accepted for official filing!

Still tracking horses, still doing field work… still trying to find time to shower!

Please go to to stay abreast of the case. I loaded the pages of exactly what I am asking for in Injunctive Relief in the reading room.

Please help support the work if you can. Roundups around the corner and I’m trying to get as much done before I leave “civilization” as possible.

The anniversary of the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act is this Sunday… light a candle.

Enjoy the video:


11 thoughts on “Clearing the desk

  1. Darcy says:

    Thank you Laura for all you do & your sacrifices. How fitting that the anniv of the WHB act be on Father’s Day. Stay safe out there.

  2. Darcy says:

    Unfortunately with the roundups starting yet again, the Father’s will be split from their families :(. God I so wish this would stop.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Doing a “father son” thing for dads day.
      That stallion and his son from Twin Peaks was such a powerful thing to witness… that poor little guy.
      I put it on last years calendar cover it hit so hard for me….

      • Bless you Laura , I am glad they have you , I know how hard it is for you but i am happy for them …..
        That father and son broke me into pieces ,
        i never have got over it and whenever i see that image tears run from my eyes , no matter how many times i watch it , wish there was a video of it .
        This madness has to STOP , it has to , it can not be continued ,
        BLM has to Stop these Roundups ,
        STOP it , END the MADNESS .

      • savewildhorses says:

        That photo was incredibly powerful. I will never forget it.

  3. I just don’t get it inside my head ,
    either something wrong with us or them ,
    Either this is right OR either the Roundups are right ,
    One uses peoples money (TAX) to Round them up and one uses her own pocket money to make them FREE ,
    Which one of these TWO is right ?
    This Question if for the American Nation to Answer ,
    Which one is Right ?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      This is a “wrong turned right.”

      It took a private person to stop a wrong by a government that is supposedly there to protect and manage wild horses. The “management” is wrong.

      Hopefully we can change that “wrong” too.

      But wont stop trying… because it’s “right.”

      Hang in there PH… the ride gets real bumpy in just a few days… stand tall.

  4. Deb Schroer says:

    I know you are facing another huge hurdle again, I am so sorry that you are carrying this enormous burden of being a witness to these crimes. This issue just isn’t going to go away fast enough (at least for me) . Know that if there is a will, there is a way and my dear, your will is strong. I will do my level best to pass on your news, photos and send out your story to anyone who will listen. I will fax and recruit and open eyes as much as possible. The horses and burros deserve that same kind of loyalty that you give them from all of us. Looking for your army as we speak. Thank you for being the watcher, witness and advocate, it will not go unnoticed. By the way, thank you for your kind word on Mr. Fitch’s blog, it was a very nice thing to do.

  5. MargoWolf says:

    I know you are getting ready in your heart. You barely took time for yourself. Be careful…

  6. Deb Schroer says:

    Laura and Hassan, I have posted this information in many places to try and help folks get some money for doing the work of posting videos, but I don’t know if Hassan can set this up for you, pull some of the videos that you have and start monetizing them to help pay for your expenses? It is a thought.

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