Going Home

A new Dawn

Of all the stories I bring to you I am working on one that has given me some “food for my soul.” I have seen so much these last few years. Meetings that are an exercise in placation without intention of action. Roundup after roundup that often shows massive disregard for the premises laid out in the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act. Literally thousands of faces of those that lost their Freedom.

I have spent nights freezing at truck stops. I have learned to listen for “shower customer 5, your shower is ready.” I have learned how to exist with nothing in “the nothing” places of public land.

This story deals with a word and it’s meaning that have almost become lost from my vocabulary… “Home.”

Full story will be posted Monday night…

Still crafting doc’s (added a page that outlines what the Court case is looking for in Injunctive Relief on http://WildHorseEducation.org )and doing prep for roundup season that starts incredibly soon… but this is a story I can’t wait to bring to you.

Definition of HOME (from Websters)

a : one's place of residence : domicile
b : house
2: the social unit formed by a family living together
a : a familiar or usual setting : congenial environment; also : the focus of one's domestic attention 
<home is where the heart is>
b : habitat

a : a place of origin 
<salmon returning to their home to spawn>; 
also : one's own country <having troubles at home and abroad>

b : headquarters 2 <home of the dance company>

5: an establishment providing residence and care for people with special needs <homes for the elderly>
6: the objective in various games; especially : home plate
— at home
1: relaxed and comfortable : at ease <felt completely at home on the stage>
2: in harmony with the surroundings
3: on familiar ground : knowledgeable <teachers at home in their subject fields>

Going Home


21 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. arlene says:

    If only the photo included would be true for them also……………………………………….. HOME IS WERE THE HEART IS ! Have a safe and wonderful trip Home Laura !!!!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      It is true for them… not for me yet… my home IS where my heart is right now… and it is out in the nothing with what is left of our horses.
      Campy… but the truth.

      • Your chosen to Sacrifice your life for them and they are no many like you , they need you for sure , if not you ? who ?
        They need your VOICE ,
        respect and honor ,

      • savewildhorses says:

        If home is where you heart is, you have a beautiful home. Love that photo with that lead grey mare. You could sell prints to raise $$.

  2. arlene says:

    Cant wait for the story on Monday !! Thank You !!!!!Laura

  3. arlene says:

    I always think of the Movie Hidalgo , the part when he opens the gate and all the Mustangs run free, if only we could have you to do this and we all could watch !!! OMG this would be the Ultimate wouldnt it…………………

    • Laura Leigh says:

      When I think of Hidalgo I think of the scene in the bar near the beginning where the “dandy” man goes into the bar after he looses to Hopkins… but then he trash talks Hidalgo…
      Go to time code 2:46 to 3:33

  4. arlene says:

    HEHEHE I remember every part of that movie even the dialog, I remember that scene also………………………………….

  5. Honor Hannon says:

    Thank you Laura. Viggo Mortenson is a lover of horses.(he bought Hildago after he finished making the movie). We sure could use his strong powerful voice for the mustangs right about now!

  6. redmm97 says:

    Going home someday soon, going home.

  7. MargoWolf says:

    The range and the horses await you; The familiar. Then the profane; the contractor’s invasion prepares. You will be dug in and defending home with your words, video and photos. This is a strong term; home. You have earned your position and know the territory. This season the protected wild horses will be violently chased into history. We promise you support and our time and abilities to use your work to its fullest. It will be tough no matter what is done to help you. You are on your own and answerable only to the many family bands and their stories that you tell. No body has done it better and I realize that is little consolation to the outcome.

  8. Laura..you are one of a kind…thank you for what you have done and what you are doing…God Bless you…

  9. Horses have a good sense of Coming Home ,

  10. Judith Hamilton-Schultze says:

    I watched the entire movie Hildago. Our wild Mustangs must be protected and they need us to protect them. We must continue to win the battle to keep our wild ones free. It is so important to watch this movie now or when you can. Our Mustangs are in the fight for their lives. So we continue on to keep them free. PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRE MOVIE.
    Loving and protecting family bands every minute of the day and night. We must not give into the government lies and blogs that are harming our horses. We must help our wild horses be free forever. They are beautiful, strong, smart and must be protected. To everyone our there reading this and God know in our hearts and our horses know who is really looking after their best interest. We must speak up for all of them and the one that have died. Remember we are in this battle together and we can win this battle for our horses. Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be open unto them who believe in the greatest of our beloved horses. We the people are speaking on behalf of our horses and we will not stop saving every wild horse we can. So continue on informing the public and be proud warriors, yes. Be proud of your efforts. We will have to get into the front lines more to understand what our dear Laura Leigh is doing out in the field. She is our dearest horse warrior out there. We must help her. More of us need to join her in this fight to STOP ROUND UPS AND MORE HORSES GOING TO THESE HOLDING PENS BY THE BLM. STOP THEM NOW. WELL DONE HILDAGO. I UNDERSTAND CLEARLY WHY WE ARE IN THIS BATTLE TO SAVE OUR HORSES. WE MUST DO IT. WE MUST BE STRONG. WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER AS A HUGE ARMY. SO STICK TOGETHER AND LET US HELP SUPPORT EACH OTHER ON EVERY FRONT. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR THE WILD HORSES IN OUR LIVES AND BURROS NOW.

  11. Angela Valianos says:

    I can’t wait for the story Laura.

    You are in my prayers and my deepest gratitude to you and your camera(s) !!!

  12. Geri says:

    Laura, I have followed you since finding these sites and you are a true warrior for the Mustang, I have watched your videos and read your reports and have been sickened and sad and cried along with you. There are many who fight for the horse but you are for the Mustang and stoping the death and destruction of everything about them. I can only say I agree with everyone on what an inspiration you are to those of us who can not be there in the capacity that you can. I admire you more than you will ever know. I feel that we have alway walked side by side with the horse and as his freedom goes so will ours, that is why it is so important that we fight for them and like so many hear, I feel what we do, is so very little as to what you are doing. I will be sending some help your way, but if there is anything that someone like me could do to help in other ways, I will send my phone number also, please let me know.

    Our government has a long history of not caring for the horse ~ the persian horse ~ said it best on his web site—- the dog may be man’s best friend – but the horse is man’s partner. I am going to add a link to watch another true story – In Pursuit of Honor – another story of how our government treats what it considers to be things that have become a liability.


  13. Honor Hannon says:

    Thank you Geri,
    What a powerful story. We must keep reminding each other of the past, be honorable,courageous and not allow ourselves to sink to the level of our opposition. Laura, we stand beside you and behind you.

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