Press Release Wild Horse Education: Broken Arrow

Looks like this horse tried to get the tag off_Broken Arrow 6-3-2011

On June 3, 2011 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) gave the public an hour and a half wagon ride through the Broken Arrow (aka Indian Lakes facility) in Fallon Nevada. Closed for about a year, this is the first glimpse the public has had behind these walls since the BLM claimed the facility was never intended to be open to the public. Then they closed the doors after public outrage over images taken at the facility caused an influx of calls and emails.

In an email dated 5/25/2011 requesting that the doors of the facility be closed to the public Dean Bolstad of the BLM Reno office writes:

We now have a favorable Calico Court decision and we need to seriously consider the toll that these tours are taking on our employees, our resources and the damage that is being done to BLMs image as a result of the tours.”

The facility was not closed because it can not be open to the public. The facility was closed because they did not like the publics response. Further investigation also has revealed that the contract for the facility actually allows for weekly public tours.

This past winter horses died in that facility. Horses continue to die. Respiratory infection ran rampant in the facility this past winter as horses were stockpiled behind the iron bars out of sight of a public that would have seen the results of roundups that occur in sub-zero temperatures.

During the tour you saw a facility that was well prepared for the “tour.” A wagon pulled by a pick-up truck where a representative of the BLM sat in the cab, available only at brief intervals for questions. Hospital pens were off limits. Horses from various roundups were mixed and no individuals could be identified as the tour did not stop long enough and visitors were not allowed to walk through the facility.

“Content control” was an effective, if illegal, tool to keep the public uneducated about the realities of the mis-management of America’s National Treasure.

A lawsuit filed by Plaintiff Laura Leigh has gone to the Ninth Circuit Court. The suit filed by attorney Gordon Cowan of Reno deals with the issues of “content control” as a violation of First Amendment Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States. The suit directly deals with this issue in the management of wild herds from range through their ultimate disposition.

The suit is supported by Wild Horse Education, a registered non-profit in the state of Nevada. All documents mentioned are viewable on the website:


16 thoughts on “Press Release Wild Horse Education: Broken Arrow

  1. The BLM is a disgusting WORM , being disgrace to the PIGS society …..

  2. Is that Wound from the Nylon Rope ?
    Is it from the Bars ?
    How did her beautiful face got cut that way , because it is on both side of the face i think it is done by a rope .
    Rope Burns and Rope cuts are so painful and could go so deep , disgusting BLM , shame on YOU BLM , i know you read this website , read my words , you don’t know what shame and disgrace is , you belong in hell , every one of you from top to bottom .

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I think it is the rope, too.
      Some horses are really bothered by the tags and will work hard to get them off.
      Watch the anger my friend… there is a line from Star Wars about how anger feeds the dark side and makes us miss things…
      hang in there my friend.
      We will stay sharp, smart and on alert…

      • Bless you dear Laura ,
        thank you for everything you do ,
        I am sure you know What Horses specially Wild horses think of a Rope , Why horses are so frightened by the rope first time they see one ? that is because they see ropes as Snake , now you could imagine when for the first time horse feels a snake round his/her neck , but do you think these low life people even know anything about their work ,
        Horses think in pictures and they don’t reason so it is very much frustrating for a wild horse to have a rope (SNAKE) round the neck , therefore ropes make two different damage to the horse one Mental and the other is physical .

      • I am sorry dear Laura ,
        you can delete my comment ,
        please if you think is the best delete it , please .

        • Laura Leigh says:

          Your comment is fine, Hassan.

          My horse thinks the hose is a snake that spits at her… and no matter what the other horses tell her she wont believe them.
          I have one that takes it from me… and then squirts me with it. Her personality is a bit stronger than the other one.

          The horse from Calico … my boy General that is going to Return to Freedom with his son and mares to sanctuary… removed three tags in holding… they just left his tag off after that.

          Most of the horses seem to tolerate the tags ok… a few just don’t like it.

          You comment is fine and expressing frustration here… on this blog… is an appropriate venue. It lets you “get it out” in a “safe place.”
          I have looked in their eyes many times… and I share so much frustration at the lack of comprehension about exactly what a wild horse actually is by the agency tasked by Congress to manage them humanely.
          I understand.

  3. Honor Hannon says:

    Dear Laura.
    Your carefully modulated voice, just stating facts, is as powerful as the pictures on the video. One of the statements folks from the BLM are fond of making is that we who are wild horse activitists are overly reactional and emotional,( a put down that women have been told too often about their response to pain).
    Emotions are human but can cloud an issue. I congradulate you on this focused
    well documentated presentation.
    You are a role model for our daughters and sons. Thank you.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      A woman’s response to pain?
      A dare a man to go through natural childbirth….
      : )
      AND then nurse for over a year… sleep deprived.

      Thank you, Honor.

  4. What i have seen in the horse Tripping and in the BLM roundups all the ROPES they use it has NYLON , I make my own ropes and they are from Sheep Wool , Sheep Wool is the only Material that would not cut as much as Nylon does , I am not saying it will not cut but the difference is so much , I never use Nylon Rope on a horse even as Halter Rope ,
    But what has BLM done to me is , now i am even against myself , I say why ropes for any reason or any kind , Horses don’t need ropes , BLM has changed my way of life , my way of thinking , i hate myself as a horse owner , as a trainer and as human being .

    This Blood coming down her face is coming down from my eyes , this is so hurtful , it makes my heart aching so much and she has a very beautiful FACE too even with the blood , the wound on her face makes my heart wounded .

  5. equus5 says:

    Is this horse alright? Couldn’t these wounds become infected? I wouldn’t count on the BLM to take care of her injury.

  6. arlene says:

    For what we pay for our Mustangs protection , they should be living the life the at the BLM,We should be seeing some salve on those wounds immediately, yes infection can occur very quickly !!!! I think we should all call the BLM and makes sure that those wounds are taken care of immediately !!!!! Squeaky wheel gets all the grease !!!!!!

  7. Carolyn Krall says:

    We can communicate with horses, so they understand our intention is not to harm, so they learn what a rope is and that it’s not a snake. Natural horse training-teaching methods are proving to be miuch more effective than the old ways of ‘breaking’ horses.

    BLM however does not have that intention, not to harm. They see animals, the land and nature itself, as ‘resources’ to be controlled (they call it managed) for the profit or they might say ‘benefit’ (even though many of us fail to see any benefit and see instead great harm) of America’s economy (.ie. agribusiness). Is it possible to manage these horses humanely? Yes, many people have and do. Better yet — BLM’s reasons for this management approach (including the captures) could be legitimately evaluated by identifying an existing, isolated, area populated by mustangs and allowing scientists and BLM staff to observe-count-document the herds(s) their ecosystem with no interferance for several years. Then we would see if the land is grazed into a desert or a natural food/population and prey/predator balance is established and maintained.

    Honestly, there are wild animal preserves all over the world, and I don’t know of any which routinely capture the naimals and lock them up in pens to keep the wild populations from becoming too large, detroying the land or starving themselves to death (and these are the reasons the BLM uses to justify their actions). But then I don’t think any of these preserves are ‘for profit’ operations, using the land for commercial cattle or trying to improve tourism with hunting (one of the reasons given for eliminating wolves….to increase the elk population and make hunting more proftable).

    This is our government people — it’s up to us to speak to our elected representatives until the listen.

    • savewildhorses says:

      Mixed use they always claim on these lands and horses are of no use. Man needs everything to have a “use.” Sad. for man.

  8. Honor Hannon says:

    There is one elected official who will listen and does care, He is Congressman Grijalva and I am petitioning him to stop the Southern Wyoming Great Basin Divide HMA round-up and to contact President Obama with my concerns since phone calls don’t seem to work. Because he has proved over and over again that he will be a voice for the horses on the Hill he is the one I contact first when blm pulls yet another dirty trick. But he needs to hear from lots of us-he is on a powerful comittee.
    And I will not vote for anyone who has not personally spoken up for the horses and voted or spoken against the BLM inept handling of the wild horses and burros

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