One Last Chance_ SB 364

On April 15, 2011 this Bill died in Committee in the Nevada Legislature. The death of this Bill came about because of two reasons: The false assumption that this Bill was an anti-rodeo Bill and testimony given to the State Legislature that declared that horse- tripping did not occur in the State of Nevada and the horses never go down.

Horse Tripping in Nevada

The assumption that this proposed Legislation was an anti-rodeo Bill came about because of a rumor campaign that went like this: “This Bill was brought forth from out of staters. It is anti-rodeo in nature from PETA and HSUS.” The truth is that this Bill was brought forth by the Humane Society of Nevada and the Nevada ASPCA. Out of state support was high for this Legislation, but it came from in state. The Humane Society of Nevada actually receives considerable financial contributions to its spay and neuter program from Reno Rodeo. But the fear is so high in a state where rodeo is like a religion that it will be taken from them. Rodeo in the state of Nevada supports many worthwhile community projects including scholarship programs and medical charities.

This Bill dealt with one issue only.

Bleeding legs. Horse used repeatedly for both roping and bucking... for two days.

Texas currently has a ban on horse-tripping and the Houston Rodeo is the most lucrative event in the country.

The testimony given that horse-tripping did not occur in Nevada and that horses never go down was blatantly false. That is why I got involved.

As a journalist I believe that public debate is vital in a Democratic society. But that debate must occur when the truth is presented. The public has a right to debate. The State Legislators have a right to debate Legislation based on facts. The decisions that occur from that debate should then represent the climate of public opinion.

On April 30, 2011 I went to the Winnemucca Charreada. I video tapped horse-tripping occurring in Nevada. I video tapped a horse going down. I also documented many other humane issues including horses being repeatedly hotshot, including actually being hotshot in the face. Most of the horses utilized in this event were young. They were used continuously for two days. The same horses were used for roping and then as bucking stock and then for roping and then for bucking stock. One of the horses had a freezebrand on the left side of the neck.

Horse tripping in Nevada

I turned over the documentation to the Humane Society of Nevada. They were the ones bringing this Legislation and they needed the documentation to have honest debate occur.

All of the tape I sent was not released. All of the photos I sent were not released.

I then set about making sure that individuals that needed to see the truth had the information. I did this out of the public sphere because often anything I bring forward has almost as much debate about me as it does about the issue. And if the truth be known, I still have a real fear of retaliation.

But this Bill has one last chance. It is placed on a list of Legislation for resurrection based on the false statements made to the State.

However that list is long. “If there is time” the Bill will be resurrected. The session has been inundated with budget issues. The likelihood that this Legislation will hit the floor is very slim.

Only the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, has the authority to extend the Legislative session until the issues on the list are heard. His contact info can be found here:

Or you can send a “click and send” made by Helping Animals Nevada at:

Today is the last day to act. PLEASE keep the comments intelligent, on point and civil.

4/30/2011 proof of false testimony