Public “Access?” Broken Arrow “tour.”

Broken Arrow, 6/3/2011

The public was offered the chance to sign up for two, limited availability, public tours given on June 3, 2011 of the Broken Arrow (aka Indian Lakes facility) in Fallon Nevada.

I went a few mornings and watched them from over the fence line working to ready the facility.

This facility was open for weekly public tours while the BLM waited for a Court decision on the Twin Peaks case. As soon as they had it they closed the doors claiming this facility was not contracted to be open to the public.

Through a FOIA request journalist Deb Coffey discovered that this was not the truth. The facility was closed because damage was being done to the Bureau’s reputation after images were published of the care the horses were receiving by the agency tasked with “humane management” of a National Treasure. The documents also prove that the facility is actually contracted to give weekly public tours through the year 2015.

As the case for transparency moves into the Ninth Circuit the facility has now made this token gesture. There were areas that were off limits, like the hospital pens. The public was not allowed to leave the wagon.

Although a crafted Public Relations stunt it proves that the doors can be open and weekly tours performed.

Please note that this facility will be taking mares and foals coming in from the summer roundups beginning during actual foaling season on July 1. This facility hit capacity this winter. Where have they gone if this facility can now take in more?

Please support the lawsuit bringing this issue to the Courts. Go to


17 thoughts on “Public “Access?” Broken Arrow “tour.”

  1. Louie Cocroft says:

    YES! Where HAVE they gone?

  2. I hope to God Almighty that none of those precious living beings were sent to slaughter. But where could they be? We all know the blm lie thru their teeth. Old man Abbey says “we don’t slaughter these animals because of a public outcry.” He is a liar…let NONE of us forget that. First and foremost he is a liar!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      BLM doesn’t ship them to slaughter, technically.
      There is a loophole called “sale authority” that allows bulk sales to dealers. The dealers ship them.
      Semantics game.
      “Sale authority” needs to be repealed.

  3. Marge says:

    The whole dam bunch are liars.

    You can bet they went to slaughter!

    We need to find out where these horses went!

  4. Linda H says:

    I do happen to know that some have gone to Canon City-from CC, they go out to adoptions and to LTH in OK and KS. But who knows how many go where and how many go to a black hole? That’s where the accountability issue kicks in.

    • MargoWolf says:

      They have pretty much filled all their spaces this past roundup season. There were two new LTH facilities but I do not think they can account for the shuffling that goes on after processing. Where are the bulk of our Calico Horses Right Now!!? We do know horses get sold by the semi load out of Canon City. Did the repeat customer who was above reproach ever come back for those Adobe Town horses?? He wanted 245? They mistakenly told a buyer they were competing with this guy… has he taken them, I wonder? He was supposedly placing horses on properties that were for sale or had been seized by banks and when he put horses on the back 40 they got their ag tax exemption… this is a scam and BLM called this guy their best customer! Why did BLM go along with this? BEcause they thought those horses were not going to slaughter. But they may have. Also, this was a scam to gain ag exempt status. That is rather illegal. I think it is time to look into this? These horses would then end up where- when the property was bought? I have an idea… but it all seems like a line to me. Who is this buyer?If this man actually buys so many horses every year, I bet they go to slaughter. Pregnant mares and all.

      I want this stopped BLM! This must end.

  5. Ellen Holcomb says:

    Is there any accountability? anywhere? once they hit LTH and the ID tags are removed and they no longer adoptable, how are they tracked? are there audits of these LTH facilities? the opportunities for fraud is huge! not to mention the danger to the horses in the “whatever they want to do with them” black hole.

    my natural distrust of them says, the slaughter supply line is filled, the $$ charged to the tax payer stays the same, their profits go up and they demand more horses for their double dipping lifestyle. Please tell me I am wrong! :o(

  6. Poor Ginger says:

    IMO, the only way to track bulk sales and adopted wild horses going to slaughter is by requiring livestock inspectors and others to separate, read, and report every horse with a BLM freeze brand at sale barns, feedlots, and on slaughter-bound trucks. Impose stiff fines and penalties similar to the $10,000 per horse for murder, since that’s essentially what’s being done. The BLM used to require holding facilities to document every wild horse by necktag and then freezebrand for their records. I wonder if that’s true today.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Actually under current law that would not be considered a violation. Once horses are titled they are just like any other domestic.

      IF bulk sales receipts (because they are NOT a personal sale but in essence a contract dealer sale) are public record… pretty easy to track to slaughter. AND the method that “Sale Authority” actually operates under becomes a process even old Bob Abbey can understand.

      • Marge says:

        IF bulk sales receipts (because they are NOT a personal sale but in essence a contract dealer sale) are public record… pretty easy to track to slaughter.

        Are the bulk sales receipts public record? IF so where can we find them?

  7. MargoWolf says:

    The records showing the horses arrival, from where and if in adoption program or LTH; when did the horses leave and where to…? Adoptable horses can sometimes be traced. But we should have the records for all. It is sheer lunacy to keep us from influencing what becomes of our horses. The records are as much ours as they are the BLMs. It is just another control over our relationship with our captive wild ones whom we do care about from birth to death. We want further involvement. This is part of this mission.

  8. Marge says:

    “We now have a favorable Calico Court decision and we need to seriously consider the toll that these tours are taking on our employees, our resources and the damage that is being done to BLM’s image as a result of the tours.”

    Golly let me button up my shirt my heart is going to fall out!! These asshats actually have to work for a living!

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