Last few days for the Horse Tripping Bill

TAKE ACTION on SB 364:  GREAT NEWS – Although this bill died in committee on 4/15/11, it is on the list to be heard as an emergency measure. We need your help to make sure this bill is heard this legislative session!

Go to this link for a click and send letter:

Comment made on the last post regarding this subject:

Louie Cocroft (21:10:21) : edit

Contact the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109; phone: 702.892.0711; fax: 702.892.2906, and the Nevada Commission on Tourism, 401 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701; phone: 800.638.2328.

Foreign supporters of America’s wild horses should also contact the U.S. Office of Travel and Tourism to let them know that they are very disappointed with the United States’ treatment of its wild horses and that they would be more likely to visit the country if they knew that healthy herds of wild horses still roamed the West.

Still photos taken in Winnemucca:

Horse ridden into the ring at the Winnemucca Chareada

Hotshot in the face

Horse Tripping in Nevada

Bleeding legs. Horse used repeatedly for both roping and bucking... for two days.


10 thoughts on “Last few days for the Horse Tripping Bill

  1. MargoWolf says:

    Thank you, I knew we could keep on this a little longer. It should be all we need; the lies revealed, the proof of the video and pics. These facts will not go away.

  2. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, THANK YOU!

  3. Thank you dear Laura ,
    we will never give up fighting for something we believe is right .

  4. Honor Hannon says:

    Why is the Humane Society not at this “event”? Have they made a statement against this form of animal cruelty???????They do not allow it in the motion picture industry, why in the state of Nevada?

    • Why does it have to be NEVADA all the time ?
      why does the shame comes from Nevada and Wyoming all the time , i am not saying it’s not coming from other States in U.S but mostly it is in those two states , for example the Bravo Packing is in NJ , they SHOOT horses instead of Catching them and then slaughter them , they simply shoot them , the guy in charge said “I don’t waste my time trying to Catch them I simply SHOOT the with my 22 rifle , what a disgusting creature that man is”

      • Laura Leigh says:

        Nevada has an interesting “history” that does not need to go back in time far to illustrate itself.
        Land grabs from the native people, sheep and cattle wars, exploitive mining camps, an influx of organized crime that built the large cities (Vegas has a “mob” museum), the only Federal judge to ever serve time while he sat on the bench came from Nevada… yet Nevada’s open landscapes have a beauty that I can’t begin to describe…

  5. Dear Laura ,
    please when you have free time think about what i wrote here and tell me what do you think of what just wrote for you here ,
    bless you .

    That is why We (very few Trainers) choose Persuasive Methods OVER Coercive Methods .
    You have to be able to think like a horse in order to be able to choose Persuasive methods over Coercive methods ,
    UNFORTUNATELY , these methods (Coercive) are natural to us , Why ? because we are a PREDATOR , aggressive species but the Horse , by contrast , is a Prey species and Prey animals never choose Coercive methods over Persuasive methods.

    Why then have coercive methods been the principle training techniques use by all human cultures ?
    It is because such methods are natural to us . We are a predatory , aggressive species and this is generally more true if we are young and male .
    We use the same methods for each other among us , among one and other .

    The horse, by contrast , is a prey species . it is timid and easily frightened . Its response to fear is Flight .

  6. Why we PAY for this kind of thing and we call it ENTERTAINMENT ? WE EVEN CALL IT ENTERTAINMENT , lol
    why we go to horse Tripping and we even pay money for it , or Bull fighting , dog fighting , cock fighting , Boxing , Judo and wrestling ,that is because we love it and we don’t mind even paying for it .
    it is not about old age that we paid to watch Gladiators fight to death in front of us , it is in our blood , it is about our nature .
    WE are PREDATORS ,
    you can’t teach a horse trainer to think in pictures and to think like a horse , it is impossible , this is something you have to have it inside you , you can not find hundreds of horse Trainers like Monty Roberts , there are very very few of them .

  7. As a Horse Behaviorist i can see so much signs of STEROTYPIC BEHAVIOR in the horse running in the pen , Licking and Chewing , these are all signs of Animal Cruelty which the Legislatures in Nevada must pay close attention to and take into consideration .

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