Amicus Brief filed to support the Ninth effort!

Full brief filed by Gordon Cowan available in Wild Horse Educations Newsletter:

Amicus brief’s have been filed to show interest in the suit that we have been working our butts off on.

THANK YOU! to Gordon Cowan for getting out the word!

To support this effort go to:

Horse roundup site must be accessible, Reporters Committee argues

For Immediate Release: June 3, 2011

Washington, D.C. — The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press urged a federal appeals court this week to order a federal trial court to reconsider its decision that a photographer’s First Amendment rights were not violated when she was not allowed to photograph the roundup of wild horses on federal land in Nevada.

Joined by the National Press Photographer’s Association, the Reporters Committee told the U.S. Court of Appeals (9th Cir.) in the case of Leigh v. Salazar argues that rules established by the Bureau of Land Management, which operates under the authority of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, amount to an unconstitutional restriction of the right to gather news on government property.

Photojournalist Leigh sought access to witness the BLM Silver King wild horse gather in Nevada, in which wranglers round up excess wild horses on government land. Hearing reports that horses had been mistreated, Leigh sought to photograph the gather but was allowed only limited access. The district court denied Leigh’s motion to gain additional access to the roundup, ruling the action moot as it had already occurred and that Leigh was unlikely to succeed on the merits of her claim.

“The First Amendment protects the people’s right to access and gather information,” said Reporters Committee Executive Director Lucy A. Dalglish. “Any government attempt to prevent people from witnessing public events on public land has to meet a high and limited bar, which the district court did not require the BLM to meet in this case.”

The friend of the court brief argues that the issue is far from moot, as the likelihood of future horse gathers on government land necessitates a decision regarding the First Amendment issues raised, including the right to gather news of public interest and the right of access to events on government property.

“The evidence that [Leigh] and other members of the public were prevented from viewing significant portions of the horse gather raises serious doubts as to whether the restrictions were justified in light of the First Amendment right at issue,” the brief argues.

The Reporters Committee and NPPA urge the appeals court to send the case back to the district court to not only reconsider its ruling that the issue is moot, but also to weigh the First Amendment rights at issue against the government’s restrictions on access and newsgathering.

The Reporters Committee-NPPA brief is available online

Not funny

No kidding...


14 thoughts on “Amicus Brief filed to support the Ninth effort!

  1. Debbie Coffey says:

    I think the BLM considers a “safe distance” from the corrals to be Hawaii.

  2. Louie Cocroft says:

    Wild Horse Annie would be SO PROUD of the Warrior with Flaming Red Hair!
    THANK YOU LAURA and THANK YOU to Gordon Cowan for your tireless work.
    You have put your Hearts and Souls into this.

  3. Dominique says:

    I am so hopeful…

  4. MargoWolf says:

    What a very interesting day!! Love your comment Deb! Got your phone pics up at LLOTFL, also. Thanks for thinking of the group. There is a young lady there also named Laura who met you there today!

    This is an exciting connection building between Journalists and Photographers through the lawsuit. I hope more come on board. Thank you, Reporters’ Committee For A Free Press. You have come straight at BLM. The bar is going to stay set high!

  5. I want to see your success soon ,
    i am waiting for the Good News and i know deep in my heart that , it is coming , the good news in traveling by the wind all the way from Nevada to Persia , they are coming , the wild horses are coming , their spirit is right behind you backing you every step of the way ,
    The murderers and Serial Killers need to put behind BARS , why the Wild Voiceless Horses must be behind Bards , in the pictures you took at Broken Arrow Facility, Fallon, Nevada , they put tears into my eyes when i saw them behind bars , i had that experience , i know how it feels .

  6. They TALK to me ,they wonder why did they helped the Man kind to Survive throughout history , they say if we wouldn’t of helped the man ,they never could run as fast and they wouldn’t of survived the wild , they would be the bitterest meal on the Lion’s plate , Dogs , big cats , human has had some many enemies but we helped them survive on our backs , we carried them on our backs,wish our backs were broken instead of helping these two leg worms .
    deep sigh dear , deep sigh , but they are so great that they have already forgiven us , horses have no greed , no selfishness and they never take revenge , Horses have so much greatness inside their spirit , powerful big hearts , their hearts are like oceans and full of compassion , love and gentleness , adorable PARTNERS they have been for us .

  7. Dogs are the man’s best FRIENDS and horses are the man’s best PARTNERS .

  8. savewildhorses says:

    Please be sure to include in your case the photos of the round up staff’s toddlers playing on the gather corrals to counter their reason why they need to keep you a mile away from those same gather pens.

  9. Honor Hannon says:

    Thank you Laura, for caring about the horses and the Bill of Rights. My grandchildren and future grandchildren also thank you for the time and effort you have put into protecting the Democracy!

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