Wild Horse Education Press Release

Letter from my editor Steven Long of Horseback Magazine in the Excerpts of Record

Fight Continues for the Public’s Right to Know

Late last week the battle to view the government’s handling of wild horses and burros went to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Brief begins in part:

“A journalist published photos and videos of the methods employed by the government when rounding up and warehousing wild horses removed from public lands. The photos sparked public debate and concern. The photos resultantly became unpopular with the government. The government then crafted protocol that continually changes, which effectively forecloses meaningful public observation of these same activities.”

This battle effectively began last year with a companion case heard for the summer Owyhee roundup. That suit brought two issues to the table: actual foaling season and public land closure. The documentation on foaling season was never heard as an alleged water emergency was declared after the suit was filed. Yet Reno attorney Gordon Cowan won on the land closure issue for Plaintiff Laura Leigh. Blanket closure of public land can no longer occur.

The issue of transparency is one of great concern to Leigh. “If there is nothing to hide,” asks Leigh “Why go through such lengths to keep the trap pens, holding facilities and records of sale secret?”

Instances of discriminatory access continue to occur and a convoluted paper trail has been uncovered since this suit began.

The paper trail includes documentation gained through a Freedom of Information Act requests by journalist Debbie Coffey that clearly shows that the Indian Lakes facility the Bureau of Land Management claims to be closed to the public is actually contracted to give weekly public tours through 2015.

“Public debate is vital to any Democratic process,” states attorney Cowan “If the information utilized in debate is subjected to content control the debate is moot, not the argument.”

“Mootness” is a common thread in many legal cases dealing with wild horse and burro management. A wild horse roundup lasts just a few days and the judicial process can take years. Yet when you have an issue that revolves around repetitive conduct the concept needs closer scrutiny.

That scrutiny will begin shortly in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Attorney Cowan inspecting the final brief prior to binding on Friday

To view the Brief and supporting documentation go to:


~~~~~~ Personal Note~~~~~~~

It’s hard to describe what it feels like to read and re-read the transcripts, declarations and Motions attached to the case that is a snapshot of my life. The frustration that the core arguments are never debated, only circumvented, is high.

Please download the newsletter. I am making a “thank-you” card for Gordon Cowan. If you have a note or picture you would like to include please send it to: WildHorseEducation@gmail.com

I will try to update you on some other issues tomorrow.


23 thoughts on “Wild Horse Education Press Release

  1. MargoWolf says:

    This is a beautiful effort and done in the belief that you can win even if you have no money and nearly all the work has been between only two people. Laura called this ‘a monumental public document’! I am so proud to have helped make this happen. Thank you both from the depths of my heart and spirit.

    There is a post up at Laura Leigh on the Front Lines asking for the messages of thanks to Gordon Cowan and horsey pics to be sent to wildhorseeducation.org and a post for your incredible accomplishment. hugs all around, mar

  2. Angela Valianos says:

    My deepest gratitude and Thanks go to all who have never given up in this war on our mustangs and burros. It is hard to walk that walk on a daily basis; may you be blessed with dreams one day in place of the nightmares you are now so designed to see.

    I KNOW that the BLM does NOT have all these mustangs they claim. This is how we attack next…..


  3. Marge says:

    I will second Margo’s comments to you Laura and Gordon for your dedication to right this terrible wrong.

    Bless you both!

  4. Dominique says:

    “If there is nothing to hide,” asks Leigh “Why go through such lengths to keep the trap pens, holding facilities and records of sale secret?” This is the million dollar horse question we need to demand accountability for. These lands belong to all living creatures, and the public pays the taxes, therefore the public has the responsibility to decide, not the special interest groups whose only interest is to kill these beautiful animals, like they were trash in their way. The Wild Mustangs deserve to live a life free from corrupt government selling them out to Oil, Cattle, and Mining corporations.

  5. arlene says:

    I second that Amen !!! Dominique…. Thank You!!! Thank You ! Laura , and all who help you !!!! In all of this Laura you have remained steadfast and true to Our Mustangs, i know that the Strong Love you have for Our Mustangs and all the love we all have for them will get them back their Land and their Freedom !!!someone has to realize with this much backing there will be freedom for Our Mustangs ,……..

  6. Thank you both for being the Voice for the Voiceless ,
    They are so much in need of a True Voice ,
    Among us unfortunately there are lots of people whom take our valuable time and make us to turn our eyes and ears in the wrong direction , they are doing it mostly in the Face Book but we fight and you keep your mind free of what is going on in this hell which i call the facebook and keep doing what your doing both of you , bless you ,
    we fight the fight and stay the course ,

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Facebook can be good for getting info out fast.
      It’s a lousy tool for real communication.
      Don’t let it get you down.

      If folks spent as much time forming constructive projects as they do trying to tear down others this movement might not be in such bad shape.

      Back to work.

      • Yes dear Laura , yes , yes ,
        your so right ,
        i will never let it get into me my dear friend ,
        NO , it will not ,
        They don’t understand my dear friend , let me tell you something about myself and about lots of people whom are in this not for themselves but for something much greater than the meaning of the word “ME” , “YOU” , “THEM” or any other , this is not about us , this is not about one or few people , they don’t get it , they don’t have the capacity of understanding what is this all about , they only see the world and this situation from their own DARK world , they see the world as one dark spot , there is no light in their inner vision , what they see is one dark SELF but we know this is much much greater than that , this is about the lives of INNOCENCE , the lives of VOICELESS , THIS IS ABOUT the LIFE , BLOOD and the FREEDOM OF THOSE VOICELESS INNOCENT HORSES AND BURROS , this is not about my life or your life , this is not about my blood or your blood , this is not about my freedom or your freedom , this is about them , we see them before us but they see their selves before anyone , that is their difference between us and them , they are the real ENEMY , this enemy is worse than the BLM or someone like Sue Wallis , they are the Wolfe in Sheep cloths , among us as horse lovers but they do more harm to the wild voiceless horses and burros than anyone , they do more harm than the BLM or Sue Wallis ,
        if i want to go on about this it would take long and i know your time is precious , specially in this crucial time which the Roundups is just round the Corner and in other hand they don’t really worth it to write more than what i just wrote about them ,
        i wish you all the best,
        bless you my dear Laura and bless Cowan (send him my regard and my best wishes for him to Win the Case , I call him wild horse & burro Attorney , i take my hat off before him with so much honor ) ,


        • Laura Leigh says:

          Ahhhh…. but in many ways these horses ARE us… and we are them…. that is what gets missed…
          In my ever so humble opinion.
          : )

          • arlene says:

            What a great way to put it !!! Yes we are them , they are us !!!!! Wow I really like that Laura…………………..

  7. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    ~ Mohandas Gandhi

  8. Laura Leigh says:

    Ghandi also said something about strength my friend…
    he said “Strength does not come from physical power, but indomitable will.”

    • Cat Kindsfather says:

      Love this one! Certainly you are fed by this and a great love & respect for the wild horses.

      I am so impressed by all that you & Gordie have accomplished. Stellar dedicated work, and you guys got it all in on time! Huge respect & thanks for you both. Nothing can stop you now. : )

  9. Ellen Holcomb says:

    Thank you so much!

    Laura, you and Gordy give me hope for the future of the wild horses, hope that one day the round ups might stop, or, at least the BLM will be more humane in their actions.


  10. How dirty these Politicians are , they DISGUST ME ,
    the wild horse and burro ROUNDUPS just round the Corner and now in half an hour they want to OPEN THE GATES TO HORSE SLAUGHTER IN NORTH AMERICA FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION :

  11. arlene says:

    If they truly believe the mustangs are not essential there is not a brain amongst them…………..

  12. It did not PASS ,
    Sue Wallis , the horse EATER , The WORM wasn’t successful .

  13. Friends , Horse & Burros Advocates UNITED WE STAND ,
    United we WIN ,
    United the Voiceless Win ,
    United the Voiceless won’t have to lose their precious lives , Families and their Freedom ,
    United we must be for the responsibility we have towards them , the Voiceless .
    Your the Voice of the Voiceless and that is a great honor .


  14. savewildhorses says:

    Laura, where is this being heard? Reno? SF?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      This will be in SF. I need to get our attorney there and we need to take care of him.

      Making a thank you card to show him that we care.
      If you want to add a pic or a few words email to: WildHorseEducation@gmail.com

      Working… working…. working…. but I aint no energizer bunny. Think it’s bedtime.

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