Working my fanny off on the Ninth Appeal. I think my brain will either seize up or explode. It’s hard to describe the feeling of reading all of the Motions, Replies, Declarations and Testimony. There have been so many documents prepared and I have learned more than I ever thought about the legal process.

This suit and subsequent documentation etc. has recorded so much of my life. I remember crafting each piece and all of the experiences… leaves a knot in my gut.

Went by PVC. The horses are so beautiful. The little fuzzballs testing out new legs are so sweet. But you watch them with such a pang of sadness as they look at you with that “I’m a Mustang!” expression but they are behind bars and not born free on their range.

Stunning... at PVC

Edited this video about three weeks ago…

Working on a “year in Roundups” piece and and the next volumes for Roundup Reality (Wild Horse Education). Plate is too full and the cupboard filled with cobwebs…

: )

If you can help with expenses for the lawsuit and field work please go to:



2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Lynne Little says:

    Bless you Laura for all that you do – you are in my thoughts every, single day from here in Scotland xx

  2. MargoWolf says:

    Hope the coffee is good!

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