Fast post to address confusion

Edited 10/2011: I do now have FB. Wild Horse Education has a FB.


I do not currently have a facebook page of my own. I do not have time.

There is a group I think it is called “Laura Leigh on the Frontlines” and has been started by folks that are directly helping and trying to gain support for the lawsuit.

Two pages “Wild Horse Education” and “Wild Horse” have been set up but nothing is posted and it is not functioning correctly. They may “go off” soon. I will post if they actually become active.

But that’s it.

There are other sites that are using my name and implying that they support this suit. The people using my name on Facebook to create fundraising that I have no affiliation with are being reported.

I do not receive, nor does this lawsuit receive, any support from Grassroots Horse. If you are sending donations to them they are not supporting my work or this lawsuit. I have received emails and people appear to be confused. I know the home page at Grassroots has not changed to reflect their current projects. But my work and the First Amendment suit is not their work.

I hope this clears up the issue.

Please, I am involved in heavy paperwork at the moment. I have been made aware and there are a few folks helping me find out what is going on.

Thank you all…..


39 thoughts on “Fast post to address confusion

  1. Lynne Little says:

    How sick that anyone other than the groups, etc that you have approved would use your name to get money Laura!! This is a sad, sick world that we live in. Keep up the good work – I hope that you know how much you and your ‘team’ are appreciated by everyone on behalf of the Wild Horses and Burros, bless you xx

  2. Lynne Little says:

    Oh and yes the ‘official’ Facebook group is called Laura Leigh on the Frontlines xx

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I appreciate what you guys are dong so very much!
      I have my head down and trying my best… I promise.

      • Don’t you worry for anything other than what your doing ,
        leave the Cyber world to your friends ,
        The Voiceless need you in the FIELD not in the CYBER WORLD ,
        Remember the spirit of the wild Horses and Burros ,
        what did i say about their spirit ? Keep in mind what i said , i said the spirit of the voiceless Wild Horses and Burros are with you , always .
        Bless you , your blessed .

  3. MargoWolf says:

    My deep apologies, laura, that people have just gone too far.

    • MargoWolf says:

      I am posting above the fray… It is my opinion that people are stressing one another too much and playing very serious games with one another. I do not feel this from everyone or in our smaller circles the least. But I would like to say is this; we should stop all the inconsideration and Drama because we need our energy and focus for the hard work going on. And if you support Laura please find every spare penny you can put together and donate it to her so she can complete her work without worry about funding. WE should be carrying her now. She has been shouldering a huge weight for all of us. Help her lighten that load. Please realize the seriousness of this effort in the 9th District Court of Appeals and the upcoming challenge of a whole new roundup season. Help Laura do this work so we win the freedom of the herds! If it takes bravery to give to this woman then be brave and do it!

  4. LisaG. says:


    as usual, I’m not sure who is causing problems, but GrassRoots horse has been clear that they are not involved with fundraising efforts for you or for the lawsuit. They are free to support other efforts and advocates and if folks are confused about them, I’m not sure why.

    thanks for the mention of the FB page Laura Leigh on the front lines. I just visited and see there is lots going on there.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Lisa… people ARE confused. There is apparently some odd page that has posts that seem to confuse a number of issues.
      Just trying to clarify.

      Trying to get through a “stack of paper” and I have received several phone calls and did not have the time to answer all the calls and emails. Easier to answer on blog…

      Back to work.

      I have never been to that FB page but the folks are trying to help the lawsuit. They are the only ones I know of right now.

      • LisaG. says:

        People are always confused about something. What I’m trying to say is that grassroots has made it clear to me that they are no longer accepting donations for your work. I read your initial post and since you admitted to writing in haste, you might have implied differently without really meaning to, so felt I should speak up.

        At this point I don’t know what you intended but since I don’t want to be involved in a cat fight, I am am bowing out of this.

        except to say that …

        I’m chagrined to learn Dave Duquette evidently knew about the sanctioned FB page before I did. Shows you what I know (evidently not much) :0|

        • Laura Leigh says:

          I am “under the gun” and need to get this document completed. I have learned how to craft things I never dreamt I would be dealing with… “ick.”

          Folks go to the “home page” there (GRH) that are not in the “circle” and get confused. They don’t click peripheral links.

          Like you said you are “involved” and didn’t know about the facebook thing.
          : )

          Today I was told by several about Facebook issues. I have no time to get to Facebook.

          I have no time to do laundry.

          Weird that dear Duquette would have the time to join a page like that… aint it?

    • That is a page I have made in FB ,
      what is wrong with that page ?
      you said Lots Going ON there ? what is going on there ?
      it is an Open Group , FREE for anyone to make their comments , and we have nothing to hide ,
      First when i made the Group , it was a Closed Group but when i really thought about it , i saw that if we don’t have anything to hide from the people why should my Group be a Closed Group ? why not even the enemy of the Wild Horses and Burros don’t have the chance to talk and say what they want to say , so i made it an OPEN GROUP , what is wrong with that , what do we have to hide from the people to have Closed and SECRET Group ? before anything I want the TRUST of the PEOPLE , and i am not giving that up for the world , if the people don’t trust me , how could have the Trust of the horses ?
      I am the one whom is responsible for the :
      We have nothing to hide from the People and what ever i do is for the Wild Voiceless Horses and Burros ,
      I have made that choice by my own free will and i find one person among those that i have come across and that is Laura Leigh and by my own free will i started to work either with her or for her and it is my honor to do so ,
      why are you making my work like something which “There is lots Going on there” , what is going on there that it is so negative in your eyes ? please tell me and help me understand ,
      why are you fighting with someone whom is putting her time and life on the line for these Voiceless Creatures , the enemy is somewhere else , your at the wrong place ,
      what is the purpose of saying what you said ?
      this must come from other people , the wild horse and burros enemy must say the words you just said , why ? why ?
      Why to help the enemy ?

      • YOO HOO: PH — WHILE one can follow your link to your “LAURA LEIGH on the FRONTLINES Facebook page, one (me) cannot ‘search’ and find this group. That is wierd, no? It used to be (a few weeks ago) you could search for it but now a search comes up blank with only web links offered.) Have you changed the settings so people cannot ‘search’ for it on Facebook? (When one sets one’s profile page settings, one can decide whether or not one wishes to be searchable on Facebook.) I wonder if group settings are similar and you have not set the group to be searchable. Or perhaps you have in past few seeks changed the group intentionally from being searchable on Facebook. It doesn’t matter to me now that I have your link, above; however, I don’t know.

        As my Aunt Mary used to say: “Sometimes I think ‘oh, well. . ‘ but then others times I DON’T KNOW!

        If this gives you a headache you are not alone.

        For the wild ones, sincerely,

  5. Maureen says:

    Grass Roots Horse has made it abundantly clear since March 2011 that we are not collecting money for the lawsuit any longer. Please see both the legal page note, clearly at the top as well as Letter from the President. I will be contacting our attorney regarding slanderous accusations made by you regarding this and I ask that you correct it immediately. Your lawyer, Gordon Cowan had been notified of this 3 weeks ago and has not accepted the letter. It appears this will be a matter for the courts.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Hi Maureen.

      WE can leave this here for the world to see.

      There are facebook pages that I have not made that people are concerned about.
      I made a fast post to clarify.

      I said people are confused by your website and some things that have been circulating regarding fundraising.
      I clarify that I am not receiving funds from GRH. Your home page has confused people.
      I believe you made the exact comments about others in the past. That there is “confusion.”

      I have made no slanderous accusation here.

      You attempted to bring the attorney in on a “catfight” as I decided to leave. He is not representing you. Nor is he representing me in a matter that involves you. No has he ever represented Grassroots horse.

      I have made no slanderous accusations.

      Telling people that that you do not represent me or my work ,nor do you support me or my work, in no way is slanderous.

      It is the truth.

    • Dear Maureen ,
      i think there is a misunderstanding here ,
      today someone made a Group by Laura’s name in fb and in that Group they as to donate to Grass Roots Horses by using Laura Leigh’s name , that was when Laura made this note and this note was about that Group and i am sure you didn’t do that so someone is using both of you to get into an argument , please think of what just said please , Cross my Heart Hope to die this is TRUE ……

    • Judy says:

      More Clarification.

      Laura is not accusing YOU Maureen of trying to collect money in her name.

      HERE is the Fake Group on FaceBook who is trying to collect money in Laura’s name and have it sent to Grass Roots Horse.

      We KNOW it was not made by GRH…We are just trying to figure out what is the deal….NOW their Wall is closed even if a person “Likes” it…

    • savewildhorses says:

      Oh, please stop this nonsense. Do you care about the lawsuit for the horses or do you want to raise funds for your silly lawsuit against Laura? Yes, I know, you come from a family of lawyers, so you say. But please move on. Perhaps you should focus on strengthening your mission statement and purpose and not crafting letters to a lawyer who is preparing for a landmark case for the wild horses–in their last stand in the wild.

      • MargoWolf says:

        Well said, SWH!

      • Suzanne Moore says:

        Mo – I have to answer this. I hope it’s okay with you. Mo has been trying to get in touch with Mr. Cowan ever since the “split” because she had questions AND there were receipts for bills that he had yet to send to her for bookkeeping purposes. He never answered questions OR sent the paperwork. He even refused to sign for a registered letter she sent.

        This is unprofessional at best and a downright slap in the face at worst. How would YOU like it?

        That’s it.

        • Laura Leigh says:


          Best you don’t perpetuate things without knowing the entire truth. You could find yourself in an uncomfortable place without meaning to.

          Obviously Maureen (Mo) has been having discussions that involve other people and denegrate a lawsuit where she was NEVER the client.

          Maureen, through the organization Grassroots horse, partially supported my suit. She has no right to any documentation that is attorney client priviliged.
          Maureen sent Cowan a W-9 for $12,000 and a bit. I saw it. If she sent him more what game is she playing?

          Maureen should have kept track of what GRH sent, send the documentation and file taxes. She WAS NEVER the client.

          Maureen also did not send W-9’s until well into March, they are due January 31.
          My child missed financial aide deadlines for school.
          I repeatedly made requests.
          Maureen wanted to take the W-9 AND the receipts for what I spent the money on. They were my deductions as she would be taking the deduction twice.
          Once through the W-9 and then the same funds through the receipts. It doesn’t work that way.

          There is more… but I’m done with it. There is a reason I made the choice to leave immediately after spending time in Phoenix. Actually many of them.

          Maureen’s attacks on Mr. Cowan are disgusting in light of the hours he has spent. The assisting attorney in a well-known advocate case got over $40,000. The main attorney close to $200,000. The pettiness of this attack as this suit moves into the NInth because of the work and theories of Cowan is… beyond words.

          This is unprofessional at best and a downright slap in the face at worst. Is that what you wrote?

          WTF is this about? The horses? What’s best for the advocate community? Or is she pissed off because I posted that the facebook page someone put up was wrong? And if that has her pissed…. why?

        • Debbie Coffey says:

          Suzanne, sounds like you’ve only heard only one side of a story, and this one side may not be the truth. To be fair, when you post hearsay in a public forum, without having actual documentation of fact in your hands that you could take to court and hand to a judge to prove what you’re saying, especially when it may be inaccurate, and especially when you accuse someone, in this case, attorney Gordon Cowan, of being “unprofessional,” it’s libel. I’ve seen your name on different wild horse sites and I’ve always thought of you as a very nice person and I think that you mean well and just want things to be fair. Please be careful that what you say in public forums is a provable fact. I think all of our focus really needs to be on the wild horses.

  6. Maureen says:

    That is not how it is stated. Your statements are false. If need be we will deal with it in the appropriate venue, the courts. I will not comment further.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The statements are the truth.
      You do not represent me or my work.
      People are confused and I clarified.

      READ the post.

      What is NOT true?
      Are you taking donations for my work and the lawsuit?

    • savewildhorses says:

      It is absolute nonsense Maureen. Why don’t you go sue the BLM and stop a round up instead, for God’s sake. You’d rather spend precious time and money (your own I hope) suing Laura? Unbelievable. You think the wild horses have time for this crap? They don’t.

  7. Debbie Coffey says:

    I can see how there could be some confusion. GRH still has the link to this on the main page (“Connecting the Dots…”), which seems to have about as much prominece as any of the other announcements and links:
    “Grass Roots Horse, Inc.

    Based in citizen action and community involvement, Grass Roots horse, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit equine welfare and mustang advocacy group whose mission is to affect positive change for horses, mules, and donkeys wherever needed…

    There is extensive work needing to be done on behalf of the horses and burros on many different levels, so there is place and a need for interested citizens to become involved and to be of service. One of the Grass Roots Horse programs that allows for a hands-on experience is Herd Watch ™, whose objective is to educate the public on the government process, and more importantly, how to utilize this education to be an effective advocate. This is a citizen science, history, equine welfare, and environmental education project that documents and catalogs specific information on the wild horses and burros on our public lands, as well as the health of the land itself. The information is gathered and then entered into a multi-tiered database that will allow any interested party to access and share the information to advocate on behalf of the animals and the health of our public lands. The database will have the ability to find links among data from multiple sources that are pertinent to each specific herd and herd management area. By using a multi-tiered system, we are able to add new software applications into the system as new technologies are developed.

    Another Grass Roots Horse initiative is live streaming video from wild horse roundups as well as from any other locations that are of interest to the public on this issue. Herd Watch™ also uses research and education as key components, so the ability to reach the public from this platform and engage them in what is happening is a huge breakthrough.

    The public has often been denied access to meaningful views of the wild horses and burros starting from moments before the capture to their ultimate destination. To affect positive change by asking for full access and accountability on the captured wild horses, the organization is supporting the legal actions of journalist, Laura Leigh, whose First Amendment lawsuit is at present awaiting a ruling by federal Judge Larry Hicks in Nevada.

    All donations to Grass Roots Horse, Inc. are tax deductible and the organization is allowed to accept donations of bequests, as well as both real and intellectual property. To learn more about this organization and its initiatives, to learn about volunteering, or to make a donation, please visit

    • MargoWolf says:

      Just one more clarification; Herd Watch is remaining with Grass Roots Horse? Will You use this Name Maureen?? as I have not seen you or Arla use it??

    • Suzanne Moore says:

      Debbie, I’m shocked and disappointed in this post. GRH has every right to maintain links to subjects that were pertinent when GRH WAS giving every dime to Laura and her work. Is GRH supposed to hide the fact that there ever was any connection? That’s just nuts!

      Mo has made it abundantly clear on the GRH site that the connection no longer exists. If people outside the “circle” come to the GRH home page, where did they get the link? No doubt from all the posting and cross-posting I and others spent hours – and money – trying to get the word out. I’ll bet there are a thousand posts/comments from me alone emphasizing the importance of this lawsuit AND that GRH was the ONLY place where one could donate to Laura and her work. Naturally people are confused! But the confusion isn’t coming from GRH.

      To be honest, I haven’t been following this closely since the split. I couldn’t even look at the computer for several days. All the hours – and considerable amounts of money – I spent re-blogging to Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook, Posterous, flickr (pictures), Tumblr,, Plurk, FriendFeed, Diigo, Delicious,, Clipmarks, Digg, Stumbleupon, and sometimes to my own Blogger blog. All that effort to establish “brand identification” down the drain. But the posts are still out there and they always will be.

      Yes, people are confused, to put it mildly, but when you change horses in the middle of the stream, you usually do muddy the waters.

      • Debbie Coffey says:

        Suzanne, I spent a lot of my own money, and time, printing up flyers for GRH that I put out all over the place, and mentioned GRH in all of my articles, which were read all over the U.S. and in Europe. I did it FOR THE HORSES. It’s not about any ONE organization or person. The horses need ALL of us to stay focused ON THEM.

  8. i don’t know if you find the time to see this only , just this one clip should make cold rock into tears ,
    why the argument with Laura ?
    why the fight with Laura ?
    from my point of view anyone fighting Laura is fighting the Wild Horses and Burros ,
    Watch this for God Sake :

  9. Why this has to be done right before the court ?
    Why this has to be done right before the BLM Roundups ?
    I wish and hope the BLOOD of the Voiceless won’t be on our necks , won’t be on our hands , this wasn’t just the right time to help the Enemy ,
    you chose the very critical moment to ATTACK Laura ,
    The ATTACK on Laura would be considered the Attack on the Wild Horse and Burros , people will see this and people will judge these attacks and i am sure people will not enjoy this ,
    this time wasn’t just right for this and i hope Laura would put her power on the main subject , on the main cause , on staying the course , on the voiceless horses …..
    Please STOP this , this is going to hurt the Voiceless horses and Burros .

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I am trying to. That is why I can’t waste the time tracking the stuff on facebook and posted this here.
      If people are confused perhaps this can clear it up the fastest way possible.

      I have to get some rest now.

  10. Please I beg you don’t pay attention to facebook,
    i PM Maureen and i explained , i hope she reads what i said ,
    Please Laura , i BEG of you don’t pay any Attention to fb ,
    many nasty comments some very very few put in my blog but i don’t care ,
    as more nasty comments come in , i am certain that my work is right and i am hurting the enemy ,
    this is a nasty fight Laura , i am sure you know much better than i do ,
    I hope Maureen would realize that too ,
    bless you .

    • MargoWolf says:

      I agree with Hassan.. You must not think of FB and the BS… You have to stay away from there… it is quicksand.

  11. Judy says:

    THIS is the FAKE Laura Leigh Group.
    There are 4 others, but this is the one that all the turmoil is about.

    Anything that you post on FB about Laura Leigh will be ATTACHED to this group by some new FB Computer Advanced Glitches, which will make the group APPEAR to be AUTHENTIC…

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