Straight from the Manure pile

It appears that certain individuals are creating, yet again, a slew of statements that are libelous, slanderous and defamatory. In the US those statements are prosecutable offenses. My time is taken up almost 24/7 dealing with documentation, preparing reports and in conference with many individuals and organizations. I have done my best to ignore the offensive conduct. This conduct is disruptive and creates distress for those attempting to aid this work.

My email is

If you have a problem with me address it directly. If you continue to create a disruption, that is in essence illegal in nature, I will find the time to deal with you directly.

You know who you are.


20 thoughts on “Straight from the Manure pile

  1. Will LeRoy says:

    ANYONE who has a problem with Laura take it up with me, get a life or MOVE on. All that matters are the Horses. Get IT?

    • MargoWolf says:

      Yes, I have been having some words with this person who told me she would sue me because I stood up for Laura and her wonderful documentation!! Warnings have so far failed. Deletions and blocking and being thrown out of groups has just fueled her hateful slander. I guess she does not realize she is breaking the law and pissing many good folks off big time!

  2. Laura Leigh says:

    It is a waste of energy. If this person put as much effort into her work as she does harassing the people that support this work …well.
    ‘nuf said.

    • They are not WORTHY dear Laura ,
      They are waste of time ,
      They are the real Enemy of the Voiceless no the BLM ,
      I consider these people the REAL Enemy of the Wild Horse & Burros ,
      I wanted to deal with them but I honored you and kept my mouth shut ,
      Otherwise I would of dealt with them my own way and i haven’t let go yet , if i did what i did was only because of your respect and honor .

      • Suzanne Moore says:

        Sigh….. There’s always someone, isn’t there? We always say, “Don’t they realize that they’re playing right into the anti-horse people’s hands by causing division and strife?”

        I’ve come to believe that people like this don’t care because it was always about them anyway. To hell with the horses.

  3. MargoWolf says:

    You did say much and you were wise. They did not answer, you notice? They never can.

  4. Marge says:

    Achievement leads to self respect and confidence.

    If the achievement is significant to the achiever, it can have many unanticipated benefits.

  5. Linda Horn says:

    Laura, this is for the “haters”:

    “Come out! Come out! Whoever you are.” No? Then I can only conclude you’re afraid to face people in a public forum, because you can’t rationally or eloquently defend your position.

    You keep your Facebook page(s) closed to anyone who doesn’t totally agree with you, delete people’s comments, and “unfriend” them … just like Slaughterhouse Sue and Dave Duquette. Is this the company you want to keep? Is this the way you want to be perceived? Why won’t you make YOUR Facebook page(s) public, for all to view and comment? Are you cowards?

    I bet you once raged about the lack of “sunshine” from the BLM about the WH&B. Is that still the way you feel, or are you too caught up in personal vendettas to even care about the Mustangs and burros? How about a little “sunshine” from you. What … no “cojones”?

    I’m for the wild ones … all day, every day, in every way. THEY are what matters, not anyone’s ego!

  6. arlene says:

    DearLlaura , dont waste any valuable time with people who obiously have no idea………………………….Your time is more valuable then they will ever realize…………………………………………… t hey only interupt your precious work…………….

  7. arlene says:

    To whomever is wasting Laura time, Please rediect all of the energy your using and direct all of your hostilty to the BLM …………… There is where it will do the most good……………………………………


    Thanks Laura for all the endless love, time and money you give to the wild ones and for the time you put in to help educate the public about their wild horses. We all want justice for our horses and we couldn’t do it without the people on the frontlines. Thanks, for keeping us up to date and giving our wild horses a voice that is being heard Laura. You gave a great speech at the meeting in Nevada AB329. It makes me angry that Nevada doesn’t want anththing to do with our horses but again that is where the majority of our horses are living. We need to move our horses out of Nevada if they cant give them water.
    During mass grading in the temecula/murrieta area of Ca. We pulled many horses out of the ground from 20k – 1.5 million years old these horses were small like the mustangs about 15.2 hands.

    I live in the mountains. We have been first stage water shortage for 22 years. we cant waste water but, when I drive down into palm springs It makes me sick to see the irrigation overspaying into the street or massive amounts of water going down the curb and gutter from swimming pools and people washing cars etc…I’m sure Reno, Carson, Las Vegas are also guilty of this. desert areas shouldn’t have grass or vegataion to begin with.
    Water for our horses always and forever. Kimberly Miller

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Golf courses… golf courses for some reason are the thing that actually makes my hair stand on end. Green grass in the middle of the desert… less than an hour from Tahoe. No need whatsoever for these “golf courses.”

      AB 329 failed. Perhaps the State Legislature will “wake up” and realize what a value these horses have to Nevada… maybe it’s a sign we are making a difference.

      Thank you all for the comments.

      • Dear Laura ,
        we stay the course ,
        behind you with all my heart ,
        to the last moment of my life i am with you and it’s my honor ,
        i have faith in you Laura ,
        your a great Voice for the Voiceless ,
        PH .

  9. Geri says:

    Laura, I have seen you post of these people before who are speaking against you, I have never read such a post so I do not know were these posts are or what they are saying about you. I have only been on the wild horses band wagon since December 2010. And in that time I have seen no one who puts in more time for the horses and burros than you do, yes there are others, but you put your self out there for them, you are at every rally, every round up, and every venue for the wild horse. You know what you calling is, never distract from that because no matter what their problem with you is, in my eyes you are always for the horses. You must carry on because there are a lot of us who cannot be there in the capacity that you are, and eveyone of us apreciates the sacrifice you make for those animals. We will always be here to support for the horses. Forget about them, NEVER LET THEM LIVE RENT FREE IN YOU MIND. remember this is what you are fighting for.

  10. Lynne Little says:

    Dear Laura, they are not worth wasting your time or energy on!! At the same time, how dare they. You are doing a WONDERFUL job, so please do not be downhearted that these sad individuals obviously have nothing better to do with their time. I could go on and on but I’m contradicting myself because they’re not worth it …

  11. CJ says:

    NO DOUBT in my mind about Laura’s Sincerity and Integrity in putting the horses cause first. LAY OFF of her whoever is giving her problems and give credit where credit is due. She is OUT THERE for the the STRUGGLE to KEEP THEM FREE!

  12. Pamela Vilmar says:

    Laura, I am not really sure who you are talking about on these posts….I do write BLM Holocaust….because to me, that is what it is…..I am all for your hard work and exposing the brutality………If I have affended anyone….sorry…..but just trying to say the truth in a short amount of words……..Keep up the good work…..Pam

  13. The 2 leg is coming , i can hear the sound of that flying Predator …..

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