AB329 Update

My time has been very limited working on various projects. Elyse Gardner has put up a blog post and video from the AB329 hearing last week on her blog: http://humaneobserver.blogspot.com/

I can tell you that I was called for clarification/expansion of the terminology and testimony I gave. The conversation included a very pleasant exchange. So they are attempting to make an informed decision.

If you live outside Nevada you have a right to comment on Legislation that effects Federal land use. You have a right to comment on the dollars you may or may not spend in the State of Nevada should this Legislation be passed.

You have a right to remind them that this session Nevada gave itself a black-eye on the Horse-Tripping measure that should be resurrected.

Nevada is a beautiful state that is fast becoming known as a State that cares little for the welfare of it’s horses.

You only have about 3 hours left to comment.

Links on Elyse’s blog.

I have to get back to work… keep the faith.


Wild Horse Education has set up a monthly donation page: http://wildhorseeducation.org/mission-statement/monthly-support/

The case is in the stage where a lot of work is being done in preperation to present this to the Ninth Circuit. This suit is important and addresses hands-on care from range to ultimate disposition (long-term, sale authority, death) and our right to document the actions of our government.

We need your support.

Thank you.


One thought on “AB329 Update

  1. MargoWolf says:

    Trying to get you help!! Thank you for new donation options for monthly giving!!

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