Pictures for focus

Antelope Roundup 2011

Now let’s see if I closed the issue. I apologize for the multiple alerts subscribers are getting on this post. No other person I know on WordPress has had an issue today. I can’t spend anymore time on this.  There were other pics… I’ll get back to it later.


Baby born at PVC taken 5-14

I am working on the Ninth case, AB 329, horse tripping, tracking in holding, range issues and a whole bunch more. Fingers can’t type fast enough and the truck has had many more miles added to it. If you can support the work go to the truth is that without your support none of this can be done.

My head is down working on the Ninth case… but I am editing video and attempting to do a video explanation of the Ninth suit so it is understood.

I wanted to share some pics with you to help me focus…

copyright Laura Leigh

Foaling season MUST be addressed

This is truly a monumental time of change on America’s public lands. I know the task is daunting and it is exhausting… but please don’t give up. Continue to write, Fax and talk about these issues… I will try to respond to all of the wonderful cards and letters I have been getting… as soon as I can.

BLM Contractor Sun-J 2011

What are we doing to our last wild places?


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