Meeting in Nevada- AB329

EWA (Equine Welfare Alliance) put together this ALERT.

The bill will be heard on Friday, May 13. Carrol Abel said the committee usually meets at 3:30 but the schedule for this meeting is to begin upon adjournment of a different meeting but no later than 3:30. If you are planning on attending the hearing (room 2144 in the legislative building) it is recommended that you arrive no later than 2p. The hearing will be streaming live on the NV legislature site.

 We ended up not providing a list of names for this effort, only a count. Thank you all for your comments and quick responses. We received an email from one of our members that was very powerful. Her employer is a national real estate firm that frequently holds their annual meeting in Las Vegas. Her email, on behalf of her employer stated that should this bill pass, they will make sure the meeting is never again held in Las Vegas. The attendance at this meeting is 8,000.

For those of you that feel helpless being one individual, this is but one example of the power that one individual can represent!

My dear friend Steven Long has put together an article on this issue that is worth a read for out of state individuals.

Living Symbol of the pioneer spirit

Living Symbol of the pioneer spirit


3 thoughts on “Meeting in Nevada- AB329

  1. To all the animal angels in the world thanks for making every day a animal saving day. Its starts with one caring person taking notice and educating the rest of us.

    Please!! get involved and give our wild mustangs and burros your voice and fighting chance on this earth.

    Velma Johnston did not fight to have “The Annie Act of 1971 put in place, to have her much loved horses that she fought so hard to protect to be fenced out from water.

    We the tax payers must take back our horses and burros and give the responsibility of our horses to organizations that care about our horses not see them as pest. Alternatives for managing the wild ones is available,

    Wild and domestic horse parks of Amercia NOW. Managed and operated by the horse lovers of Amercia. We are the voice for our wild and domestic animals for tomorrow. Take yours and my USA wild mustangs and burros out of Neveada. Our horses like the people who want to make these evil laws need WATER to survive.

    Educate yourself and tell every friend and stranger what is happening to thier’s and my wild horses. Yes these wild mustangs and burros are owned by you. People love animals and animals love people, This is what is known as healing.

    Domestic horse parks for training, surrender, adoption, museum, ridining in every large county of the USA for all USA to enjoy and heal from.

    LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN TODAY, STOP the OVERBREEDERS OF AMERICA THAT MAKE 100k domestic horses homeless and face a horrific death at the slaughter houses across the boarders and Japan. Incase you were not aware USA is trying to reopen horses slaughter in 2012 for human consumtion, make the breeders responsible for every homeless horses they create. 54k wild horses and burros round up, stockpiled and made homeless by the BLM our waiting for adoption. The BLM annouced 3 years ago they want to euthanize them. Is this what you want for them. (SET OUR HORSES FREE NOW)

    Thank you Laura for all your endless DAILY, long hours of dedication to your much loved wild horses and burros. Thank you for educating us so we can educate others of this horrific bill that is trying to pass in Nevada. It was a great honor to meet you in Phoenix, Keep the faith, Kimberly Miller

  2. LisaG. says:

    Salazar or Abbey could stop this whole mess right in its tracks if they wanted to. Shame on them for letting something that would clearly cause horses to suffer from getting this far. My guess is that if the law passes, they could swoop in with a series of “emergency” gathers and remove every last wild horse they could find. If Abbey could appear at the Summit of the Horse, he could get his hinny to this meeting tomorrow.

    Even if this is passed and goes to litigation, many horses will be harmed while it proceeds through the court system.

    It amazes me that I continue to let myself be disappointed by our so called “public servants.”

  3. MargoWolf says:

    We expect injustice. That is not right. We expect to be kicked in the gut. This is an illegal action that should never have gone anywhere.

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