Taking it to the Ninth

Temporary holding

First Amendment suit heads for the Ninth Circuit

Wild Horse Education is continuing the legal battle for transparency against the Department of Interior (DOI) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Plaintiff Laura Leigh has filed her notice of Appeal April 28, 2011 for the lawsuit that battles for transparency of the “hands-on” care of wild horses and burros.

“The current suit is NOT about observing a single roundup,” Leigh stated “The emergency relief requested extends to the repetitive battle for observation. We have a right to know how our money is spent in the hands-on management of our horses throughout the process. From roundup through holding and their ultimate disposition, wherever that may be, it is our right to know.”

On February 14, 2011 Plaintiff Laura Leigh filed for permission to appeal her First Amendment Rights case against the BLM to the Ninth Circuit Court. Her plea was based on the fact that there had been no ruling by the Federal Court in Reno to her request for Emergency Injunctive Relief in a case she had filed five months previous. Her request cited that “no action” in a case requiring emergency relief was an essential denial of her motion.

Judge Larry Hicks of the Federal District Court in Reno has now denied Leigh’s motion as “moot.” However in his ruling he does allow written testimony to stand in the record that had been objected to by the BLM.

“Basically this is good news,” said Leigh “What the Judge has now given me is an opportunity to present this case without first going through the process of gaining the Court’s permission. He has also ruled that the entire record of the case remains intact and that is vital to demonstrate the repetitive behavior that has precedent in higher Courts as not moot.”

The Appeal process has now began and the full brief will be filed shortly.

Leigh has spent the last year observing more roundups than any government personnel and bringing the public daily reports. The suit she brought earlier in the year, to the same Court over closure of public land and a roundup during the heat of summer for the Owyhee Herd Management Area, bore fruit for public observers. That suit found that closure of public land was a prior restraint to First Amendment Rights, creating the beginning of a daily observation platform for the public.

The doors to the Indian Lakes (Broken Arrow) facility were closed due to public outrage over images they saw.

 “If the public is outraged by conduct,” Leigh said “it is an opportunity to clean up your act, not close the doors. That’s like a child that refuses to clean their room and instead locks their door.”

The full Brief is expected to be filed by Leigh and her attorney Gordon Cowan of Reno soon.

The legal efforts are supported solely by Wild Horse Education, a registered non-profit in the state of Nevada.

Website: http://WildHorseEducation.org

Free Book: http://wildhorseeducation101.wordpress.com/

Video of Eagle Roundup and denial of access to Indian Lakes (Broken Arrow): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw8iX7LO8g0

Article published by Deb Coffey on the Indian Lakes facility contract in PPJ gazette: http://ppjg.wordpress.com/2011/04/17/blm%E2%80%99s-sweet-deal-paid-for-with-your-tax-dollars-of-course/#more-16184


Hope dying of hoof slough (Indian Lakes/Broken Arrow)

17 thoughts on “Taking it to the Ninth

  1. Pamela Vilmar says:

    Laura….keep up the good work……….we are behind you and support you…..I just went back to work……..eventually I will send you a small $ token to help with your efforts………Stay Strong…..Keep Your Chin Up……..and stay true to the cause…..in the end you will have saved our wild horses…..

  2. MargoWolf says:

    Thank you so much for all you have sacrificed and all you have been through. None of us really can know the depth of your experiences. We do know the depth of your commitment. (I am so proud of you!)

    This fight is a National fight , it is a Public fight , it’s belong to the American NATION , it belongs to anyone whom pays TAXES , those lands and everything in it belongs to the American Nation , to the Tax Payers but who is paying for the Attorney ? who is Paying for GAS , CAR , Hotel and all the expences Laura has ? Laura is Paying from her own Pocket , we have to help her , this is not FAIR …..

    • This is what i write on public profiles , FaceBook and Forums ,
      This is my personal View ,
      Nothing in this DAMN world of ours is FAIR ,
      Fair is a word that it has lost it’s meaning for a long long time now ,
      This is not FAIR , One person fighting for all …..

  4. Please Help and Donate if you can for the Wild Horses of our Planet , they belong to all of us , The Mustangs belong to all Humanity if there is any ….

    • MargoWolf says:

      Way to go Hassan!

      • They don’t let me to come and work for her ,
        It would be my honor to work for Laura , as a Driver , just anything , any work for Laura would be a lifetime honor ……

        • MargoWolf says:

          Yes, helping her do what she has been struggling to accomplish is an honor, Hassan. There are those of us who do all we can and hope there will be more people who will also make reasonable sacrifices for the horses by supporting her work. Every little bit helps.

          Strength for Laura is sharing her load and being there when there are needs to be met. We all can and must help her.

    I can’t Stop looking at that Picture , the picture on top of this page ,
    What do we call a CRIME ?
    What is CRIME ? to kill someone ?
    Isn’t that KILLING ?
    That’s more thank KILLING , to take away the Freedom from a Wild Animal is above and more than Killing , Why i say it’s above Killing ? because You Kill their Souls by taking their freedom,
    I wish BLM would Kill them with one BULLET instead of putting them behind BARS ,
    why i say that ? With one Bullet in their heads YOU would take their life , there won’t be any suffering and cruelty , they feel no pain either Mentally or Physically but this way , they are in Pain , Mentally and Physically , God knows they are in PAIN .

    • MargoWolf says:

      Do take heart, Hassan. We want them to live and recover and rebound in places they will always be safe.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I know how you feel Hassan. I would rather die free than in any cage.
      But as long as they have life… and us… they may yet win freedom returned.
      We wont give up.

      Thank you for your encouragement.

      • You know the picture you took “Foal withe the Umbilical cord”,
        i wrote a note in my blog about it and put the picture on top of it ,
        some people said , this is PHOTOSHOP and BLM never does something so cruel , what i want to say is BLM has brainwashed the people , as you well said in one of your News Conferences , BLM doesn’t want the public to know , to know what the BLM is doing to the wild horses,
        this is my reason for making those Notes , so people would see the reality and the Truth side of the BLM and the situation of the wild horses in those BLM Concentration Camps .
        You have seen how Wide and OPEN are the Nostrils of a wild horse looks like in the wild , YOU NEVER SEE THAT IN CAPTIVITY , and that has a very powerful message for us , and the message is “I have lost my FREEDOM , i don’t need to gather information no more , live or dead has no meaning for me in the BLM Captivity Concentration Camps”

        We NEVER Give UP ,
        blessing Laura,
        Please forgive me for my bad English and Typing.

  6. Laura ,
    I sent you an e_mail ,
    it is very urgent , about Donation , please reply to me ,
    thank you .

  7. THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS FIGHT against the BLM Military Campaign.

  8. Teresa says:


    God bless you for everything you do on behalf of America’s wild horses, our national treasures.

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