Really tired of it

I’m getting really tired of the advocate communities competitive bent.

The lack of cooperation, coordination and kindness among the groups hurts the horses. There are so many areas that need to be addressed and not ONE group will be able to address this issue as a “stand alone.”

Almost everything I do is attacked and critized by those that spend hours behind a keyboard and have not walked in my shoes.

Even the post I wrote about the two horses on the highway has been ridiculed! Dear God!

Fencelines on public highways (in HMA’s) that are not contiguous (they have gates onto public dirt roads or cattle guards onto the highway) are a sign that the animals (antelope, deer, horses) are public. You can be assured that if a horse can run along a fence (even if it goes miles before the break) and find that break, it’s a wild horse.

To all of you planning on going to roundups I have seen “what you need” lists written by people that have never been out to the range, let alone a roundup. Things like “when you get to the parking lot” and “bring a suitcase with wheels.”

Where do you think you are going?

Summer roundups are the easy ones. Winter roundups are very hard.


Be aware of where you are.

BLM can not help you if your vehicle breaks down. They can call for help but will not help you themselves. Be prepared with a jack and two spare tires, jumper cables, a spare car battery. You will NOT have Cell service, if you do it is a gift, but don’t expect it.

Do not rent an all wheel drive. You need a four wheel drive WITH clearance. Not all traps are hard to get to but you might find yourself there on a day you are literally navigating a road along a cliffside with a sheer drop-off. You never know until you get there.

Make sure you have water and food, enough in case you have to spend the night on the range. Wear long pants and high boots, I have photographed rattlesnakes on 4 occassions near trap sites. Watch for fireants, they hurt. Carry Benadryl in your car right next to the sunscreen and ibuprofen.

You may have to hike in for a half mile or more. Carry in only what you can carry out.

If you are tooling around looking for horses be aware that even a drizzle can turn roads into cement. If it rains hard you can get caught in a flash flood. If you went out without being aware it would rain… get to high ground as fast as you can.

And PLEASE… at roundups follow the rules. If you don’t you can screw it up for anyone else that wants to go out. Don’t lie about who you are… google is a powerful tool.

I hope people go out. I hope there are others that take this on… but NOT as a one time thing. I want to see you out in December and January… daily. But the needs change… like a case of de-icer and windshield washer fluid.

Oh and if you bring a dog… he can’t leave the car at a trap site. If he barks he is a distraction and you may be asked to leave. If you get caught on the range over night do not let your dog run off leash, particularly after dark and sunset and sunrise. Be aware of tracks… yes, there are mountain lions out there.

And be ready that if you print anything you will be criticized. If you do a non-emotional report you will be accused of being heartless. If you do an emotional post you will be accused of being “hysteria-corps.”

So bring a thick skin… you will need it.

See you there.


47 thoughts on “Really tired of it

  1. William LeRoy says:

    Bravo for your heart, your passion, your selflessness, and your dedication to the Wild Horses. If “advocates” would simply support each other we would be a lot closer to our combined goals. No one person or group can do it all, and each in their own way contributes to the success of the whole. I have a tremendous amount of respect for your moral strength and your ability to withstand the drama you must encounter with each effort. Do you have a PayPal account or some way that folks can contribute to your Wild Horse Gather Observations? If yes please advise as I would like to support your efforts directly.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Thanks William.

      It is the non-profit I have started. We are registered inNevada and 501 is being applied for.

      It is the only way to support the lawsuit and my work.
      The only place I get any funding from.
      Just mark “Laura”

      • William LeRoy says:

        Laura, I just went to the site. Q ~ Is there are way we can donate to your efforts absent using the PayPal System? Many PayPal sites give you the option to simply use a credit card. Is that possiable? PayPal’s security record with respect to credit card information is not the best. Let me know ok? If not, please tell me where I should mail a ck and I can do that as well.

        • Laura Leigh says:

          There is a mailing addy:

          Wild Horse Education
          PO BOX 4176
          Carson City, NV

          Lawsuit was just fast-tracked by the Ninth. I am going to be slammed the next two weeks! Gotta hit the keyboard running!

  2. Darcy says:

    Agreed Laura, the advocates need to work together as one United Force. I am sorry to hear about the criticisms you are receiving, as you have made it your life to be on the range.

  3. Morgan Griffith says:

    Not surprised you are sick of it especially when it attacks you. I know I am sick of reading it. Sick of the game of who is the “best” advocate.

  4. Lorna Helick says:

    All that should matter is the wild horses and burros being able to run free, we should all work together for that common goal. As the eagle freely roams the sky, the wild horse should be able to freely roam the plains. Thank you, Laura, for all that you do towards that cause.

  5. gwen confalone says:

    keep the faith, Laura.
    I, and many others, admire your tireless efforts on behalf of the wild ones.
    Without you, many of the battles in this war would not even be being fought.
    Derive strenth from your supporters, and ignore the nay-sayers.
    When your faith dwindles, just look at the innocent wild beings out there who depend on you and feel your resolve strenthen again.
    Its all about the horses, and nothing else.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Those beings depend on us…
      there is so much that happens that never gets on a blog or shared because there is no time…. If I spent my time writing all that happens I would have no time to “do.”

      • MargoWolf says:

        This is one of the most telling remarks, Laura. There is so much to do and if your reason to be at a roundup is too share your observations then it is as you say- no time for anything else as you have to eat, sleep and clean up and do it all over again.

        Many have planned to be out there, including myself. It is not the easiest thing to do. I have health issues which make those very hot summer days ones I cannot do in the sun all day long. Think about it carefully as you will be going into The Great American Desert. It deserves this name and it it relentless, pitiless and unforgiving. This is the land of wild horses. Spring is a great time to get out and see them and I know many of you have been doing this. This is the time to enjoy them and learn about the range. Yet Weather must be respected as ground conditions change fast. A light rain can make a dirt road slippery enough to cause a 4 wheel drive to slide off out of control, I kid you not.

        I have been driving the dirt roads of public lands for over 40 years. I love it and have spent many years living out there until it is too cold to stay any longer. Be prepared. My friends always teased me about this but it has enabled me to get my truck unstuck with no help as there would be none except by chance. Have common sense and do not defy advice that could save your life.

  6. Forest Horse says:

    Luckily I am unaware of the drama and criticisms out there. I value the work that you do and am grateful every day for what you are doing. Take care and know that you are supported.

  7. arlene says:

    Gwen has just given to you the best advice yet !!!! She is 100 per cent right……Laura always remember there is no one quite like you………………… And all of this is solely about Wild Mustangs and their safty and well being and the fight for their Freedom, nothing else, and unless they have walked the mile in your shoes no one needs to critisize you !!! The knowledge you poscess about the Mustangs is priceless………………………….. it cannot be gathered in any book………. I only wish i was young enough to be able to read about you and the Mustangs in a History Book………………Your name I am sure will be there right next to key people in the Freeing of The Wild Mustangs…………………………

  8. MargoWolf says:

    Can I say I saw this coming?? I have total compassion for your full commitment and involvement with the wild horses and how it has made and even forced you to live this past year and a half.

    I have been aghast at the adverse comments and unfounded implications. I shudder to think these people who have been so negative were then causing a domino effect in others who didn’t know any better. It angers and shames me that these people do not listen, do not read and and did not go out there themselves. Yet some have attempted- through sharing their narrow minded viewpoints and prejudice, to cause you damage and discredit your highly respected body of work. Your experiences and dedication to detail and to reading and understanding background information has made you an expert on a full range of issues on the subject of wild horses.

    My hat is off to you Laura. You know I am in your corner and I challenge all advocates to help keep you out there by finding some way to Donate and support your work that benefits the wild ones and our ability to observe them during the violence and the imprisonment that BLM brings down on them. Peace, love and respect, Mar.

  9. I could make comments for days ,
    there was something wrong , either with WordPress or ……
    anyway ,
    Why did i say “LAURA LEIGH is SINGLE HANDED” , because of the very same reason , why did i made a Group in facebook by the name of “Laura Leigh on the Front lines” , your single handed dear Laura ,
    when will they wake up only God Knows , sigh .

    Blessings to you ,
    Keep SAFE, horses need you ,

  10. Poor Ginger says:

    Laura, what’s happening to you really ticks me off! I can’t imagine anyone who deserves more praise, yet is subjected to such criticism and downright cruelty.

    Pardon my crudeness, but to quote an old friend, “Some people would bitch if they were hung with a new rope!” I’ve never quite understood the meaning, but I sure get the sentiment!

    No true advocate would vie for “stardom” … this isn’t Hollywood. The point is to “stand up”, not “stand out”. As I’ve said before, I’m for the wild ones, wherever they may be … from the HMAs to the Mustang Makeovers.

    If people aren’t willing to cooperate on all fronts, we need to hammer home … in every instance … that THEY aren’t the ones who’ll suffer. Kick butt diplomatically, if possible. If not , well … Their bruised egos are nothing compared to what’s happening to our horses and burros!

  11. Louie Cocroft says:

    Power to you, Laura, and go Kick some butt!

  12. Louie Cocroft says:

    I tried to post a comment under “trapped”, but the comment box isn’t there

  13. This fight is a National fight , it is a Public fight , it’s belong to the American NATION , it belongs to anyone whom pays TAXES , those lands and everything in it belongs to the American Nation , to the Tax Payers but who is paying for the Attorney ? who is Paying for GAS , CAR , Hotel and all the expences Laura has ? Laura is Paying from her own Pocket , we have to help her , this is not FAIR …..


  15. Louie Cocroft says:

    I would also add that there are probably some who would just as soon NOT be
    in the limelight…it gets pretty hot there, as you have found out, Laura. You have taken the brunt of all the slings and arrows that can be aimed at anyone who takes a stand against powerful forces. It’s not for the faint of heart.

  16. nana says:

    Laura, I think what you are doing is wonderful, and support you often throughout my days, sending you positive vibes.
    Stay warm and strong, in the knowledge that many support you, and not just Americans, for the plight of the Wild Ones, reaches much further than your borders. The ideal and the common united goal towards their continued Freedom and a renewed humanity and awareness is a Global concern. And Global citizens are taking notice, and appreciate all of your efforts. Bless you ♥

  17. BLM offering a Tour for people to the long term wild horse holding facilities , i have big doubts “I SMELL BLOOD IN THIS , BLM IS PLANNING SOMETHING VITAL , BLM IS PLANNING SOMETHING DIRTY SOMETHING WHICH WOULD COST MORE WILD HORSE LIVES …”

    Never TRUST the Corrupted BP workers , Never Trust those whom sell out your country , culture and your nationality to the enemy and outsiders , BLM is the enemy of the state , BLM is the friend of your enemy .
    BLM is paid by the Oil Tycoons , BLM is working for the BP , BLM hands are bloody , The BLOOD of our Wild HORSES is on the BLM hands …

    • Laura Leigh says:

      My Appeal has gone to the ninth… they are trying to look “good” for the Court.
      That’s all the tour is… it is pur bullsh.t.

      • Bless You Laura ,
        We stay the course as you said before,
        People , the true human beings are backing you , you have the VOTE of PUBLIC ,
        BLM can’t fool us , we know the truth about the BLM Murderers , we know the BLM wild horse Killers , we know what we have to know , we know the Truth about the BLM ,
        God Bless you,

  18. William M. LeRoy says:

    Lord knows that when God passed out _ssholes Ken Salazar; Bob Abbey, and others in the BLM got more than their fair share. You can quote me . . .

  19. arlene says:

    I agree…………………

  20. Poor Ginger says:

    The BLM has now decided to remove the remaining wild horses (ABOUT 12!!!) from Placitas, NM , and WHOA is fighting back. GOOD FOR THEM! Last year the BLM denied they were planning to remove the horses. Was that an outright lie, or did something change?

    There’s a big developer who’s been itching to get his hands on Placitas land for years so he can build expensive homes. I bet he’s somewhere in the “lobbying” mix. I’m sure Governor Martinez will be backing the BLM position, because of the increased property taxes. BRING BACK BILL RICHARDSON!!!

    • MargoWolf says:

      Yes, I remember this and I hope those people will be able to hold onto their horses and the lifestyle they wanted with horses in their community. Many people in Nevada have lost their local horses to development and later to factions split on how to deal with the presence and arguments over fencing.
      Sorry to hear property taxes went up in NM! That will hurt too many already on the edge and make people like me worry about buying a bit of land there.

  21. William M. LeRoy says:

    The only developer who has to do with the lands in question is the owner of the historic Diamond Tail Ranch where the water is (several springs and a creek). He already owns the land. He has one developement on the backside of the mountain. I was actually going to live out there 2 years ago as a caretaker. His property is over 660 thousand acres. Last I checked he had no issues with the horses. I will see what is up. His existing developement is also called by the name of his Ranch.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Thanks will.
      What I would do is check to see the OTHER projects going in. See what is in the RMP stage or EA. Check for extractive industry in the district, not HMA. The water tables change rapidly with extraction in the area.
      BLM likes to blame it on existing issues and it keeps the truth very muddy and the battle harder to fight… because you are often addressing the wrong issue.

  22. William M. LeRoy says:

    The only developer who has to do with the lands in question is the owner of the historic Diamond Tail Ranch where the water is (several springs and a creek). He already owns the land. He has one developement on the backside of the mountain. I was actually going to live out there 2 years ago as a caretaker. His property is over 20 thousand acres. Last I checked he had no issues with the horses. I will see what is up. His existing developement is also called by the name of his Ranch.

    • Poor Ginger says:

      Since his development is slated for about 300 homes, this is likely what I was referring to. Of course, he has every right to develop his own land, and, if had the money and wanted to move back to the Albuquerque area, I’d certainly give Diamond Tail a visit. Truly beautiful!

      I’m happy to hear there’s a predictable supply of good water. I think that has been an issue closer to Placitas itself. Something about problems with people’s wells due to increased development, but I could be wrong. Sure beats ABQ drinking the rapidly disappearing Rio Grande!

      Much of what I learned came from this 2008 report by WHOA:

      I’d have to go back through it to refresh my memory on the issues, but I think one involved a road (Loop Road?) cutting across a major wildlife corridor. I couldn’t get all the links to work, including the one to NM SB655 (2007), declaring the State’s wild horses legally wild.

      If anyone has a few minutes, pull up the drawings by the children. As in Annie’s time, kids love Mustangs!

  23. William M. LeRoy says:

    FYI ~ he owns the water rights on his land and would not sell or lease to anyone. He allows tours of his property as well (one outfit) and there is a ghost town and lots of pre-columbian sites. More to follow . . .

  24. William M. LeRoy says:

    I do and there is not. Water is the key resource. Outside of his property is all reservation lands, except to the far South Eastern sections.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I know water is key… always is.
      I meant in the aquifer. How many straws?

      Not on the ranch, but in the pool the ranch pulls from.

      Is this the area where the Rez horses come over and are often sick?

  25. William M. LeRoy says:

    Plenty there now. Not many straws (hell of a permit process all directed from Santa Fe.) Re the horses . . . I will have more info soon.

  26. MargoWolf says:

    This is one of the things we feared was the cause for wild horse removals; water pollution that would cause them to be ill. Remove them so this is not seen and people will not know the true impact of the regional extractive industries. Cover up after cover up. Our arid states are getting amazing pressure for their water resources and some of the go a head decisions are bad ones.

  27. Bureau of Lie Management (BLM)

  28. William M. LeRoy says:

    Update ~ the Horses are not the Mustang Herd on the Diamond Tail Ranch. No one will or can touch them. I was advised dry year but lots of new colts. 🙂 The horses you are talking about appear to have been released by the folks on the San Felipe Pueblo. To the extent thay get onto the small segments of BLM land then they are in danger.

  29. Laura , Please help me ,
    The PHOTO of that BLACK STALLION “FREEDOM” whom escaped the BLM TRAP PEN , is it yours ?
    Who took that Photo ?
    I put it on our Group and Got Criticisms from some people that i am using Someones picture without their permission , I see that photo on your blog when i share your links there is a photo which has several photos in one and the Black Stallion is one of them ….

    • MargoWolf says:

      The one most often seen is by Craig Downer but Laura also has pics of him…. She will tell which is hers. mar

      • I removed the one on Laura Leigh’s Group but the same picture is on my facebook profile ,
        the problem is , how should one know whom the picture is belong to , to give credit to , all the pictures i have used in my blog i have mentioned the name of the owner , if you take a look in my blog they all have names under them and mostly they belong to Laura , bless her .

        • Thank you Margo for your reply , bless you .

          • Laura Leigh says:

            There are several black stallions that have escaped trap pens. I can’t get into facebook as I don’t have an account right now… working on it.
            Don’t take the criticism to hard. Just ask whomever is jumping on you who took it. Honest mistakes are just mistakes. My pictures have often been used by others claiming credit intentionaly.
            I will load a bunch of video and photos at Wild horse Education this weekend.
            Best to you my friend.

  30. I don’t CARE what they say,
    I am not doing it for personal benefits , i am doing it for the Wild Voiceless Horses ,
    these people whom Criticize someone like me , i consider them the enemy of the wild voiceless horses ….

  31. Pam York says:

    Dear Laura Leigh,
    2 days before the roundups begin and I can only imagine the anxiety you must feel as I feel at the keyboard. My heart and soul are with you and I send you love, light, and peace on your journey this summer to save our wild ones. I’m unemployed a year now so I can’t help you much financially unless I can be creative fundraising which only time will tell …. Know this, I am right there with you and believe in you and your work. Good luck and God speed!

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