More on Broken Arrow

Deb Coffey has given us more on her investigation into the Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes) Facility in Fallon Nevada. Her entire article can be viewed here:


BLM’s sweet deal (paid for with your tax dollars, of course!)

April 17, 2011 by ppjg

Debbie Coffey   Copyright 2011  All Rights Reserved

Investigative reporter/PPJ


While many Americans have lost their homes or worry about losing their homes, and worry about finding or keeping their jobs, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seems to be spending your hard earned tax dollars like high rollers. 

The BLM has its hand out at appropriations hearings asking for even more money for their mismanaged Wild Horse and Burro Program.  Where’s your money going?   

Look at one example.  Troy Adams/Broken ArrowUSAhas the contract for theIndian Lakes Road(AKA Broken Arrow) short term wild horse and burro holding facility inFallon,NV.  How does a guy fromCalifornia, who sold a cloned cow, get enough knowledge in wild horse behavior, and enough ability in safely handling wild horses, to win a bid to manage a facility that can hold up to 3,000 of our wild horses?

Troy Adams/Broken ArrowUSAcontract with the BLM is for 5 years (1/01/2010 to 12/31/2015):

Base year (2010 – 2011) – $2,525,000 with an option for “additional labor” for $127,920 ($24.60 per hour, per laborer) to FREEZEBRAND, RETAG, TRIM FEET, ETC. (same tasks apply to years below)

Year 1 (2011-2012) – $3,640,875 with an option for “additional labor” for $130,468 ($25.09 per hour)

Year 2  (2012 – 2013) – $3,759,500 with an option for “additional labor” for $133,068 ($25.59 per hour)  

Year 3 (2013 – 2014) – $3,832,500 with an option for “additional labor” for $135,720 ($26.10 per hour)

Year 4 (2014 – 2015) – $3,905,500 with an option for “additional labor” for $138,424 ($26.62 per hour)

So, the estimated 5 year TOTAL is $17,663,375, with optional “additional labor” adding $665,600 to that the total is ($18,328,975).  (Note: The money in this contract is based on estimated feed days.  See details of this at the end of the article.)

READ entire article att PPJ Gazette.

NOTE: My attorney and I must now craft a complete appeal to the Ninth circuit Court on the case that addresses the lack of transparency. We had applied for permission to appeal based on the lack of action in our emergency relief motion filed over six months ago. Well… Judge Larry Hicks of Nevada district Federal Court has now denied my emergency motion. Basically that now gives me the right to file a full appeal in the Ninth. But that will require significant work on both the attorneys part and mine… as well as create a need for another filing fee. Please support this suit if you can. Without your help it can’t be filed.

Donate toward the case to get these closed facilities open to the public.  Thank you.


15 thoughts on “More on Broken Arrow

  1. MargoWolf says:

    Another year and a deeper look at Troy Adams and this facility… nothing better for the horses. High death rates that we have learned come with Short Term Holding Traumas and no visitation. YET! I would like to walk in there this year!

  2. I just put the Brave Heart Video on my wall and this is the reaction of one of my very dear friends in United Kingdom .

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Ansari… Please tell your friend that she is understood by many. The sensation of helplessness in the face of a literal machine that says “we care” and then operates as it always has is overwhelming.

      I have been accused of not “doing anything” because I have not vaulted fences and been arrested. That behavior will do nothing but stop the documentation… so I witness. I have filed lawsuits that desperately need public support, I have more filing fees… to force transparency of these actions. Access to roundups has gotten better but people do not recognize that it is because of the suit…

      This video by your friend is a reaction so many have… most times those responses are dismissed by the “machine” as overly emotional and that the images that create those responses are lies.

      It is the classic abuse cycle… accuse the abused (the public and the horses are the abused)… instead of changing behavior.

      But this can’t continue… and more and more people are seeing the truth of what happens. Unfortunately throughout history any changes toward humanitarian laws come throogh the exposure of the offense and the pain of public reaction.

      I wish I could hug your friend… I know the pain well.

      • Dear Laura ,
        She is reading your BLOG and posting your links ,
        ohhhhhh , Laura , she has put us all in tears since this morning,
        she is posting your numbers about the Money BLM receives from the public Taxes ,
        I am putting her video into a post which i am going to publish soon,
        i sent you an e_mail , i hope you have received it ,
        it is international , the tears are world wide and the world is with you ,I wish i could Donate , i truly love to but it is against the law in my country to send money out specially to U.S.A ,
        I hope to find a way to do my part in Donation ,
        with you with all my heart , to the last drop of my blood .

        with honor,
        hassan .

    • MargoWolf says:

      This is what we have all felt and we have all done… I feel so for this friend who has been traumatized by the terror BLM unleashes on our wild ones. It was very brave of her to say it to a camera. mar

  3. Bettina Carolan says:

    Dear Laura :o) all my love to you in your fight :o) As you may have gathered i am not too good with words but i will try to put down half way sensible what is going on in my soul.

    I want to thank you for doing all the work you are doing on behalf on the Mustangs. I was so shocked when i saw the images, i have been seeing a lot of awful things being done to creatures on this planet over the last months, it seems the posts just find me on facebook.

    I join hands with you in your fight, in spirit and with money, which will follow i promise .
    I keep getting the advice by people to not look at them, so i don’t get upset, as everytime i do look i feel the weight of it all pulling me down for weeks at a time. I have images of cruelty in my mind that will never leave me thanks to heartless people.

    You say:”I have been accused of not “doing anything” because I have not vaulted fences and been arrested. ” I am glad there are people like you out there who have this self control, because you are right of course. I honestly do not know what i would do if i was there in person, i would probably go hysterical , it is my nature i cannot help it …
    “This video by your friend is a reaction so many have… most times those responses are dismissed by the “machine” as overly emotional and that the images that create those responses are lies.”
    Yes i would be laughed at by those people … I cannot help it it is who i am. I am still feeling ill today, i have watched this yesterday and have spent all day reading about it. I honestly thought they were protected, i honestly thought things were better…
    But those images were real, they cannot hide the truth from people who seek the truth. Thank you again :o)
    I have been trying to work out why it was especially that video that got to me so badly, and i think i might be coming to an answer.
    It is very strange but it has touched me deeply, and struck a cord down in my very core of being. Watching that video has just brought the cup to overflow.

    I believe the wild horse is such a strong image in my mind that to see it reduced like this is simply killing part of my soul.

    The wild horse is the embodyment of freedom the embodyment of strength, loyalty, wisdom and harmony with nature. Every inch of the body of the horse exudes beauty. The wild horse is the only animal that allows us to come near to all those qualities by sharing our lives.
    Since time began human kind has relied on this free spirit, humans have relied on its strength and gentle nature to carry us through centuries of toil against the odds of survival, through centuries of deplorable warfare. It has stood by us an everpresent servant and friend through all adversity ALWAYS.

    We owe them EVERYTHING.

    And we must never be allowed to forget this, NEVER.

    These wild horses carry our souls, literally.

    I have understood this yesterday, whilst i still can imagine those horses running free, there is some hope left in me!

    Some hope that somewhere on this planet things are still the way they should be, the way things have always been.

    They carry the hope for the future of this planet, that we may be able to rescue parts of it for our children, so they can see the free spirits run like the wind.
    Watching the mare, the foal and the stallion run into their doom, seeing her look accross to the stallion for guidance during the pursuit, seeing the foal so confused and frightened. Seeing this beautiful stallion run so fast so fleetfooted and so worried, so powerful and then dead a few minutes later to be dragged like a piece of dirt by these creatures from hell. …


    Would these people who do this show the video to their children ??
    “Look what daddy did at work today??” How can they look into the mirror each day? What does the interview for their job consist of :”Are you capable of inflicting pain and suffering onto helpless defenseless animals?…. Well, You’re THE MAN then …..”

    When you sit on a horse you can feel its heartbeat under you, you can feel its strength, it shares this power willingly with you, you become part of something new and together you are literally lifted into the heavens, you become partners in a dance that lets you forget all worries , nature takes a step towards you, riding out you may see animals that would normaly flee stay and let you watch them, there is no other feeling on earth comparable, no other animal on earth can give you this magical feeling.

    I do not come from a horsey background, actually my family cannot understand my obsession. But my earliest memories are about horses, i used to seek them out , going on bike rides that used to take me to all sorts of places. I used to have a recurring dream, i used to dream i was a magical powerful stallion running as fast as i could. This dream was so real so wonderful, i used to try and make it last as long as possible. I could feel every muscle of this creature every breath it took, it was the most exhilarating thing. Having spoken to some other horse lovers, apparantly i was not the only one who had this dream. Funny isn’t it…

    I have stopped believing in god, but maybe there is something powerful that connects us all and we sense the long lost connection to nature we should have, still, deep down inside somewhere. I have not lost this and i will fight hard not to ever loose it. I so love this world and all the magic in it. I so wish i could let those men see the world through my eyes just for a day and feel the love and respect i have for all life, i so wish…


    Then i had an idea today :o) I will do an auction on ebay the 1st of may , i have a few things that are nice and i will try and go on some of the forums i post on and try and get some more people to help me and the procceeds will go towards your fight.

    I believe this concerns us all, yes the horses are in the USA and people may say we have our own problems here, but i believe they are wrong, these horses represent so much more. Because i feel just as helpless in the onslaught that is brought upon our planet as these horses feel. I feel just as trapped as they are, i am thinking of them in their horrible holding pens , dreaming of times gone by , of freedom , of being one with nature, of the simple things. I am suffering with them , because they are, because i am…

    Man, we are so lost….
    We need to stop and take stock of the dire situation we find ourselves in. We need to stop eating all this meat for starters!! When i grew up, we ate meat only once a week, now i can hardly bring myself to eat it at all, only for special occasions.

    WE overproduce, look at the supermarkets stuffed to the brim with STUFF. We do not need all this STUFF!!!

    Please people wake up, this is all wrong. Ailes stuffed with not just one kind of pate, no 12 kinds, and each row filled with 30 packets, in each town, village, city everywhere, then so much gets thrown away… and then there are people living on the street watching it being thrown away, people starving somewhere else???!!!

    We must stop the insanity of all of this!! Can you see how the horses are a symbol of our own failure to control our SELVES!!!???

    We are ultimately killing ourselves now, right now!!


    • Laura Leigh says:

      When you begin to see what is happening there is a sense of betrayal that runs very deep. Not only the betrayal to the horse, but to ourselves.
      I do understand.

      I know many people can’t look at what happens, yet they don’t turn away from trying to create change. We all have limitations… be kind to yourself. The horses need you to be strong, for them.

      Hang on… you are not alone.

  4. MargoWolf says:

    Bettina, Such eloquence from you! Thank you for sharing. What you have experienced is at the heart of this fight. mar

  5. Bless you Bettina,
    Laura needs help for her cause .

  6. […] More on Broken Arrow ( […]

  7. Dear Laura ,
    Happy Ester ,
    i have made a Group in face book :

  8. Laura Leigh says:

    Wow… thank you.
    I still have not had time to do anything like that.

    I am having meetings and creating various reports. Putting the information into so many hands at the moment.
    Much of this is not done in the public forum. It is tedious and time consuming…

    thank you for your help.

  9. Dear Laura ,
    Do you think it would be possible for you to Make a Profile in Facebook , just to make a comment if you need for that Group please , just to make a comment if needed …
    What do you think ?
    let me know ,
    thank you ,
    bless you and be safe .

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