Wild Horse Education Video

Wild Horse Education is beginning to publish Videos in a series titled “Roundup Reality.”

The videos will show footage taken at roundups and explain the size of the HMA and how many horses are to be “gathered.” They will show how the roundup was executed and demonstrate  if public access was allowed. Each video will be descriptive of each specific event.

Written explanation, with additional information, will be available in archived form on the Wild Horse Education Room 101 site.

The first in this series is the Eagle Roundup of 2011. This video has been chosen because the horses from this roundup went to the Broken Arrow facility (aka Indian Lakes).

Horses in that facility have been off limits to public viewing since the BLM shut the doors last spring due to public response from weekly images taken by observers that visited the facility. New information has been brought to light through the FOIA requested of journalist Deb Coffey. Her research has uncovered a copy of the contract held by Troy Adams for that facility. The contract states clearly that public visitation is part of the scope of the agreement through the year 2015.

The lawsuit brought by journalist Laura Leigh that is currently awaiting the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals addresses these issues directly. The public has a right to know how their American herds are treated by their government and contractors, throughout the entire process. This suit and other actions are supported directly through Wild Horse Education.

Facility Reports can be viewed: http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/prog/wh_b/Indian_Lakes_Facility.html


9 thoughts on “Wild Horse Education Video

  1. Cat Kindsfather says:

    I have a copy of that contract, thanks to Deb. What page is that on, the public access through 2015?

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Video ties together well. Careful out there. mar

  3. Good luck, and indeed, be careful out there.

  4. rick maples says:

    the blm can’t be trusted ! prayers for you and our horses , god’s speed and help in your quest . thank you for what you are doing to help save the mustangs !

    they are with you , all the way ,
    yes they are Voiceless , but my God they are powerful ,
    powerful and SAVIORS , I BELIEVE IN THEM ,

  6. Laura , BLM will always deny access because they are GUILTY ,
    Laura , BLM will never open the DOORS for you ,
    Laura , BLM will always Cover your lens ,
    Laura , Your opening our eyes and our hearts to the TRUTH and REALITY of what’s going on inside those Wild Horse Roundups and BLM Holding Pens ,
    Laura , with all the Cover Ups , and by the hard work you have done , BLM has already become a disgust in the eyes of the American Public , Just IMAGINE if they OPEN the GATES and let your Lens catch the whole picture , what would be the outcome in the eyes of the Public , just Imagine for a second ………
    Gold Bless you ,
    You have a heart of a Wild Horse Laura and i Honor it with all my heart .

  7. MargoWolf says:

    Even with this revelation from Deb do you think we have a chance of getting Broken Arrow open this Spring? Seems we do not have enough traction yet to get any ‘positive’ action from BLM. Sure is needed tho’ and maybe pressure will have an effect?

    • BLM is part of the American Government and there are so much corruption going on in BLM because where ever big money is the bigger the corruption will be , therefore for breaking the back bone of corruption you need mighty force of the American nation .
      This is not the work of one person , if the American nation become one voice i can assure you , you put a STOP to all of this madness.

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