Roundup Reality

Just finished loading the next draft section onto the Wild Horse Education site. If you have time feedback is appreciated. This book is being distributed in draft form as I work on three other projects….

copyright Leigh

New life on the Virginia Range 4/11/2011

Wild Horse Education has uploaded the next section in the free book “Wild Horse Education,” to the website.

The section titled “Roundup Reality” addresses some of the contradictions between the theory of roundups and what are witnessed by public observers.

“There are no consistent government standards for the way roundups are conducted,” said author Laura Leigh “no rules for pilot conduct, no rules for time animals spend without water. The only rules that seem to exist, even inconsistently, are those limiting public access.”

The section centers on discussion of the protocol surrounding helicopter roundups. Some of the assertions on the Bureau of Land management website are addressed. Among the challenges made in this section are: the statistic used representing mortality rate, the minimization of the stress induced by the helicopter chase and the published “foaling season.”

The next section is titled “What FOIA?” This section explains what the FOIA request is, where it is useful and how to make one. This section will be uploaded soon so check back!

WHE would like to remind all of you that it is not too late to express to your Legislators how you feel about Appropriations.
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Free Book:
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Wild Horse Education is a registered non-profit in the State of Nevada. Federal 501 status is in process. The First Amendment Legal case  filed by Gordon Cowan of Reno Nevada is supported by Wild Horse Education.

3 thoughts on “Roundup Reality

  1. Dear Laura ,
    Do you see an end in this BLOOD shed by the BLM ?

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  3. […] Roundup Reality ( […]

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