PVC 4/6/2011

HI all.

Hung out a PVC today with some of the Antelope Horses. Babies are cute no matter where they were born…. but I wish it were “home.”

Trying to get two more chapters completed in the guide on www.WildHorseEducation.org but it I needed to go sit with these horses for awhile. Trying to get through the photos and digest all that I have seen… it leaves a knot in my gut.

I am hoping to be back on the road soon. Field data needs to come in… I dread July.

But it’s adoption time of year. May 21 will have an adoption event at Northern Nevada Correctional Center in Carson City, Nevada. This program has had really well-trained horses in the past. These horses will be some of those taken last year from Twin Peaks. I will poat a reminder as the date gets closer.

Horses at PVC from Antelope are also available for adoption but will not be released until at least May. Strangles is still at the facility and all horses will continue to be swabbed before they leave.

I wish I could hit the lottery.


10 thoughts on “PVC 4/6/2011

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Like last spring before the adoptions at PVC we saw so many new foals. They lie on the ground to sleep at their mom’s feet and to absorb warmth from the sun or to beneath the wind. They are a colorful and healthy group. These horses need homes and care. Please consider adoption. The foals will make wonderful saddle horses one day or companion animals. The mares would love to have a pastures to live out their lives in peace or you can find one of the very good trainers we have to work with them. Give our captive horses a chance. mar

  2. arlene orlando says:

    Dear Laura, Thank You again for all that you do……………..I am with you I play the lottery everyday for the Horses…………………..If I win win look out !!!!!!

  3. ellen holcomb says:

    Thank you Laura…..that was not an easy visit, but I understand the need to go out there. I’m thinking I will make the trip this weekend too…….

  4. Lori Schmidt says:

    Beautiful prescious little face. ,Regarding the lottery, you and me both Laura. Thanks for the update (((Hugs)))

  5. savewildhorses says:

    So many beautiful babies. Just so lovely.

  6. Jill says:

    All of them are just beautiful!

    It is a sad, sad situation. If only one of us could win the lottery!

    Yet, Madeleine has the resources and still, a No Go.

    Guess we need the huge, mega lottery winnings in order to try to over bid the President.

    What will it take???

    God, please Bless these beautiful lives, young and old…

  7. arlene orlando says:

    Thank You Laura……………..I email jane valez mitchell of CNN the video you posted I am hoping that it was ok to do that.????

  8. Wild Horses and Pregnant Mare and wild new Born Foals got Kicked out and in the same day the Pregnant Cattle were brought IN to the Public Lands,

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