BLM and funding

copyright Laura Leigh

Foaling season MUST be addressed (copyright Laura Leigh)

Laura Allen of Animal Law Coalition has written a great piece on de-funding BLM through appropriations.

This is one of those opportunities to “recycle” your work.

Many of you have just agonized over your comments to the Strategy document. A quick edit to your comments would make it an appropriate letter to FAX to your Representatives. (Yes, FAXes are always best).

By simply taking your list and saying something like “Until these issues are adequately addressed Congress should stop the funding of the system.”

And then cut and paste some of your comments from the letter you prepared on the Strategy document.

Letting your representatives know that you are unhappy with current protocol, that is paid for with your money, is important. You may also add a comment such as “Once the program has demonstrated that these issues are dealt with, and reflect the publics interest in this National Treasure demonstrated by the intent of legislation passed in 1971,( ie: humane care, transparency, sanctuaries open to the public, record keeping, data control) funding could resume.”

Find your Representatives HERE:

NOTE: Wild Horse Education will be launching it’s sister site soon. I am excited about this new project and am anxious to get your feedback.

A recap on the progress of the lawsuit is coming your way, too!

I’m just “up to my eyesballs” in work and will get each task completed as fast as I can.


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