Quick Update

I have had my hands full these last few days. Attempting to dig out of the hole left after documenting  non-stop and attempting to get information out to you as fast as I could. Trust me the hole is deep…

Legal Action

As a journalist attempting to gain access to view the “hands on” care of wild horses and burros by the Bureau of Land Management legal action needed to occur to protect the First Amendment. The case is still pending.

Right now if you choose to support the legal case heading for the ninth (help to cover the past and current costs, like a filing fee that will come due quickly) Gordon Cowan has agreed to accept contributions direct from the public.

Gordon Cowan of Reno Nevada is the attorney that is handling this important case on the publics “right to know” in an area that carries significant public interest.

Mr. Cowan’s website is: http://www.cowanlaw.com/ He will create a page on his site to list the most important filings.

This lawsuit has been supported by the public. At present if you choose to support the costs of the case you can send support directly to him at: Cowan Law Office, P.O. Box 17952, Reno Nevada, 89511

Any help in this area is appreciated.

My work

I have been advised to begin a non-profit that stands as a primarily educational vehicle. I am in the process of creating that vehicle. It will take several months until the 501 status is granted. But you all saw that recently… it will happen.

In the meantime I am working on a website for the non-profit and editing footage. I am tracking horses from Antelope. I am researching and preparing documents for the next stages of the court case.

I can take contributions to continue my work and to assist in the forming of a non-profit.

copyright Laura Leigh

My heart lies here...


Comments on the strategy document are due by the 30th.

Document can be viewed here: http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/wo/Communications_Directorate/public_affairs/news_release_attachments.Par.46571.File.dat/Proposed_WHBStrategy.pdf

I am working on my comments and will submit them soon. Please read the document and note in your comments the sections relevant to each and omissions in the document that pertain to your comment clearly as omissions  on the subject in the document that should have been included. It appears the BLM may likely reject comments that are not directly related to the above linked document.

And I wanted to take a minute as I begin to track horses from Antelope to remember those from last years Calico Roundup that landed at Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes). We had a unique opportunity to grow to know so many of those horses as they all landed in one facility… some awaiting sanctuary like those with Return to Freedom… (General, Commander, True, Tommahawk, Redman… so many that we wont loose because Return to Freedom is trying, through sanctuary proposals, to bring them home).

Last year I created a piece that I put up in a free “theatre” on wordpress. http://calicoinretrospect.wordpress.com/

I have not yet attempted to tell the story of the last 15 months… I have worked with so many great organizations that I know it gets confusing. But hopefully creating a “base” organization will help me to get the information out in a faster, more accurate form. To get others into the field and create a more stable way of operating for them than it was for me. I can’t begin to describe what things were like…. but I’ll get there… in all the detail.

Thank you all.


2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. arlene orlando says:

    Dear Laura , Thank You for the awesome update , I and i am sure everyone here backs you 100 per cent your work is the most important work that is being done, Laura may the Force of the Horse guide you and comfort you always….. I love where your heart is , it is a beautiful place for it to be, and all of hearts are there also with you !!!! You and the Wild ones …………. To obtain our goal for the Wild Ones we must all not rest a minute , we must from here keep that pressure coming…………… The BLM is already cracking it wont be long I pray till the Mustangs again receive their freedom that should always be a given to them…………….. Again Laura Gods Speed to you …………………..

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you for the update and the info!

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