Quick post

Doing what I can to set up a venue for those that want to support my work.asap..

The lawsuit is protected and at this writing it is solid. Gordon Cowan will continue with me as Plaintiff and client, as he has grown to understand this issue in depth and it’s importance. Details to follow.

Please understand I am in no way “stepping back.” I am taking care of issues and am working for the horses as I have always done… my work has existed in many forms and will continue to be as consitentantly there for the herds and getting information to you.

Back to work.

Edited: I do not know who has supported my work. If you have been a supporter and wish to continue… shoot an email to: CalicoHorses@gmail.com

In the spirit of transparency I will make a public thank you to all of you that donated to further my work. Your donations help me find a cheap 4 wheel drive, cameras (one that broke at Antelope). The last couple of years have been a struggle to stay out here and I hope that what I have brought to you through the help from Equine Welfare Alliance, The Cloud Foundation and Grassroots has aided in the comprehension of this issue.

My departure from Grassroots is simply my choice to leave.

But I have NOT left the cause nor the horses…