Leaving Grassroots Horse

Just wanted to let you all know I have left Grassroots Horse.

I am no longer receiving your donations to support my work through Grassroots Horse.  At present I am not operating with an affiliation. I will continue to advocate for the horses, as I always have, but need to explore a more stable way to exist.

edited to add: you misunderstand.. I have not “left the horses” nor my work. I need to explore another “way of being” that offers more stability to be more effective. The stress on my face in Phoenix did show fatigue… but for varied reasons. I had to stay focused “out there” and now there is much that needs to be taken care of that was put aside.

By no means have I stopped working… it just needs to take a different shape. I will update soon with information for those that wish to support the work.

copyright Laura Leigh

Palomino Valley 3/15


42 thoughts on “Leaving Grassroots Horse

  1. gwen confalone says:

    what??????? what do you mean “they are no longer accepting donations for my work”???? wtf???

  2. arlene orlando says:

    OMG ???????? I am so sorry to hear that >??????? What happened?????????

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    Hang in there.. we will work this out and keep you going… talk to you soon. Hugs, mar

  4. Darcy says:

    Laura I am so sorry to hear that, that is a really freaky thing to hear after just coming off the weekend of Rally’s to end all Rally’s with us all together :(. Please keep in touch!

  5. Laura, pls keep us infrmd., as I stand and support ur good witnessing and dedication and work. We hv nearly 2,000 members, now at Wild Horse Prot. Act FB, since August.. and we r calling 1,800,000 to rise up.

  6. Pamela says:

    Laura, I could tell in your demeanor at the conference last week that you are tired. VERY VERY tired. And understandably so. Such a hard struggle for you. I can not even imagine what you go through every day in your fight for our wild ones. Hang in there and take care of yourself. Know that there are others out there that care. Wish you much success in any and everything that you endeavor. Once again…take care.

  7. Dearest Laura ,
    Your the only one in my lifetime that i would follow even blindly , Unfortunately i can’t understand this …..

  8. Arla Ruggles says:


    The work you have done (and will no doubt continue to do) on behalf of our wild herds has been phenomenal, and no one will ever replace you out there.

    Thank you for your selfless service … and if you ever need a place to crash or get grounded, you know where I live,

  9. ilse daniel says:

    Laura, I’m terribly sorry to hear this! What a shame to lose you! What happened? I would follow you blindly too… I look forward to seeing what you will do next!

  10. Darcy says:

    Remember my offer in Phoenix, if you want to come to Vegas to hang out for awhile :). You had the hardest job of all of us & I sincerely hope you continue your great work, whether in the field or from a new direction 🙂 Thank you for all you have witnessed, documented & brought to light to so many people!

  11. Darcy says:

    Living out on the road & the ranges, has got to have taken a toll on you! We are behind you in what ever you choose to do next ;). You are a strong woman & know whatever you put your mind to you will excel in.

  12. deborah hurley says:

    wow this took me aback because i have come to expect you to be there, and i am so sad your brilliant and courageous work is taking such a toll on you, but how the heck can it not the issues around the BLM and our beloved horse and burros are heartbreaking issues. you work tirelessly and at great personal sacrifice on top of an already exhausting problem so i commend your stepping back and taking care of yourself and hope your alright. i know thousands of other people as well as myself love you for all you have done and i send you a gigantic thank you. glad you will still be advocating because we need you, but best of luck in your modified adventure 🙂
    love deborah 🙂

  13. Robin Bailey says:

    Laura, I am so sorry to hear this. You are such a strong and relentless friend of the wild horses and burros, a fine example for others to follow, and I have no doubt you will remain so. When God closes one door, he opens another.

    What happens now with Herd Watch?

  14. All my life from 5 years old up to now (i am 50 years old) , i have been saved by horses , few times my life has been saved by my stallions , specially once when i was very young and i was about 6 years old , i know they are right by your side all the time and i believe in that so strongly , You Laura , Your one of those people whom they are with you , always by your side and always looking after you , the Wild Voiceless Horses are your Guardian Angel ….

  15. Karen says:

    Thank you for your tireless work and for keeping us so informed fopr so long. I hope you are going to find some time for yourself at last. Without your witness, none of us would be as informed as we are and I don’t underestimate the difficulites you have endured to make it so.
    I’m sorry you’re leaving GrassRootsHorse but please know there are many of us out here who care about you and wish you the best always.

  16. Katrine Pett says:

    Dear Laura, gratitude and blessings to you may you find your inner peace and your new path,rest easy,love and light,Katrine.xxx.

  17. Jill says:

    Wishing you, Elyse and Craig would join forces!

  18. She has been with the Horses and she remains with the Horses , that’s her life , the Pledge she has made with her heart , where you can find Wild Voiceless Ones you can find Laura as well ….
    I am not sorry for Laura , I am sorry for GrassRoots because they are the one whom have lost a great POWER , a person with solid commitments to Wild Horses , they are the one with the great loss …..

  19. Will LeRoy says:

    How can I help support your efforts?

  20. Karin K Smith says:

    Dearest Laura..
    I have never met you..But I feel connected…You have the strength of 1000’s. Mentally and Physically I often wondered how you maintained your sanity. Photographing and documenting so many in peril…. I admire you so much for everything you have done…I wish you the very best of luck with everything..
    Blessing You Always

  21. Barbara Steele says:

    Take care of yourself–we will be waiting here to help when you are ready.

  22. sandra longley says:

    We all understand-you have been on the frount lines every day..not an easy road you have been on physically or mentally..we all thank you and wish you the best for all you have done

  23. Lori Schmidt says:

    Laura I will be watching and waiting for news on how I can support you on your new path. My life has just taken a major turn too and I am finally in a position where I can be of help in a small way but every little bit helps. (((Hugs)))) and looking forward to hearing any news.

  24. Geri says:

    I am sorry to hear this news, you have been the eyes for all of us for so long and the voice of the wild horses and I only hope that your new path will keep you involved with the wild ones. I can only imagine the toll seeing the inhumanity of
    the treatment the horses are recieving can have on a person. I can understand your flustration after the meeting with the BLM last week, all the work you do and the BLM just blew you all off. Ginger mentioned she has been there for the last 16 years, after that long they wouldn’t take anyone serious. After all when the ranchers wanted cattle allotments-the lazy J, the rocking R, and the flying W didn’t go th the BLM, they created the Cattlemen’s Ass., it went to Washington and said we are here, we are big and this is what we want. This is what should happen if we are to save the mustang, we need one organization for the WILD MUSTANGS only (not the 501c rescue groups that have other agendas) to go to Washingtion and say we are here, we are big and this is what WE want. I can only hope that you find an organization such as this because your talent, knowhow and connections will always be needed by the horses. Thank you for all that you have done on behalf of the mustangs, I can only hope that you will continue to be their voice.

  25. Suzanne Moore says:

    No one could keep up the pace you’ve been setting for very long. Mental stress coupled with physical stress takes it’s toll and there is nothing we can do when that happens. Flesh and blood can only take so much.

    I will always support the work you are doing, so just let me know when and where.



  26. savewildhorses says:

    Please keep blogging. And recharge. And thanks for all you did, do.

  27. Kathy Mahan says:

    Thank You again for being there to show us what is happening, and let us know how to help fund you in the future.

  28. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, you are a Beautiful Soul with the Spirit and Courage of a Warrior. Not only that—- you are TALENTED! You have been fighting so long and hard to help give these Horses and Burros back their lives. It’s time that you have a life. Keep us posted so that we can know that you are OK.

    • laura leigh says:

      My life is the horses. There are things in this fight that have happened that I have been unaware of in the field. I “came out” into “civilization” for a moment and there are things that need to change. I am out in the field… now. There is just no 501 that I am working with at this moment.
      I am working today… and will be tomorrow.

      Lawsuit is moving forward… more coming… my work will not stop.
      I have just left Grassroots Horse.

  29. I, too, would follow Laura blindly, AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO WITHOUT HESITATION. Its just that this news is such a shock to my core. Let us know soon, Laura , on how you want to do things next. We all got yer back, ane are with you 100% Luv ya girl…susie

  30. Laura let us know how we can help. You have done such a wonderful job. We would be in the dark without all your work. Such care and love for the horses in al your reports.

  31. Angela Miller Valianos says:


    I know all too well where you stand, from a different perspective yet for the horses and for the truth. I do so appreciate your selfless giving and giving.

    I am saddened yet understand all too well.

    I am here for you anytime-

    Angela MV

  32. Laney says:

    You need to be recharged, strenghtened and centered again for your health and wellbeing. You are a true warrior who has had to confront a grim, unyielding evil organization sponsored by a so-called “government of the people” We must wake up to this realization. This is what your sensitive soul has had to face….day in and day out. You are in my meditative thoughts for your success in your new way.

    We have to prevail …and soon.

  33. Ellen Holcomb says:

    Laura, thank you for all you have done.

    Your work at Antelope opened my eyes and pierced my heart! Once this happens there is no going back!


  34. Hello,Laura and many thanks for your steadfast dedication to our land & country and for being the eyes and voice for those (American Wild Horses) that can not speak for them selves! Being from the east (Michigan),you have been a wonderful asset to us all!
    I will also try to keep you posted on the lives of the 29 Sale Authority Twin Peaks mares & geldings that we recently FINALLY got here to Michigan! They all were in pretty sick condition on arrival and we have managed to nurse most of them back to health in the past month! God Bless you and look forward to new postings soon! Wendi Bierling

    • Lori Schmidt says:

      Wendi I am in Indiana, where abouts in Michigan are you? I would love to see photos of these horses and hear their story! Laura I hope that things are coming into place for you and look forward to any news.

    • arlene orlando says:

      Dear Wendi , I also would like to hear the stories and updates on how they are all doing !!!!!! I am from Ohio……………….. many thank Yous !!!!!!!!

  35. Laura ,Your the LIGHT and Light always prevail and lightens the Darkness ….

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