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Between a few webpages you can now catch the video from the Press Conference

RT’s has the beginning:

Elyse Gardner has the rest, minus the question and answer. She is trying to get that rendered and loaded:

It takes time to get everything formated and uploaded. There is more to bring those of you that couldn’t be there… and folks will get to things as fast as they can.

Right now be sure to get your comments in on the strategy document. It is interesting that many seem to be getting interesting responses from Deb Collins at the BLM. Seems the woman that adamantly insisted, face-to-face at Silver King, that the BLM website is the most accurate source of information… at the exact time the removal count was off by over 100 animals and the whereabouts of  three loads (including the load I followed to Gunnison prison) were glaringly absent from the exact website she continually parrots is accurate… is again insisting that comments are not accurate because the videos and emails come from groups making money on this.

I slept in my truck the last two nights. Last I saw Deb Collins she had a new dye job and a french manicure. Nice government job… bet she has paid vacation, health insurance and a retirement fund. I wonder exactly who is putting out info to keep income coming in?

Here is her email response to folks sending in comments from info on the AWHPC page:

> Thank you for your recent e-mail to the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse & Burro Program.  The BLM did not announce the proposed strategy until February 24, 2011.   Several groups provided the wrong information on their websites and did not update the link with the correct information.  Therefore, since your comments were received prior to February 24, 2011, we would encourage you to review the actual strategy at the link below.  
> If you wish to submit any additional constructive, professional comments to the BLM afterward, please submit them to this e-mail address by March 30, 2011.   We appreciate your interest in the program and ask that you respond appropriately.  We understand that many people have received e-mails, video links, etc. that has presented the BLM in a negative light.   We ask that you keep in mind that many of these groups are looking for donations and not representing the facts.  We appreciate your taking the time to read the facts and make your own decision.  Thank you.
> Debbie Collins
> BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Program
> 866-468-7826

Today I sat at Palomino Valley for awhile. Horses are being seperated for what appears to be adoption events. It’s that time of year again… So I sat and listened to the horses calling to each other… and had my heart stolen, yet again, by a wonderful curious little gelding with a great butt. Of course he has no tag… kept touching my head and arm… beautiful eyes.

copyright laura leigh

sweet young horse

copyright laura leigh

will need homes....

Babies coming everyday…

copyright laura leigh

new babies...

copyright laura leigh

captive beauty

It’s been a long road… The sense of  “the game” still fresh from Phoenix… and listening to these horses call for each other… still stunningly beautiful in captivity… I sat and cried.

In Phoenix I called this issue “obscene.” It is an obsenity that in MY COUNTRY that I still believe in this mechanism of greed  tramples over our Constitutional rights as it literally genetically bankrupts, toward extinction, this amazing symbol of freedom…

Back to work.