Phoenix, Forward

What can I say? It was another Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting. I went. Not because I feel that the board has any meaning except to act as an illusion of public participation in process. The Board sleeps half the time and has no real legal authority… and NOTHING REAL every comes out of the meetings… from the Board. However I did attend as another voice and “warm body” to represent our herds.

Many other wonderful people were there. I am not going to start naming because I will miss someone and end up editing this entry for days. I do not have time to create a slideshow or edit video but I am posting a few pics to share.

Do not, for one second, believe there is no funding for summer. Do not, for one second, believe this is “time off.”

Funding will be pulled from another agency or program. The “balls to the wall” pace of the last year will continue. The agenda has not changed no matter what words are printed, spoken or drawn in the sand. The actions on the range, in holding, hidden in closed facilities remains unchanged.

There is no “New Direction” until the train is a hundred miles down track no one has even laid yet.

I’m back out… and the pace will pick up not slack off. This IS NOT “time off.” It is time to reload…

WE need a Congressional investigation into this program… no NAS study with parameters given to them by BLM, no internal investigation into contractor actions, no “observers” provided by a 501 that may very well be illegally operated and a conflict of interest for an Advisory Board Member… no more.

We need something tangible from Abbey now.

For starters let’s try transparency of actions…   OPEN closed facilities to the public, approve sanctuaries that give something back to the tax payer, start making lease holders actually pay for the cost of their leases and stop running an entitlement program on public land… AND adhere to the most basic premise of the act and start treating these animals in a humane fashion according to today’s standards and NOT some 1800’s cowboy mentality.

Am I really asking too much in a supposedly civilized nation?

RT, Ginger, Madeleine at Press Conference

Protest outside

Elyse taping press conference

Maureen VanDerStad streaming the vigil to home viewers...



the "Bored" meeting

another "Bored" member

protest outside

Outside the meeting


"good" cookies!

"family" gathering... and an adult beverage

New Life... March 13, 2011: Nevada

Back to work….


23 thoughts on “Phoenix, Forward

  1. Forest Horse says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post. The BORED members are truly worth a thousand words. Take care.

  2. A. Morris says:

    God bless you Laura for all you do. The sacrafice’s You have made to do this for us and the horses. Have faith, keep fighting and keep believeing with all of your heart. Your an awesome lady. May the spirit of the horse always be with you and yours! Sincerely, Allison Morris

  3. sandra longley says:

    LOL, yes, we all had low expectations from the BLM and they were met..The best that could come out of this is- soladarity amongst us, that we are all pulling together to save the wild horses on their land and our land-no compramises that hurt the saving them for 15 more minutes..this is end game time..we stop them now or we will have forever lost them. If we cannot all agree on that there is something wrong

  4. sandra longley says:

    loved the photo of the new beginings of a wild and free life-doesn’t get any more meaningful

  5. Jill says:

    Godspeed, wild horse and burro warrior!

    Stay safe!

    We love you!!!

  6. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, we didn’t put our ammo away–we knew better

  7. nana says:

    thank you for having gone to the meeting, even if the bored members did not hear you, the rest of us did. keep up the great work, keep the faith, and KNOW that we are here, and we are all proud and thankful for those of you who gave ‘voice’ for the wild ones ☺ ♥ ☺

  8. Mar Wargo says:

    Love the little one in the grass…
    I am ready to go. When and where? mar

  9. Mar Wargo says:

    Time to stop the misplaced possession of our wild herds.

  10. Louie Cocroft says:

    The banner is FANTASTIC!

  11. savewildhorses says:

    Last photo is what we keep fighting for. Born Free. Roam Free. Live Free.

  12. Thank You for reporting. Means a lot to me.
    //Marie in Sweden

  13. Melissa Ohlsson says:

    Thanks Louie! I was knee-deep in paint and working on the Phoenix protest signs when Arlene & Garnet called to tell me about their newest idea for a banner. I guess my imagination was already
    in overdrive because I knocked that banner out in about an hour!

    Laura, the “bored” members were a photographic treat and the new little foal is an inspiration to all of us. Stay safe out there in the field!


  14. gwen confalone says:

    I too was skeptical when I heard the roundups had been “called” due to lack of funding. At the “summary” part of the meeting the board kept asking BLM for “numbers”. In other words, as you say, they will pull the $$ from somewhere.
    Probably out of that dark place on their lower bodies. Oh wait! Its clogged! Their heads up up there!
    Thank you again and again and again for devoting your time and energy to this cause. It means the world to me, and many others, and of course to the horses.

  15. Pamela Vilmar says:

    Laura, I just went to their website and posted this…..

    I am reading your adoption requirements for a horse……Just wandering how can you require the “HUMANE TREATMENT” of an individual when you don’t even follow them yourselves………

    Do you know we all call you the “BLM HOLOCAUST” revival…….You will all face your maker in the end for all of your brutality, for all of your inhumane treatement, for all the aborted foals, for all the horses that have died along the way, for all the families horribly separated from the only thing they have ever known, and for the most recent slaugher of foals with umbilical cords still hanging from them, even when people recently spoke up to adopt a mother and it’s foal……..AND for all the cover-up and lies you have told……….You all are pathetic…..Don’t you worry though, the tables will turn some day, and hopefully soon…….It will take a great leader to rise above all of your pathetic souls, it will take a great leader, that will see the immediate decimation of breaking up families and the stampeding to death and all the horror you have caused…….It will take a great leader, and he will come….he will put all the horses back on his beautiful land and remove all the chaos at hand, and he will also create a chamber for all of you pathetic souls and play for you your decrepid song of having absolutly no soul……….

  16. Cindy says:

    Thank you for sharing the info…

    God bless the little baby in your last photo!

  17. cward says:


    I am a fairly new advocate for the wild horse issue. I was largely unaware of how dire the situation is until I fell upon your site, and the many other wonderful wild horse advocates and their websites. Learning the truth about the wild horse situation has been a life-changing experience for me. I always considered myself politically astute until I began to understand, rather quicky, the deceit and propaganda put forth by the BLM under the larger DOI umbrella. The better versed I become in BLM policy the more I realize what a corrupt agency we are dealing with.

    I streamed and watched the entire two-day conference in Phoenix. Based on what I witnessed, I am not hopeful that there will be any positive changes in BLM policy. I am dumbfounded that there is not one “real” horse advocate on this board – a board that is supposed to advise on the wild horse and burro program. Karla Bird made it very clear that round-ups will continue if another agency funds them….and they will. Sorry for venting about what you already know ~ it’s just nice to know there are kindred spirits out there.

    Laura, aside from sending letters and fax’s as well as donating to GrassRootsHorse, how can I help? I am dedicated to making a change.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The greater awareness of public land management and wild horses and burros that is beginning to occur, despite the lack of journalists in the mainstream, really does have the potential to put the needed pressure to create change into place.
      TELL people… write an editorial for your local paper.
      Keep FAXing Congress…
      FAX the report:
      to the media and ask if they have someone with the guts to tackle this issue and not just be spoon fed by the government… ask if they have anyone that cares about the First Amendment…

  18. Rhea says:

    Thank You ,Thank You, for all you do to help our American Treasures! They need all the help they can get.
    and Yes we all need to keep the presure on the BLM and our Congress to get the change of how our Wild Horses and Burro’s are treated.
    God Bless you, Rhea

  19. Margaret says:

    Laura what struck me was the guy in the yellow/gold shirt Fri morning–reading some pamphlet. And later he sat there with his arms crossed in defensive mode. These people don’t give a cow’s rear end about the horses.

    I’m grateful to people who brought Cloud to Alex Brown’s site a year and an half ago. One look, he stole my heart and I still haven’t quite managed to get it back from him yet! He won’t give it back! Yup, gotta love the guy.

    I had Kinkos make me two posters for our vigil Thurs night. One says Cloud and the other says Zenyatta. And they both say Stop the Cruel and Inhumane Roundups.

    Saying thank you never seems quite enough. Yet here I find myself again saying those words. I wish I could say We did it. And then never have to say those words again.

    Time to write. Time to call. Time to fax.

  20. Margaret says:

    Laura how do I get permission to print that wonderful poster of the board members plugging their ears… I would love to make that into a bumper sticker! It’s just so true of the folks I watched.

  21. priscilla lane says:

    Hi to all. I am a little slow getting this off. But, I have got to say. I met a lot of wonderful people at this protest. You have to excuse me, but I am terrible about names, great on faces. It was great meeting all of you. I hope we can get together on a celebration the next time. As far as the BLM and the so called advisory comity, well, we sure have of work on our hands. When watching these so called people who are interesting in helping the wild horses and burros, leaving anything to them would truly be the end of our icons. Talking to Gary from the board, he doesn’t care, he has had this ranch for 100’s of years in his family and 400 cattle. Let’s give him a pat on the back. then give him a good kick. My first time listening and watching them in action, they don’t impress me at all. It is a waste of tax payers $$$$$. For everyone to be getting budget cuts, so they can keep removing our wild horses and burros, not counting the fact, of hurting our kids education, they sit there taking naps, stay and beautiful and expensive hotel, paying for their travels, etc. WHAT A SIN AND SINCERE WASTE.

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