Let me simplify…

Let me try to simplify the “foal incident” of the second of March. Seems there are a number of folks that were not present that have taken it upon themselves, for one reason or another, to determine what actually occured. To determine (as they were NOT present) that my information is not correct. (You all know I am fond of questions… particularly the “why?”)

copyright Laura Leigh

“Chance,” was all he needed…

So let’s take emotion out of the equation and discuss timeline:

11:25 arrival at PVC. Checked in at the desk with Tim, as always. John Neill was in the office at that time. Asked Tim where mares and foals were and he said in the front pen and also in back somwhere. (The exact location of horses at this moment seem to be a difficult question to answer simply).

11:30 began to walk around facility and photograph horses as I usually do. Mare foal pen observed the day before had the same pairs (still not present were two mare and foal pairs previously photographed). Documented very pregnant mares and noted tag numbers for future reference.

11:45 documented the few “hospital pens” that the public can actually see. Large puddles of water present as we had precipitation and melt off recently.

11:50 began the drive around the facility. Noted water truck spraying the pens in the back. Note there were high winds but no need for additional water as the roads were flooded and the pens had significant puddles. No dust present to go “airborn.”

12:00 documented large “caravan” of manure trucks leaving facility and returning, apparently filled with manure on departure.

12:05 water truck had returned presumably to refill and roadway was now clear. Made my way down to see the area he had sprayed (and caused horses to run).

12:09 discovered the “foal in question.” Photographed and returned for video camera as foal was in apparent distress. Foal and area wet.

After observing the situation as “unchanged” for about 20 minutes, determined baby was not “just fresh from the womb,” but in unmistakeable distress. I went to office. On my way to the office I made two calls to find out if there was someone that was interested in taking the pair.

At the office I informed Tim that a baby was in distress and I knew someone to take the foal/mare that was approved adopter. I told him about the water truck and location. He said someone would go out.

12:35 returned to foal. Water truck was again starting to spray the area. I stood at the point where foal was to indicate he should not continue.

1:42 John Neill and female wrangler drove truck into mare pen. When John got out of the truck I thanked him. He hardly looked in my direction and over his shoulder said that she gave birth first thing am and they knew about the baby… it was weak at birth. I told him I had observed baby and he was still fighting, I was “dismissed.” They removed blue liquid from cab, put baby in cab, drove off.

1:44 I took one last photo of babies mom and drove back to the office to check on babies condition.

John Neill and wrangler were out of the truck but got back into cab when I pulled up. They drove to the back of the facility where the dump trucks were removing manure and a few pens are hidden from view.

I went into office and repeated to Tim that I knew someone to take the pair. I left my number to please call me.

John Neill does not talk to me much after a discussion we had last spring that involved the specifics (who, what, how) of release of “orphan foals” and the photographs of the colt that died at Broken Arrow after his feet fell off from Calico.(That colt had an adopter prepared to cover all medical expenses). So my expectation was that John would pass info to Tim and then Tim would tell me.

The gal that wanted to take the pair called me not ten minutes after I left PVC, she was in tears. She told me the baby was put down. Tim called me a moment after she did to confirm what she said. I thanked him for telling me.

NOW that is the “what is.”

Reasonable inference: That the water truck was never notified of the foal born in the corner area. As the truck sprayed the horses ran (they always do). The foal (if actually seen early that am) was seen at around 8 am when personnel began rounds to feed. Foal was there for a minimim of three hours before I saw it, most likely more. If the foal was observed to be new (weak) but simply waiting for bonding, it was left to bond. If an injury (or other issue was observed) foal was left in place until I “pointed it out.”

The question would be “why?” on many of these observations.

Draw your own conclusions. But that is the “what is.”

Note: completing compilation to be available soon. You can view video by scrolling to two posts back. That post describes how I felt… ill. Helpless and sick… it is not a good feeling. I can bring this information to you. This is still the US and law forbides me to act in any other manner… but for now… our Constitution allows me my voice (sort of).

Support the suit to open facilities and stop the secrecy of the hands on care of our horses. http://wildhorseeducation.org

Hang in… hang on… and raise your voice.


53 thoughts on “Let me simplify…

  1. Thank you for setting the record straight, Laura. But I want to say that your original post on this foal affected me deeply. Like you, I feel sick. I know that there are many others who feel the same way.

    I never doubted what you reported, and I will not guess at why some found it necessary to “spin” what you witnessed.

    If Mr. Neill’s refusal to help this foal is emblematic of the “new” BLM approach to wild horses, then they remain in serious jeopardy. None of us should be lulled into complacency by slick talk. Watch what they do, not what they say.

  2. Honor Hannon says:

    Thank you Laura. I stand in solidarity with the wild ones and hope for the winds of change to blow open those gates and pens and let the horses run free again, back to their herds and their homes.

  3. Again, God was merciful not to let this little guy live under the BLM, I wish all horses living in captivity that should be living wild could mercifully be euthaized. Under the BLM protection and care, the living are dead.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Gosh, I sure do disagree with that! The captives may have a future if it is what you envision and work towards. Euthanizing all the BLM captives is not an option at any time by anyone for any reason… mar

      • Christie says:

        I totally agree. Not an option.

        I fear we are being too free with the world euthanize. Eu is Greek for good, and it means to put an end to suffering.

        Some of what we are referring to is just murder. It is killing.

        Why are these pregnant mares not in a birthing area with shelter and lots of clean, dry hay on the ground? It seems like that is the least these Wild Horse Specialists could provide. Cold, wet, muddy conditions???

        How much evidence of cruel, inhumane handling, and killing do we need to see?

        And who is this John Neill?

        My uncle was a track vet, and sometimes he had to put an injurred horse down, but he did quickly and with no pleasure. But you can be sure he didn’t run off from anyone, but quietly listened and nodded his head. When you are doing the right thing for the animal even if it isn’t pretty, you don’t have to hide from people.

  4. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, you have given us that much more information to Fax and move on to the Information Highway. Healing thoughts sent you way. Take Care.

  5. sandra longley says:

    What I have not heard is..was this colt able to use his hind legs, we can all see he was able to rigth himself on his sternum and move his frount legs, i only saw his hind legs as they fly in the air when he flopped over..it was obvious from the mud I see on both sides of him on the video that his struggles on the frount end moved him..did you see him have any use of his hind legs..it was reported his hind legs were stiff when they put him in the truck and would not bend..did you happen to see where the mare dropped the afterbirth and how far it was away from the foal? How did you determine he was not a newborn? the reason I ask these questions is that we are seeing a minute or so of video and you observed him for 45 minutes..any reason to believe his hind end was paralized or had a pinched nerve?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      His back end moved weakly. He had alot of fight in him… his hooves and body were caked in mud. The wind was very strong and cold.

      The greater question is:
      IF there were a newborn (healthy or injured) why would the water truck be spraying in the area? There was no dust blowing… none. A water truck that panics horses and they run?

      Did they leave a healthy animal to bond (and not notify other employees) that was injured when the horses ran from the spray? Or did they leave an injured foal for hours to flop around in pain?

      You choose.

      • savewildhorses says:

        Do you think this foal may have been injured due to the horses moving quickly away from the water truck? And why are they spraying water into a pen with a newborn foal where the horses are going to react like this?

  6. Forest Horse says:

    Thank you Laura. For all you do. Thank you for documenting and making the timeline and being the watchful eyes for Chance. May he rest in peace.

  7. Mar Wargo says:

    They are all prisoners from us.. they are held away from us. Incredibly. Just as Deb Coffey said the serveilence cameras are in some places to watch us, not the horses. This is what we cannot believe or understand that a modern government could do this with a protected species against the people who care. It is always amazing when we see the actions and the animals affected and the outcome of the actions is the easy way out… death from indifference! This agency needs to be shut down, the budget frozen and competent people brought in to do the the hands on work as it should be done… unravel the maze of horses. Remove the misplaced managers. Start at square on with integrity and science. We have all the rest. mar

  8. ljbain says:

    My opinion of the BLM is they will weaken the horses,mares foals,and Stallions anyway posible . get them sick, under feed them, dehydrate them. It really doesn’t matter they just want them out. Catt;e is doesn’t matter, whos going to go out and look at them, the Mustangs.aww, people will be around and they can’t do the sneaky stuff they plan for the “public” land they seem to think they own!

  9. R.T. Fitch says:

    Laura…thanks for the detail but I would not give much, if any, credence to those who snipe at you from the sidelines. Particularly one large windbag who has nothing better to do but write empty emails as long as novels while soliciting funds on his website for roundups long gone by. Those who do little and amount to nothing always attempt to berate those who do it all.

    Remember to consider the source and your actions speak louder than words.

  10. arlene orlando says:

    Dear Laura , Thank You for the timelines, but i feel you have no need to explain yourself to me or anybody, the work you chosen for yourself is hard enough to with stand, the decisions you make usually are always in the moment, and you make some great ones ………………… I appreciate everything you do there , just your presence I am sure helps the Mustangs in many ways, they do know who you are and they do know you are for them, there is comfort for them in your presence there……………. What would any of us know and see if it weren’t for you ?????????? God Bless you Laura !!!! And all in the field and here……………… I back you 100 per cent I only wish I could be there with you and the rest in the field….. I wouldnt last long they would be removing me in no time…………(the BLM)

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I understand what you are saying… but at the same token scrutiny of information and the purpose to which that information is presented is important.
      Finding the time to give the “entire” is often my issue. I literally have 100,000’s of images and almost as many hours of video and voice recordings.
      Presenting the information that I have to “raise the tough questions” requires that I be willing to subject the information to the same questions.

      I have information, that if an investigation ever takes place, can raise questions and perhaps answer some.

      In the instance of the photographs of the pilot each is meta-tagged with data. That info would be used if an outside agency ever investigates those issues.

      In this instance the dialogue has become a “local” issue with the same “inbred” dialogue that often occurs and that, in itself, deserves public scrutiny.

      I hope I make sense… have to get back to work and may not be available to comment for a bit.

  11. Karin K Smith says:

    Laura I value all your info…If is was not for you there would be no lst hand information for us…I admire and value you greatly.
    Thank You and Bless You for everything

  12. Connie says:

    another scenario was the foal was fine at birth, lying down and resting and then injured when the water truck spooked the mares, sprayed with water, and unable to stand. We’ll never know unless someone saw him standing earlier. We need all documentation we can get. If BLM knew the foal was there at 8 AM, said it was a weak foal, and no one checked on it, quietly and covertly as they could be, until 1:30 at Laura’s request, shame on them. More shame on them.

  13. LisaG. says:


    thanks for the timeline and I do have a question for you .. You were told the foal was euthanized but do you know how it was put down? I’m just trying to make sure I have as much information as possible.

  14. Yes , watch what they do not what they say ,
    very very well said Laura …..

  15. Maureen says:

    Yes documentation is the key. And if you want to support the lawsuit to get the doors open and to support continuing documentation than please donate for both efforts at http://www.grassrootshorse.com

    Grass Roots Horse is very proud to be your partner Laura, in this critical work that you are pioneering and to work together advancing it to the next level.

  16. The Question is why they had to Spray WATER ? in a Cold Rainy day ?
    as you said very well , there was no Dust to need water spraying ….

  17. Jan Schultz says:

    Horses are charasmatic don’t ya think?

    I am not sure what the water truck significance is? Did it spray the pen with the foal in it? Are you inferring the driver intentionally or thoughtlessly sprayed the pen? And the double entendre of the “manure trucks” “supposedly” trucking manure off. What is it your are proposing? You know what you tap into – tell us what you believe. And back it up.

    So – Was it raining? Your monologue mentions the roads were full of undrained water – the soil is sandy. Indicating there was a recent rain …
    Perhaps a downpour recently?

    You believe the foal had been on the ground longer than might be assumed for “newborn.”. Why? There are physiological and physical changes that occur at random rates for each newborn foal. Although I wasn’t there – from watching the video provided, there seemed to be little response in his hindend. And newborns do have lots of fight – very courageous despite the odds.

    We can’t choose what to believe out of the choices theoretically fashioned by you in your report – for to do so would be to betray the human part. If there was abject cruelty, such as you imply – can you prove it? The nebulous nature of your contact with us by these blogs is trying. I and many others are trying trying to lay cobblestones through the mess of WTH (?). On what basis would we choose because we hate government or because we hate wranglers or water trucks or manure whatevers? God it would be devastating if proof were ever provided on what was in those trucks IF NOT MANURE. Maybe I should stop reading these sites – I am focused on change. I feel drained and engaged in what appears to be a hopelessly lonely battle to fight the cruelty through the only means available – The Act, the federal regulations and the state laws.

    I just don’t feel akin to the battle of shrieking in grief. Been there – way a long time ago. I must now respect the first horse who suffered or died through human neglect and focus on how to make the changes necessary and have the courage to follow through. Get out the work gloves put the boots on and do the work.

    • Geri says:

      Blogs like yours are pathetic, I can’t think of anything else, to say about your blog. While other people are out doing what they can do. And all your doing is insulting their efferts. Just what areYOU doing.? How many horses have you saved recently? How many hours have you spent out in the freezing rain, documenting horse abuse?

      • Laura Leigh says:

        You obviously have not followed the documentation of the last year. I have more than anyone else… I have also been to more roundups and HMA’s in the last year than any single BLM personnel. I often stand in the freezing weather… alone… to facilitate that documentation.
        I document wild horses. If you want to document domestics do so.
        AND I have personally saved /facilitated rescue of many, but it is not currently the subject of this blog.

        • Geri says:

          Loura , i’m sorry you misunderstood my comment it was ment for Jan Schultz. I was asking her what she had done. Believe me I have been here long enough to know what you have done for those horses. And will not and have not ever questioned your motives. Again, sorry for any misunderstanding.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I said that every statement must be looked at carefully… and the reasons why.
      So let’s look at yours.

      My observation that the baby was not “fresh” was actually confirmed by BLM. Neill said baby was born early that morning… so I was correct in my assessment. No need to question my ability to assess… observation was confirmed correct.
      I told you what I saw. The water truck sprayed in the exact area the baby was lying. I included that photo in the video. The water truck makes the horses run… I stated that many times and anyone that has gone to the facility has seen it. If baby was in fact injured we have no way of knowing when but can see from observations that there was ample opportunity for injury. No brainer.
      I did not say the spray was intentional… I said it occured and asked the question “why?” Was it a lack of communication perhaps? I did not state I knew.
      I also documented a caravan of dump trucks. My assumption was that they were cleaning manure. The observation was important for two reasons. First it showed a facility involved in the work needed to house so many. The water truck should have been apprised of the foals position so as not to spray. It raises questions as to the priority at the facility and/or the overloaded capacity, perhaps?
      My blog post states that there was percipitation… that means that there was rain. My post states that there was melt off as well. So I am unclear why the confusion you have about “rain” is even stated. That statement about “no dust” again questions the need for the water truck. Overload can make people operate on autopilot… perhaps?
      I have been VERY clear, Jan.

      My observations beg questions and the physical experience made me feel ill. I make no accusation. I make a statement that changes need to occur and that statement has even been spoken by Bob Abbey.

      You write “We can’t choose what to believe out of the choices theoretically fashioned by you in your report..” I say to make your own choice after I give the timeline. And by all means Jan… if you feel my blog is “nebulous contact” stop reading it.

    • savewildhorses says:

      You don’t find it just plain idiotic to spray water via a big truck in an area with lots of horses and one mare who just gave birth? It is not high summer with dust blowing as she stated by noting all the puddles of water all around. You don’t find that so incredibly illogical that it hurts the head to think about? And by the way, John Neill is NOT A VET!

      And if I am not mistaken, I think Laura has witnessed just about every round up humanly possible for the past year. Your monologue is odd, to say the least.

    • savewildhorses says:

      Horses are charismatic, don’t ya think? What on earth does that mean? It sounds like something Sue Cattoor would write.

  18. Louie Cocroft says:

    Raise you Voice and RAISE HOLY HELL!

  19. cward says:

    I am simply stunned by Jan’s words. I think Laura has done an excellent job of reporting what she witnesses and kindly sharing those observations with the rest of us. Jan, why are you attacking the messenger? You can deduce whatever you choose to from the photographic and video documentation that Laura has provided for us.

    Jan, if Laura were not documenting wet struggling foals, water bins with no water, injured horses, helicopter stampedes, and the like, how would you know these things were happening? Do you think the BLM, or any major news media would provide this information fairly and accurately for you?

    I have never felt that Laura was promoting “hatred’ of government or wranglers ~ what is hated is the cruelty in which these horses suffer at their hands.

    How can you reasonably “ACT” if you don’t know the reality on the ground? How can you influence regulations and laws if there is no evidence of any wrongdoing? How can you influence people to get involved if they are unaware that there is a problem?

    You recommend that that we quit “shrieking in grief” and get the work gloves and boots on and get the work done ~ this is precisely what Laura is doing and she provides the rest of us with documentation that we can use in our own efforts to affect change.

    We should be supportive of Laura’s efforts ~ if you would rather spend your time criticizing and over analyzing somebody else’s efforts, perhaps you should evaluate what more you could be doing for the benefit of the horses.

  20. Karen says:

    Thank you Laura, for the timeline. It gives a good view of the event, showing that things could have been done better, whether the foal was healthy, injured, preemie or anything else.

    I very much appreciate the eyes you give us and the time and effort s you invest. Many other folks are working on this issue as well, in varying degrees as their time and resources allow and as individuals, we may see things a little differently or approach them differently. What I do not understand is when questions and different views turn to animosity and blame and denigrating someone’s work. I see it crop up over and over again and I just don’t nderstand it. It is only counterproductive to us all and only makes us ridiculous in the eyes of those who want to write us off as unimportant.

    Thanks again for your work–I have spent many hours out there in those desert winds, winter and summer and I know how exhausting it is even without the added jobs of dealing with unfriendly public employees and witnessing sadness.

  21. Geri says:

    Laura, I guess it should have been called a post, not a blog.

  22. Christie says:

    Good point, Geri. I found similar comments on R. T.’s blog and “went off” as the kids say. Jan is a plant. I, for one, have given her all the attention I am going to. I was suspicious when I her post on R. T.’s blog, but this confirms it.

    Laura, you didn’t cause this death, and, it is clear, you could not have prevented it. You are a journalist. Who knows if John Neill and the others in the office were baiting you with than foal? They could have known that the foal was injurred and that you would likely see it struggling. They may have thought they had the perfect scenario for you to drop your camera and try to play the hero.

    When a new baby is born, is can have profound effects on the other mares as well as the foal’s dam. A mare doesn’t have to be wild to be extremely protective. You, or anyone else, could have been killed or badly injurred if that mama had decided you were a threat to her foal.

    These mares need some help birthing these babies. Some bedding and shelter, which would be available to them in the wild, need to be provided.

    Laura, keep on clicking and writing.

  23. savewildhorses says:

    So much of this is just common sense, humane care of sentinent beings which the BLM refuses to give one inch more than they absolutely have to. How many of you would allow your mare to foal in a crowded pen with full grown horses all around and then come by right after the foal was born with a big, noisy truck and start spraying water? Don’t any of you find this willful negligence? It is. Please see this for what is it. It is animal abuse. And their is no reason at all for it.

  24. Jan Schultz says:

    So what was the blue liquid?

    LOL – I am no plant. Believe me.

    I organized the Sacramento protest this past August, I have journeyed to Nevada to meet with the BLM at their recent TRI-RACmeeting, speaking out on behalf of the wild horses. I met with other advocates that even ing and exchanged notes. I met with the scientists at the RMP meetings and spoke with them for over two hours picking their brains on how they saw the horses and burros on the range. It was interesting to say the least, speaking to quiet intelligent people and exchanging understandings about a species I find to be more than precious. I have taken myself into these environments for one purpose – to pave a way for the horses tand burros o take their peaceful place in their homes again. I have been very active in meeting with my local politicians and Senator on the issues here, and recently have been working very hard to get cruelty charges to stick for mishandling of the horses. It is a lot of work believe me, to keep myself calm and focus my energy into my vision for these animals. I have been bluntly honest with many people in charge – because I don’t have to question their authority, I know it. I also know they are human just like me. They DO have hearts. They may not know the same thing I know – but that is not a requirement. I have a very strong voice as those who know me can attest to and those who have seen me everyday on blogs and facebook. I am also active and a strong voice – debating all comers on the ban of horse slaughter. I know where I stand, it is with the horses and burros. I earn my money doing other things.

    My anguish over the cruelty dealt to our precious horses and burros is excruciatingly exacerbated by the toying of my perceptions with inferences pf water trucks, manure trucks, “wet” foals, blue liquids etc all leading to bottomless paraphrases. If you really care for our precious horses and burros, you will stop the cruelty by doing WHATEVER you have to do to gain the confidence and trust of those who hold them in their power. The rest of this hogwash is just that – hogwash. So grow up people

    • savewildhorses says:

      These authorities are public servants. They serve the public trust. They are taxpayer paid, the public lands they are entrusted with preserving and managing belong to the people of this country, you and me, not the DOI or the BLM, and the horses belong to the land, just as the law we unanimously passed says. Perhaps it is time for them to earn our trust and confidence. I’d say it’s about time.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      There are many things that are happening.
      It is very interseting that the phrase “toying” comes into play.

      How about standing there and day in day out trying to see what happens to our horses. “Protocols” that are arbitrary and often so contradictory it makes your head spin to keep you from documenting a basic observation.

      Day in day out you drive countless miles in weather most people put off taking the garbage out in.
      When you arrive they have changed protocol, overnight.

      You do a range assessment that is confirmed by the BLM themselves that indicates a new assessment and perhaps postponement should take place…. but the choppers fly and the access games begin.

      You make arrangements to do a cooperative assessment with a district office manager, encouraged by DC, and then the district office manager does an amazing rendition of the “side-step.”

      Jan… I do not know what you are talking about when you say I am engaging in “toying of perceptions.” I do not “toy” with your perceptions. I stated what happened and what I was allowed to see. My questions are avoided by BLM or given the “nice policy answers.” If you feel “toyed” with it is not by me… it is by the BLM through me… because they play games with me on a daily basis.

      I stood there and heard “We care about the horses” at the exact same moment I told them that the rope needed to come off that horses neck before loading or I was calling the Sheriff.
      I heard “We care about horses” while Terry Fitch and I cried watching that very pregnant mare be run in alone…
      On and on…
      “We care about horses” are words, nothing more.
      If they “cared” these things would NOT be happening.

      For the most part the BLM people I deal with on the ground are very “nice” people and the days pass with “pleasant” conversation. Most BLM folks that know me… actually like me…. even if we disagree.
      Some of them actually respect my opinion and have acted on it.

      Believe it or not.

      We are toyed with by the agency that has the power.
      I’m sorry if you feel it is me… but it’s not.
      The sense of helplessness and the anger are indicative of abuse… we, the American people, are placated, ignored, subverted and the thing we love (our wild herds) are continually abused before our very eyes and the abuse is denied by the one in power.

      It’s a classic and predictable…
      It is also predictable that some will side with the abuser thinking it gives them some hope in a hopeless situation. It is also predictable that the victims will fight with each other because it is the only place they feel heard.

      Change is coming… and our ability to stand up as one is going to determine the nature of that change.

  25. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, THANK YOU for your tireless work, even though you must be VERY TIRED!
    Your documentation has been sent in as many directions as I have email addresses. TAKE CARE and try to get some rest. You are NEEDED!

  26. LauraHouston says:

    If these wild horses were domestic pets or domestic horses the spraying with water would not fly. Even in the dog pounds, kennels are empty before water is sprayed about.

    found this very recent ruling and wonder if it may help with state or local charges of animal abuse. ref url


  27. Jan Schultz says:

    Laura – awesome contribution! We all have to be ready to argue effectively against the abuse of the animals. This ruling if you read it will give food for thought and authority. Stand up and fight!

  28. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, GOOD FIND! This is a valuable piece of information. I think that readers don’t always pull up the links, so here is the gist of it:

    Two men who ran over wild deer with snowmobiles can be prosecuted under the state’s animal cruelty statute.
    The Wisconsin Court of Appeals on Feb. 24 reversed the circuit court, which concluded that the statute does not apply to non-captive wild animals.
    In January 2009, Rory and Robby Kuenzi were charged with five counts of mistreatment of animals under sec. 951.02. The complaint alleged that the Kuenzis, while operating snowmobiles in Waupaca County, came upon a herd of wild deer in a field and struck and ran over several of the deer. Four were killed and a fifth had to be euthanized.
    The circuit court dismissed the charges, and the State appealed. In an opinion by Judge Paul Lundsten, the Court of Appeals reversed.
    What the Court Held
    Case: State v. Kuenzi, Nos. 2009AP1827-CR & 2009AP1828-CR
    Issue: Does the animal cruelty statute, sec. 951.02, apply to non-captive wild animals?
    Holding: Yes. There is no inconsistency in having specific prohibitions directed at domesticated and captive wild animals and also a general prohibition on cruelty to all animals.
    Attorneys: For Plaintiff: Katherine Desmond Lloyd, Madison; For Defendants: Jefren E. Olsen, Madison; Thomas W. Johnson, Joshua D. Christianson, New London.
    David Ziemer can be reached at david.ziemer@wislawjournal.com.

  29. Jan Schultz says:

    Louie – thank you for posting Ole Sister’s petition here. I invite everyone who wants to see justice served to please sign the petition and forward it. Work is still being done for the Hillside Horse incident on 1/31/11 and the harassment of the lone horses cut out of their bands by the heli copter pilot ony 2/6/11.

  30. ellen holcomb says:

    Laura, thank you for everything you have done to bring their story to us. It is heartbreaking work….you must have incredible strength and endurance!

    prayers for your wounded heart & soul, prayers for strength to withstand those who would attempt to undermine your work!

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