Roundup Conclusion Report

Draft observeration report of the Antelope Roundup is avalable in pdf for printing and faxing at:

Full report will include facility observations and will be available asap after compliation/observations are complete.

Please keep the pressure on Washington and clog those fax machines… I honestly believe that we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

free... 3/2/2011


23 thoughts on “Roundup Conclusion Report

  1. arlene orlando says:

    BEAUTIFUL, There is truly a God , Wild Mustangs are his Beautiful gift to us to cherish and learn from…… Let no GREEDY , Murdering , deceiving, LIARS Destroy them !!!

  2. Thank You Laura for documenting and sharing with us…My deepest thanks. Im right now blogging about this really awfull situation, The whole world really has to know about what is happening. I continuing doing all I can from Sweden.
    My very Best Marie Lindberg

  3. gwen confalone says:

    Who is the beautiful mare in the photo? One of the 22 recently released?

  4. cward says:

    Faxing today… thank you!

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    The work you have done has helped and will be pivotal in making change. Love ya, mar

  6. Pamela Vilmar says:

    Watching RFD today……pretty convenient that the Supreme Mustang show was on with Kudos to the BLM, they also said that 200 mustangs would be up for adiption in April………such a farce and a misrepresentation and cover up of what really is happening out there NOW…………

  7. Suzanne Moore says:

    Such great work, Laura. Will be faxing ASAP.

    I thought I’d pass along this link also. I don’t agree with Willis a lot, but he might have something here. Check it out. More lies from Nevada legislators:

    Take care, Laura. How is that horse of yours that was sick?

  8. Marianne Fazzina says:

    When you witness cruel abuse at BLM Wild Horse Facilities such as this little foal’s life death. Please contact the county Sheriff. These little babies were not born to be killed by some wrangler.

  9. Marianne Fazzina says:

    Do you have a video lip of the wrangler picking up the foal and putting him in the cab of his truck? You need to forward that to the Sheriff’s office.
    Why didn’t you stop the wrangler right then? How can you just video tape and not demand stop? You should also send the video to your local new station.

  10. Marianne Fazzina says:

    One more thing, next time you see a foal in distress, you need to get over that fence with a towel or blanket and help the foal up and direct toward its mother and wait until is nursing, you could have saved that foal.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      My actions WILL stand any scrutiny of any court of law… and that day is coming.

      The foal was taken by those that by law are entrusted to care for the foal. He was not put down, nor was I notified he would be put down, until after I left. Foals from this facility have gone into private care (even though it is discriminatory). There was reasonable expectation that this foal would follow suit.

      Documentation of the actions of those in this program becomes credible testimony. I have extensive documentation that can be utilized, and is being utilized, to further reform both through changes spurred by Court action and public opinion. Major changes have already occured… including our ability to document a roundup in the same district as Owyhee (do you remember Owyhee? or are you new to this issue?) was kept hidden from the public.

      If you believe that the pictures from Antelope (and the last 12 months) have not created pressure for change, or that the credibility of the documentation means nothing, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

      You choose your path to create change… I have chosen mine.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      These are wild horses and you do not hop over a fence and go touch a foal in front of a wild mare. Your outrage at the abuse needs to understand the reality… mar

  11. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, don’t know how you do it– It has to take its toll on you. If you weren’t there, documenting, NO ONE would know ANYTHING about any of this.

  12. Louie Cocroft says:

    Faxed photos and documentation to both of my Senators

  13. Geri says:

    Laura, I have not thanked you for being out here, when I first found this site, I told myself I was going to go out at the Colorado round-ups and see for myself what goes on out there, but in the short time I have been hear I have figured out, I am not made of the same stuff you are. The photos and videos are more than I can bear, I could not see such abuse in person, I’m afraid I would not be able to hold myself back. In just this short time, I believe what I have seen on your posts with the murder of this little foal has moved from animal abuse to an out and out HATE CRIME and should now be treated as such. And I am sorry that some people could think anyone would stand by and let the death of any animal knowing happen.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Thank you Geri…
      “Bearing witness” and creating documentation for change may not seem to some like an active response… but it is what changed this situation one before (and others in history) and it has the real potential for change again here.
      Thank you very much….

  14. Marianne Fazzina says:

    I greatly appreciate the time you take to photograph and video, without you we would not know what goes on. However, everybody is different in reading and reacting to others actions, this is mine.
    When I saw the video of that little foal and learned that his little life would be destroyed by a heartless being, my heart broke in half. I was so upset and angry that I couldn’t be there myself to rescue the little guy. When I was listening to your comments about a wrangler taking away the foal, I knew right then they weren’t bringing him back by taking him away without his mother.
    Is this what they do to all the foals that are born at those holding facilities then tell folks they are sent to a private foster home to be bottle fed? Why if the mothers has milk? Have you actually witnessed this?
    I have seen too much and don’t want to see anymore cruel abuse of these wonderful, kind and harmless wild horses and burros.
    I have written to President Obama several times, called in comments, written to BLM and actually got a response, contacted and emailed photos and videos including yours to news reporters, Cnn, News4 in Nevada and local news here, signed petition for secretary of interior resignation, commenting and asking and posting contact info on facebook and emailed everyone I have on my email list and will continue until this cruel abuse stops.
    The simple way would have been just to relocate them one family at a time at their speed on horseback. I would have volunteered to help along with a few friends.
    Unfortunately, the need for greed rules the world these days. We need to change that.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Many foals have gone into private care… however BLM is rather “selective” about the individual that is allowed to sign for the youngsters. They get reimbursement for medical and milk replacer because foals are not considered officially adopted until after freezebranding, etc.
      There are a few babies in private care that have become well-known.
      However each time I have offered (found a blm approved adopter) … no go.

  15. arlene says:

    The BLM must realize that the Force of the Horse is now backed by yet another the Force behind the horse and that is Americas People, This Force has a Voice and this Voice will end their Needless and Endless assaults On The Wild Mustangs…………. Everyone here needs to please sign the Papers for the Impeachment of Bob Abbey, doing this is stating in no uncertain terms, that America IS THE fORCE WITH A VOICE AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET ANYONE DESTROY OUR MUSTANGS, WE WILL IMPEACH THEM ALL IF THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES…………………..

  16. Louie Cocroft says:

    This is documented testimony from Palomino Armstrong:

    “During that time, while I sat beside Honey Bandit, praying for him to survive, I received an angry call from BLM. She was yelling and mad that I had taken Honey Bandit to the vet. She said that they were talking about and threatened to come to take him back. I was exhausted and couldn’t believe that I was under attack for doing what I had promised that I would try to do. Keep Honey Bandit alive. A couple of days later, a couple of people from BLM arrived at my house to do an “inspection”. They made it very clear that if I did not sign all of the adoption papers, making all of his medical care my responsibility, they would take him back. They also made me back date the “date of adoption” to the 2nd, instead of the date of that day, September 9, 2010, so I would be responsible for all the bills. That was illegal……”

    • Suzanne Moore says:

      These people(?) are not only heartless, they are incredibly petty. I’ve NEVER seen anything like it. Disgusting.

  17. Joey W. says:


    Thank you. Thank you for enduring the cold, the heartbreak that you continually have and the callousness of the BLM.

    Thank you for taking pictures and videos and adding your comments to them.

    “We’ would never, ever know what abuse our Wild Ones were put through if not for you.

    I could not even believe some of the things people were ‘adding’ to the story of that sweet foal. Someone went as far as to say ‘he bled out through his umbilical cord’! (I’m thinking they got this foal and the picture of the one with his umbilical cord hanging, confused.)

    People are quick to say, ‘I would have done it this way…’ Whatever. I don’t see those people out there standing next to you, freezing their backsides off doing much of anything.

    I believe too, that we are on a path to ‘change’. It’s been a long time coming, it’s not here yet but yeah, I think it’s coming.

    There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you ‘out there’ doing the very best you can do by our Mustangs and I for one appreciate you so much. ( I only wish I could help out with a donation but right now I’m having some pretty serious financial troubles.)

    Take care of you out there.. Be safe and know there are so many of us who are thankful and appreciative of the work that you’re doing; and who are thinking of you..


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